My Husband Made Me A Cumm Bucket

My name is Janet Jones. I'm twenty-eight years old, and
I've been happily married three years. I think I'm a pretty
normal woman. Before I married Jim, I'd had three boyfriends
who I'd dated for over six months, and two who I'd only gone
out with for three or four months. Twice in my life I've had
sex on the first date, and twice I've gotten really drunk,
and woke up with some man I didn't know. All total I've had
gone all the way with nine men before I'd gotten married, and
settled down.
I'm five foot six, and a half inches tall, and I weigh
one hundred, and twenty six pounds. My figure is thirty-six,
twenty seven, thirty-five. My bra is a C cup, but my breasts
don't sag any more than when I was eighteen. I have a very
cute face, pale white skin, dark blown eyes, and shoulder
length brown hair. Most men I meet like me, and in the
summer when I'm wearing something that's revealing, men stare
at me on the street.
When I married Jim it was for keeps. I knew he felt the
same way, and we trusted each other. In face I never even
looked at another man for the first two, and a half years we
were married. I was a good wife, and I was faithful to my
One Friday night Jim called me from a bar to tell me
he'd ran into an old army buddy that he hadn't seen in six
years. He wanted to know if I'd mind if he stayed out awhile
and had a few drinks with his buddy, Steve. I could tell Jim
had already had a few. Jim was a real sweetheart, and had
he'd never given me any reason not to trust him, but I really
didn't like the idea of him staying out all night drinking
and maybe thinking he was a single man again.
I told him to bring his friend home, and I'd cook them a
nice dinner, and they could drink beer, and talk about old
times until the sun came up if they wanted. Jim said fine,
and a half an hour later, he showed up with Steve.
Steve turned out to be a very handsome black man about
Jim's age. Steve was polite, and praised my cooking, and
offered to help me put wash the dishes. Of course I wouldn't
hear of it, and I chased the guys into the living-room, while
I cleaned up.
The boys were pretty drunk when they'd got home, and
they drank steady for the next two hours. They kidded me
about being behind, and kept pouring me more beer so by the
time Steve rolled some joints, I was starting to slur my
words, and spill a little beer. We smoked three whole joints,
and I don't know when I'd laughed so hard. Steve told this
funny story about when he was in Seattle, and had gone to a
***** bar. That reminded Jim of the times that they'd gone
out drinking in go-go places, and they'd picked up some
dancers, and how the girl with Steve kept saying that she
couldn't believe how big his penis was.
I guess that kind of interested me, because I'd never
been with a man who'd had a really big penis. I don't know
why, except that I was really high now, and we were having
such a good time that I offered to go-go dance for them.
The guys almost choked on their beers, and then started
chapping, and cheering, and yelling things like, "Shake that
thing pretty woman! Strut your stuff girl!"
I put some dance music on the stereo, kicked off my
shoes, and danced in front of the guys real sexy. I ran my
fingers through my hair and over my body like I was really
hot, and wiggled my boobs, and rear end in their faces. They
clapped, and yelled, and I could tell that they really like
it, that I was just as sexy as the go-go dancers they use to
watch. Pretty soon the guys were whistling, and yelling,
"Take it off Baby! Show us your sweet body!"
Jim was yelling louder than Steve, and looked like he
really meant it so I unbuttoned two buttons on my blouse, and
the button on my jeans, so they could see my cleavage, and
the top of my panties. The guys whistled louder, and stomped
on the floor. This was really turning me on, and I loved the
way they were both looking at me like they wanted to eat me,
so I unbuttoned my blouse, tossed it on a chair, and peeled
my blue jeans down to where they could see through my undies
where my pubic hair started. I could see from the bulge in
the guy's pants that they were as turned on as I was, and
that Steve really did have a very big penis.
I guest that because I was stoned, and really drunk,
that I stared at the long fat bulge in Steve pants, and kind
of got carried away shaking my boobs at him. I didn't realize
what I was doing until my husband yell real hungry like,
"Take IT all off Baby! Show us what you got, honey!"
