Love Song

she sat watching that silly movie. Actors on a screen telling the tale of family reunited thru a strange twist of fate. And it made her cry. How could she not cry when it reminded her so much of the past. But she had grown stonger and now she was a woman of her own means. Taking care of herself.
But somehow she longed for more. To not have to worry every moment if she would make it or not. That someone would come along and take care of her just once. But that was the stuff of fairy tales, and she was to old to believe in magic.
The next day dawned bright and sunny. A warm breeze picked up the edge of her sundress as she walked thru the park. Music lilting from her headphones. Andrea Bocelli. Beautiful and peaceful. She hummed along to the tune. For she did not understand the words. But they made her smile anyways.
Her eye caught the gaze of a man sitting on the park bench. He had been watching her sway to the tune. And he smiled the biggest smile she had ever seen. Clear blue eyes sparkled at her. He raised his hand in a wave, hello.
And in spite of herself she waved back. And then as if on a string she was drawn to his side on the bench. Not a word was spoken between them, but their eyes were entranced by each other.

the tune she was listening to came to an end and she took the earbuds out of her ears, turned to him and said Hello. His eyes sparkled brighter and he blushed crimson. Suddnely shy beyond words he forgot his own name.
She tried to supress a giggle, but the air was electric with the fire between them. Some unseen magical force that had pullled them into this moment.

Eddie, he suddenly said, my name is Eddie.  Well hello Eddie, i'm Dee. funny huh, Eddie and Dee? what a pair we are with those names.
A lightning storm could not have parted those to at that moment. Karma had set things in motion that could not be undone.

Their lives were altered in that moment in the park. And thier story has many pages yet to be written. But for now we leave them eye to eye, hearts open, on a park bench. Listening to Andrea Bocelli.
lunazule lunazule
41-45, F
Nov 26, 2012