Roy And Me, Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The next Saturday, I returned to Roy's house, looking forward to it being my turn to get off.  After I got undressed, and we hugged, we sat on the sofa again.


"Before you get started on me, lean back a bit," I asked him. "There's something I didn't do last week that I want to do this week."


I leaned over, grabbed his ****, and licked all around the edge of the hood before moving down over it and taking it all the way into my mouth.  I slowly sucked on it for a few minutes, feeling Roy begin to get super hard before I stopped.


"I wanted to taste you before you made me ***, and I lose interest." I said by way of explanation.


"Hey dude, you can feel free to do that any time." he said as he sat back up.


As Roy started edging my hard ****, he told me, "'Member that woman, Sarah, who rang my number last Saturday?"  When I nodded my head that I did, he continued, "When I rang her back, she wanted a really graphic description of everything we did.  So I elucidated, and know what?  By the time I got done, she was moaning!  Really loud, man!  I had to ask if she was still cool, and she told me she had *** big time, thinking about what you did to me.  Can you get your head around that?"


"Cool!", I replied, and slid down a little toward the front of the sofa to give him a better grip, even though he was edging me at the time.  "Man that feels NICE! Every once in a while, you can tighten your grip a little and stretch the skin of the head of my ****.  That feels good, too!"


"k," answered Roy, "And you know what else?", then continued after seeing my questioning glance, he continued, "She wants to know if we would be cool with her watching us next week.  What thinkist thou?"


"That's ok by me." I told him, then continued, "As long as she's naked, too.  And it wouldn't hurt if we could watch her play with herself.  Or, what would be really cool is if you are allowed to lick and suck her ***** while I got you off!  Now THAT would be REALLY cool."


"Yum, yeah", he said dreamily as he thought about it.  "But that might have to wait 'til we get tighter, ya know?" he responded.


It took a minute for me to reply, as what he was doing was feeling really, really good.  "I understand, it's an exciting thought, though.  Agreed?  Ahhhhh, keep doing that, it feels really good!", I said as I arched my back, knowing that I would be ******* soon.


About that time, he leaned over and put his lips around my ****, then used them to edge me a few times.  As he pulled his head back up, I came, my *** pouring out of my **** and running down his fingers, like his did over mine last week.  He remembered what I had done to him at that point, and tightened his grip enough to pull the skin taunt on the head of my ****.  This made me *** a little more, kind of a 'second *******', as it were.


"Wow!", I said as he handed me some tissues, "That was great, just what I needed!  Thanks, Roy!"


We cleaned up again in the bathroom, then sat back down on the sofa and talked for a while, last we had done last week.  The only difference is that Roy cupped and gently stroked my balls while we talked.  That really felt nice.


I tried to jerk him off, but, since I had mostly lost interest, I wasn't very good at it, so, sadly, he didn't get to *** before I left to go home.
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