I laughed like it was all a joke, and dancing in place,
shimmed out of my 501s. Then in just my briefs, and my bra, I
took turns dancing in front of the guys. I ran my hands over
my thighs almost up to my crotch, and over my breasts. I
danced for Jim first, and then Steve. When I was dancing for
Steve, Jim whistled, and said. "Look at her crotch! She's so
wet, she'd soaked through her panties!" I danced back a
little so both of the boys could see me, and danced with my
legs spread so they could get a really good look at the wet
spot in the front of my underpants.
They grinned at each other, clapped, and started
yelling, "Take it off! take it off! Take it off!"
So I unhooked my bra, and flipped it on the chair, took
turns dancing in front of them, just inches away from them,
and leaning over so that my heavy breasts brushed their
faces. My nipples were so hard they hurt, and when I kind of
rubbed them in Jim's face he sucked them real long, and hard,
and rubbed my ***** with his hand, through my thin, damp,
nylon underpants. His hand came away sticky.
That made me so hot that I kicked my underpants off
before I danced for Steve. I danced real close, and sexy like
I had for my husband, and Jim clapped, and yells, "Suck those
big hooters! Finger her wet fur pie!" Steve as all for it. He
grabbed my **** in his big hands, and took turns sucking them
long, and wet, and then with his mouth still wrapped around a
***, he rubbed my hot, wet ***** with his free hand.
I moaned his hand felt so good, and my husband whistled,
and yelled. "Finger **** that hot *****, she want's it bad!"
Steve slipped a finger in my hot damp crack, and I groaned,
and kind of spread my legs, and hunched my ***** down on it.
My husband clamped, and shouted, "Danced on that, Baby. ****
his finger GOOD!"
I was so horny now that I grabbed Steve's wrist with
both my hands ground my ***** against Steve's big **** finger
like it was a ****. Jim ******** and in less than a minute
they were both nude, and Jim was ******* me from behind while
I tried to take Steve's monster **** in my mouth. Steve's
big black **** was eight inches long, and six and a half
inches around. As I choked, and gagged taking it in my
mouth, and down my throat, Jim ****** me from the behind like
he was a sex starved rabbit. In less than five minutes
husband blew a load of hot ***** in my *****, and collapsed
back on the sofa. Steve pulled his huge **** out of my mouth,
turned me around, gently pushed me to my hands, and knees,
and mounting me like I was a dog in heat, stuffed his rock
hard pole deep into my tight, wet ****.
"**** her man! **** her until she begs you to stop!" Jim
yelled, and stroking his sloppy, limp **** he watched his
black army buddy hammer me until I felt a huge load of ****
spurt into my sore hole. When Steve came, he screamed, "Yes!
Yes, baby, you are so fine!" And gripping my hips tight
pumped want seemed like a whole cup of hot cumm into my ready
For a while we all just sat there, Jim on the sofa, and
Steve, and I on the floor, sipping our beer, and catching our
breath. Then Steve rolled some more joints, and we passed
them around. "After we finished the second joint, my husband
looked down, and giggled, "Look at that puddle of cumm
between Janet's legs! It's as big as a place mat!"
"I bet it taste better than a place mat." Steve grinned
to my husband, and Jim said, "Yeah, Baby, suck the cumm off
the floor."
Without even hesitating, I got down and licked their
**** up real sexy like. When I was through Jim siad, "Come on
over here, and lick our dicks clean now."
On my hands, and knees, and sucked, and licked all their
cumm off their dicks, and balls, then took turns blowing the
guys. It really turned them on watching me suck the other
guy's ****. As long as Steve wasn't all the way hard I could
take his big **** in my mouth, but when he was all the way
stiff, I could only get about seven inches in without
"Take it all, baby!" Jim said getting behind me, and
spreading my **** lips. "I want to see that big thing all the
way down your throat!"
Gagging I let Steve inch his huge **** shaft down into
my mouth, until just my lips were flat against his root.
