Same Song Next Verse

time flies by and the world keeps turning. New songs are sung and old ones are breathed new life by new voices. Eddie and Dee"s life seems to roll with the tune. Highs and lows. Soft slow balads, and dance tunes that keep the up all night.

Eddie knows he has found that one, the one written about in love songs. The one who has captured his heart for all of life. He wants every day to tell her he loves her. But he can see the trepidation in her eyes. Love has burned her befor. Promised to last forever and faded into the night. So many days as they go along their way he will whisper in hushed tones, just out of ear shot, Dee i love you. Today is one of those days. Another day in the park. What has become their favorite spot. Eddie has brought her new music. And she listens to it with excitement.

Stars and Midnight Blue

Memories we share toghether
moments no one else can know
I will keep them close to me
never let them go
Once you filled my hands with roses
then you gave your heart to me
when a kiss had followed this
love was ment to be
Time goes by
and the snow is drifting
slowly in the sky
cold cold night
as you lie beside me
I can hear your heartbeat
You have lost yourself in dreaming
I have lost myself in you
Now we lie beneath the sky
stars and midnight blue

the lilt of the singers voice carried Dee away into that magical land.
Filled with whirling snowflakes and starlit skies. And she wondered if ever a moment like that could be. Eddie loved to watch her as she listened to a new song. It was if the words filled her like blood itself. Feuling her with life.

They walked down the path to the lake. And as they did he fell a few steps behind her. The swell in his heart so great that he could not help but whisper soflty, Dee i love you.

She stopped with such suddeness that he crashed into her. Her ears had heard the words her heart had dared not hope for. He stares at her, wondering what has halted her so suddenly. But he knows, she heard him.
Dees eyes begin to over flow with tears.  The walls around her heart melting with each drop. No longer did she fear love. Because in his eyes she could see a million life times. Like a million notes flowing from his heart to hers. Songs that carried the depth and breadth of their emotions to the heavens above.
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Dec 3, 2012