Walking carefully through the thick, wet loam, I cannot see the ground at all, so thick is the mist. I know there is a spring, but it is completely hidden from me. The full moon’s light filtering through the low clouds makes the world seem somehow both smaller and more mysterious. I feel like I might be the last person on earth – what sound there may be is completely lost in the blanketed white layers. Soon, my silk nightgown is clinging to me, sticking and catching on my hips and thighs. Sparkling drops of moisture roll across my shoulder and between my breasts. They fall from my cheeks like tears and glide soundlessly over my arms. It is beginning to feel quite chilly now, in this dark and wet place.

I notice one patch of fog that seems denser than the rest and venture to it. Not until I am almost upon it, can I smell the warm mineral water and know I’ve found my spring. Gratefully, I shrug off my soaked gown and let it fall unceremoniously to the ground. There is a ledge to step onto but it’s small and likely to miss in the low light. As I am loath to disturb the lovely silence, so I sit on the side and slide my legs into the water, which seems so hot now, compared to the cool evening. Very gently, I ease my body down into the invisible depths, until only my face remains above. I lie back in the water and float with my eyes closed, my heartbeat pounding in my ears, deaf to any other sound. My hair floats around my face like a halo, occasionally tickling my face and neck.

After several minutes, I move to the edge of the pool, raising myself partially out of the water. Steam rises off me and the night air feels unbelievable against my naked breasts, making my nipples tingle, making me think of you – your warm mouth, only hours before attending them. I feel your presence before I hear your footsteps, only just audible. Knowing you are near sends a warm rush through my body, spreading the tingle to every part of me.

Seeing you, I smile because you are already naked and clearly as cold as I was before finding the spring. You know what I’m thinking and make a face at me before running and jumping in, right in front of me. Gasping, I inadvertently swallow some of the water and you find me laughing and coughing when you surface inches from me. There is no hesitation at all – my laughter dies instantly, caught in my throat. I’ve only just had you, and, still, I need you so much. One moment we are two separate people, the next – utterly intertwined, your hands pressed against my back, my arms over your shoulders, wrapped around your head, running my fingers over your shaved scalp, holding you close, kissing you deeper with every beat.

Our bodies are pressed together so tightly, I can’t tell which heartbeat is mine. Still you pull me closer and kiss me harder, your hands pulling at my hair now, making me arch back, kissing my neck, lightly biting me, your teeth and lips grazing across my throat. Breathing heavily, unconsciously moaning, whispering your name.

I can feel you, hard, pressing against me… The cold can only win for so long. My legs are wrapped around your hips, every part of us not locked in place sliding in the silky, warm water. I want you – inside me. Now… I am begging in my head, pleading with you – I feel like I might lose my mind. Looking into my eyes, you slide your hands under my *** and move me just so… and, oh god, you feel so good. I was wrong… it is now that I might lose my mind.

Holding me firmly against the soft earth, we move together, slowly, reveling in every long, smooth stroke. Soft sighs and whisperings… living, for these moments, inside a fantasy. You make everything feel so intense and, yet, so relaxing at the same time. You – are a dream to me – the one I have wanted and waited for so long – in vain I often felt. You are mine and I will never let you go now that I have tasted you.
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May 15, 2012