"**** her face, man! **** her face hard!" Jim yelled as he
pounded my sloppy **** from the rear. Steve held my head in
his big hands, and slowly eased my face up, and down on his
monster ****.
"Man, you have reammed this **** out." My husband
groaned ******* me for all he was worth. "You're going to
have to start ******* her on a regular basis, if she's stays
this loose." Feeling my ***** tighten, I groaned, and the
guys really banged me hard. "See that, pal? She love's that
big black **** of yours down her throat." Really close to an
organism, I moaned, and ******, and sucked as hard as I
could. "See what a little **** she is?" Jim's **** was
ramming deep in my **** as he yelled. "You love it don't you
you little **** pig? You love sucking a black **** like a
cheap *****, don't you ****?" Steve tighed up and let his
**** pump down my throat as I had the most powerful climax of
my life. Screaming, "Suck it ****! Suck that black dong!" My
husband blew a hot wad deep in my *****.
This time we were all wrecked by our climaxes. I dropped
to the floor so exhausted that I couldn't move. Jim crawled
onto the sofa, and the guys just grinned at each other, and
stared at me. Finally, after maybe ten minutes, Jim got up,
End got us fresh beers. Steve rolled so more joints as we
drank the beer. When he'd lit one, and we were passing it
around, my husband asked. "Baby, do you want to **** Steve on
a regular basis?" I didn't know what to say. I mean I loved
my husband, but if I could straddle that big peice of meat
once in a while, I sure would. "Come on, baby." Jim stroked
my face gently. "I saw how you couldn't wait for him to ****
you." I didn't know what to say so I took Jim's **** in my
mouth, and started blowing him. "That's right honey." He
cooed. "When I get hard, you wrap you lips around that black
shaft, okay?" I nodded, and felt my husband swell in my
mouth. I really licked, and sucked his tool, becuase he was
right, I wanted Steve's big, fat **** stick in all my holes.
That night we ****** until the sun came up, and then
passed out on the bed. The next morning we all woke up about
the same time. I was really embarrassed to find Steve still
in bed with us, and as the memory of last night flooded back,
I groaned, and pulled the sheets up over my head. Jim got us
some water, and said. "I'm going to take a quick shower. You
two **** is you want."
Still hiding under a sheet I could hear the shower turn
on. Steve reached under the sheet, and took my hand and
placed it on his hard ****. I must admit I gave it a few
strokes, just so he'd leave me alown, and the next thing I
knew Steve was on top of me, spreading my legs, and sliding
his huge **** into my sore ****. I let him **** me, but I
buried my face under a pillow. I couldn't tell if he minded
that, because he pumped my raw slit as hard as he had all
last night. It took him half an hour to cumm, and when he
pulled out, my husband took his place, and **** me, with the
pillow still over my face, until he he came.
After Jim dumped his load in my box, he helped me to the
bathroom, and Steve, and him showered me. Steve towled me
dry, and Jim brought me my fluffy terry cloth bathrobe. The
guys made breakfast, and coffee, and we sat around in the
kitchen talking like nothing weird had happened.
I was half way through my second cup of coffee when Jim
said. "So, baby, you want to do Steve once in awhile?"
This time we all been sober when my husband had asked me
if I wanted to **** his friend, but I couldn't bring myself
to say anything so I lowered my eyes, and stared at my
Steve said. "Janet ain't saying anything. Maybe she
don't like the idea."
"Na, she likes it, and," Jim grinned, "it turns me on
seeing her rooting on that black rod."
Steve laughed. "****, if you get hot watching your old
lady **** black ****, pal, I'd be a fool to turn down her
sweet hot *****.'
Jim grinned. "I have never thought of you as a fool,
"Well," Steve reached over and opened my bathrobe so
that he could fondle my breasts. He didn't say anymore until
my big nipples were as hard sticks, then still twinking my
**** he turned to Jim. "She don't seemed to mind that too
much." He really pinched my left nipple, "Your old lady has
beautiful knockers, and her fine white ***** is tight!"
