Up to now Eddie had been happy to hold her hand, to tenderly kiss her glossed lips. But he knew now that she had given him her heart he wanted to own her body as well. He craved to touch her skin. The alabaster glow of her in the moonlight.
He had planned for this moment. The one where he would make her his own. And there was no detail left to chance.
He had cooked her a beautiful meal, planned the lighting and the music and the crackle of the fire place. The wine and the chocolate. For her nothing was to much.
When she arrived at the house he could tell she had taken extra time for the occasion. He hair was soft and full just how he liked it. Her makeup was gentle but with her lashes curled and glossy accentuating her chestnut eyes.
there was a hint of lavender and roses that wafted through the air around her. Her blouse was pale pink and sheer with a lace camisol underneath. Sexy but not slutty, and her black skirt fluttered about her knees. It was light chiffon fabric and every tiny gust of wind sent it rustling. She had on the most magnificent shoes. they were tall black heels encrusted in glitter. the sparkled in the candlelight as it they were tiny mirror balls. Pale pink polish adonrned her fingers and toes. She was the picture of feminine perfection. A single strand of pearls hugged her glimmering throat. Eddie was breathless at the sight of her.

Music filled the room like the aromas of the finely prepared meal. Each warm and inviting. Wrapping the sences in a cocoon. The creamy buttered mashed potatoes as smooth oh her tongue as the sounds of Enya were to her ears. Dee was lost in the magic of this moment. Savoring each and every nuance.
Dinner came to an end with creamy chocolate pudding. The richest she had ever tasted. She playfully ran her tongue thru the spoonfull. the wicked twinkle in Eddies eye let her know she had the desired effect. He came around the table and swooped her into his arms as Savage Garden began to play. "I knew i loved you"  She had heard those words a thousand times. But they had never held such meaning to her.
their bodies swayed to the rhythem. And without need of words they danced across the floor. In front of the fire Eddie kissed her. It was a kiss like none before. Long and deep and as rich as that dessert had been. Dee looked at him with such passion, and then soflty uttered, NOW, make me yours NOW.
She stepped back out of his arms and began to unbutton her blouse. He wanted to help, but she stared him into stillness. Her hair sparkling in the fire light. She moved with the beat of the music as she slowly removed her top. Next was the skirt. with one button it slid to the floor. She stood before him in a lace slip. It hugged the curves of her body in delicate perfection.
Her glance let him know he could now approach her. His hands began to roam the curves of her. His lips tasting parts of her flesh he had never seen.Eddie slid the straps off of her alabaster shoulders and kissed them softly. She made his blood boil with desire. She now stood there clad in only lace bra and panties and those shoes. Never had he seen such glorious perfection. She was his.
Deftly her fingers released him from his clothing. Hungry hands roamed his body and like an aminal to long caged, she began to devour him. His lips, his neck, the firm muscles of his chest. And then she was on her knees, her mouth taking in the fulness of his manhood.  Eddie was suprised and yet pleased. Who was this wanton woman before him?
Dee loved the taste of him in her mouth and wanted to please him. But she knew she wanted all of him. So she slipped him from her mouth, shyly wiped her lips and stood. He grabbed her and kissed her before she could protest. Lifting her gently he carrried her to his bed and lay her on her back. Standing there in front of her she admired the man he was. Muscles cut from hours of exercise. He was beautiful to her in every way.
He grasp her hips and slowly entered her glimmering wet mound. Parting her lips with gentle skill. He wanted her to never forget this moment. The one where his flesh and hers became one.

The rhythem between them was like fine wine and smooth jazz. Her hips rising and falling to meet him. Her breast thrust skyward. Her nipples firm and cherry red with arousal. There was no rushing in this. There was only the sweet slow surrender of flesh to flesh. Eddies mind was filled with all of the glorious, sensuous things he wanted to share with her. But in this moment all he wanted was her pleasure. Dee was unprepared for the wave of extacsy that hit her. It seemed as if her body were no longer her own. There was a gutteral scream of pleasure that exited her body. she cried out his name, begging him to never stop. This was a feeling she wanted to have over and over again. Eddie continued the pace until he could feel her body begin to relax. And only then did he take from her the last bit of desire. Filling her body with his seed. the force of it shooting into her caused her to once agian climax. Spent and satisfied he lay down on the bed pulling her into his arms. Her head upon his chest and covered them both with a soft blanket. She dozed there in complete contentment. And in the light of the moon he gazed upon his moonflower. there were many more moonlit nights to come. And many more games to play.

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You are AMAZING. I overtaken with the joy knowing you are mine and these feelings are our own.

How can i help but write all that is in my heart. The tiny pieces of our conversations and the spoken and unspoken things between us. You fill my heart with such love and such emotions that it has to come out. Until the day that the words are real.