Jim grinned, and looked at me sitting there passively
letting **** be fondled by this big black man. "I wonder if
it's still tight after that workout we gave it last night?"
"Let's see." Steve reached down, and pulled my bathrobe
all the way open. He parted my thighs and I arched my hips so
he could get a finger in my ****. He played with my **** lips
and **** for a second before he worked his big **** finger in
my hole. "You like that, baby?" He said to me. I was really
sore, but I nodded, and ached my hips more so that he could
get a better stroke.
Jim laughed. "Look at that little *****. She's letting
you finger ****, in her kitchen, in front of her husband,
just as calm as if it happened every day."
"Yeah, she's been ****** twice today, and her slit's
wet, and hot as if she ain't even sniffed a **** in a month."
Jim nodded. "It sounds like you're going to have to
****** her once in a while, just to keep the **** happy."
"Might as well get started." Steve laughed, dropped his
pants to the floor, and pulled me to him by the finger in my
****. He just sat there as I stratled his big ****, and
begin pumping my hips. "Yes, that's some fine ****!"
My husband drank his coffee and smiled as I ****** his
friend to a creamy cumm right in our kitchen. When Steve shot
his load, I milked it with my *****, and then I got down on
my knees, and cleaned his ****, and balls with my mouth. Jim
mounted me from beinded, and blew a little load of **** in my
sloppy, hot, stretched out *****.
I was so sore Saturday that I could hardly walk, and
Sunday I didn't even get out of bed. Monday, I was so sore
but I could walk without wincing and that afternoon around
three, Steve dropped by to see how I was feeling. I laughed,
and told him that "I'm so raw, I can't close my legs."
He said. "Great, 'cuase I could use some of that sweet
little ****."
"I don't know if I'm up for it." I said real nervous,
and looked away from him. "I really hurt down there."
"Yeah?" Steve unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled them and
my underpants to my knees in one motion. "Let's see just how
tender your ***** is."
I looked at him startled, and said quickly. "My husband
will be home at any time."
He reached down between my legs, and stuck a finger in
my ****. "How's that feel...****?" I was instantly wet, and
ready, but I was terrified at the same time.
"Really...really I don't think you should do that." He
fingered my **** skillfully, and I started gushing ****
juices down my legs. I held on to his arm, and gasp. "I...I
guess, you could do me, if you made it quick, and left before
Jim got home."
"Hey, that's more like it." He pulled my tee shirt off
over my head, and I unhooked my bra so that he wouldn't break
it trying to get it off.
He played with my big ****, and sucked my nipples while
finger ******* me. I pulled that monster **** pole out of his
pants, and the next thing I know, I'm on my knees, sucking
that black **** like I was starving.
Steve let me gobble his **** for ten minutes, took me
into our bed room, and ****** me good, and hard. After he
came I licked and sucked his big black snake clean. In fact
I wouldn't take his fat ***** out of my mouth until he was
ready to hose me again.
Jim came home around five and found me on my back with
my legs spread, and Steve rammed his big black **** balls
deep in my hot slash. Jim ********, and face ****** me until
Steve shot a creamy wad in my cumm hole, and then he rolled
me over on my stomich, and *** ****** me to completion. I'd
came six times, and I couldn't hardly move. I told the guys I
was sore, and I needed a rest. They could see that I still
had finger print brusis all over my body. I told Jim that I'd
loved being ****** by Steves big rod, and if he really
enjoyed know I was getting black **** in all my holes, I'd be
a ***** for him, but I needed to recover from last Friday.
The next morning, before he want to work, my husband
asked me. "If you like this gang bang thing, why not put on a
show, and do everyone afterwards?"
"What kind of a show?"
"Well, you could suck and **** some guy at a bachelor
party, and then blow all his friends."
I thought bout that for a minutes. "Okay, but that's a
lot of **** to suck, so I want to pratice first. I want you
to rent some dirty movies, and bring some guys over. You guys
can get comfortable, and I'll blow you all while you watch
the show."
Friday night I was really nervous when Jim, and Steve
showed up with these three guys that Steve worked with. The
guys drank beer, and kidded around for a while, and then my
husband told me to put on a flick. The first film was about
this young girl who was picked up by these three guys in a
van. By the time she was on her knees rooting on a ****, I
was nude, and sucking one of the guys who worked with Steve.
He loved me squatting in front of him naked, while just his
**** was out. I gobbled his *****, and he cupped, and
squeezed my fat ****. I sucked his nuts dry in six minutes,
and when I looked up every man in the living room had his
hard **** out, and was stroking it.
I was so turned on that I moan, and groaned the whole
time I sucked the nnext man to a ball busting cumm. The third
man had barely stuck his **** head between my lips when he
shot his huge sticky wad. Steve lasted fifteen minutes, and
my husband was so turned on he just tossed me on the floor,
and ****** my aching **** like he was trying to put out a
fire. I came at his second stroke, but I was so hot that when
Jim roaled off me, I begged. "**** me! Please **** me!"
The guy I'd blew first was one me in a flash, pounding
my hungry **** hole like it was the last **** he would ever
get. I opened my mouth, and took a **** in it down to my
tousles. I loved it. Man after man road the ***** highway
home to a nut busting throbbing **** spewing finish. The guys
were so horny that my back wasn't let off the floor for three
hours, and the whole time a stiff hot **** was in my **** or
*******, and there was always one between my lips.
Fineally they helped me to the bathroom. I dripped sprem
like milk from my ****, and ***. That turned on the guys so
much that after I pissed, they bent me over the toulet, and
****** me for another round. By this time my **** was as raw
as a razor burn, and I couldn't open my mouth without my jaw
They put me to bed, and I passed out, and didn't wake up
until noon, when I woke to Johnny, the kid who mows are lawn,
lubbing my sore **** with K-Y jelly. "Ohhh." I groaned. "Please,
I don't think I can do it today."
I heard Jim laugh as he stepped through the bedroom
door. He was naked, and his big ***** was so stiff it
pointed straight up. Johnny had his clothes off to, and his
cute weine had pre-cumm dripping for it's tip. Jim
took the K-Y from the boy, stuck the tube up my ****, and
squeezed half of it's cool jelly into my burning **** hole.
"Honey, please?" I begged. "I can't. My ***** hurts too bad."
"Go ahead, **** her, kid." Jim said, and seeing that
they were going to **** me, I spread, and arched my legs, and
guided Johnny's **** into my raw slit. "Ah!" I cried
as he pumped me, but he didn't stop, and in a few minutes I'd
relaxed, and his **** felt pretty good. Johnny came, and I
milked his wiene until there was't a drop of sprem left in
it, and he rolled off me, and Jim's big rod slipped gently
Mu husband's ***** hurt, but not real bad, and he went
soft, and slow at first. When I got so turned on that I was
moaning, and ******* back, he picked up speed, and gave me a
good *******. Jim blew his load deep in my hole, and Johnny
took his place and rammed me hard, and fast if not deep. When
he came, Jim mounted me again, in that fashion we ******
until it was time for Johnny to go home at five.
Sunday morning Steve dropped by and even though I was
still raw, when he said he was horny, I lead him to the
bedroom, spread my legs, and let him dump a load in my ****.
That turned on my husband, who then dicked me hard, and left
me laying on the bed burntout, and sore as hell. The guys
watched a ball game while I took a nap, and when it was over
they dicked me again, and went out for a beer.
I lay there in bed, cumm dripping out of my raw *****
thinking that just two weeks ago I'd been a proper housewife,
and would have died before I'd have let a strange man have
sex with me. Now I didn't think twice about letting anyone
who wanted sex causally **** me. When Johnny came
over I'd ****** him. I'd blow Steve or **** him whenever
he wanted me too. If my husband brought men home, I'd drop
what I was doing let them party in my ****. I was a *****,
and I loved it so why not make money at it?
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Aug 5, 2011