Got My Hedge Clipped

The house was so quiet with my daughters gone for the weekend, Janice with her father and Jamie on an overnight trip to Disneyland with her best friend Suzie. After I lounged in bed for a while, took my shower and was reading the paper while drinking coffee. Saw the neighbor boy Jimmy in the backyard trimming the hedge. My girls are 16 and 15 and Jimmy is 16 as well. Watched him working and he was getting me horny. Real good looking boy with nice muscles in his legs. My hand was rubbing a breast as I watched then I told myself, to hell with this crap. Took a swallow of coffee and stood up. Took my blouse off then my bra. Tweaked my nipples a little then put the blouse back on but this time, top three buttons were open and when I tucked it in my shorts and pulled it tight, the inside curves of my breasts were exposed and my nipples were standing up straight. Went out the door and walked up to him. "Don't work to fast Jimmy, real hot today." I told him. He hadn't heard me come out of the house as he has Walkman plugs in his ears but he did hear me now and turned to say something but his eyes went straight to my breasts and stayed there. "Real hot today Jimmy." I told him talking about me, not the weather. "Sure is Mrs. Peters." He said finally looking at my face. "You just be careful. Don't want you having a heat stroke out here." "Nah, I'm on the school's cross country team, we run all the time when it's even hotter than this. Janice home?" He asked. "No, her father's weekend and Jamie is gone too. Overnight trip to Disneyland with Suzie." I told him watching him as his eyes shifted frequently looking at me. "Ok if I take my shirt off?" He asked. "Of course it is. Sometimes I wish I could too." I told him pushing my breasts out a little more and it wasn't lost on him but he's too young to know I'm telling him to **** me. "Thanks." He said pulling it over his head showing his hard, muscled chest. "All that running keeps you in shape. Muscles look good." I told him running my fingertips over his chest. "Thanks, work out some. I better get back to work." He told me. "OK but take it easy." I told him and looked down for a few seconds, long enough for me to check him out. "What the hell does he have in those shorts?" I thought seeing the large bulge. Don't know if he caught me looking or not but he turned around to get back to the hedge. I went back inside looking at him through the patio door. He knew what I was going to pay him for doing the hedge as he'd done it for me before but today he's getting a little extra. Kept taking peeks at him just to look at that chest. He'd finished trimming now and was cleaning up the clippings. So time to put what I'd thought about in action. Went outside again after making sure my blouse was tight on my ****. Picked up the hose and turned the water on. Was watering the flower bed when I heard him and turned and soaked him with the hose. "I'm so sorry Jimmy, you surprised me." I told him turning the water off. "No problem Mrs. Peters. Kinda feels good." "But you're soaked." I told him looking at him seeing his shorts showing a lot more of that bulge now that they were drenched. "Come inside Jimmy, have to dry those shorts off." I told him and turned and walked back in the house without giving him the time to say anything. Oh yeah, he followed me alright. "You have to get out of those." I told him. "Haven't got anything to put on. I'll change at home." "Must want your pay then. You've earned it today." I told him getting the $40 out of my purse. "Here Jimmy." I told him standing a lot closer than I needed giving it to him. "And you did such a good job today, want you to have a little extra something." I told him putting my hand behind his head pulling his face down a little and kissed him as I pressed my body against his. Surprised him because at first he tried to back away but I didn't let go, just kissed him harder. He got the idea and his arms went around me. He squeezed me just right as he kissed me back. We stood there kissing for a few minutes then I pulled back. "You're dangerous Jimmy. Get a woman all hot like this. Only one thing we can do isn't there?" I asked him as my hands real slow unbuttoned the only two buttons holding my blouse together then tugged it out of my shorts. "Take it off me Jimmy." I told him moving right next to him again. He grinned and I felt his hands slide it off both shoulders then he hugged me, flattening my breasts on his chest and it felt so great. Usually not into 16 year old boys but it's been a while since I've gotten laid and I hugged him hard grinding my breasts on his chest kissing him just as hard. Felt his hard **** and had to see what was making that bulge. Pushed away and started to get on my knees but he stopped me. Raised his hands up and cupped each breast so soft then he put them on both of my hips and pushed my shorts and panties down leaning down to hold them so I could step out of them. "My turn." I told him unzipping his shorts getting on my knees pulled them down his legs then I pulled his underpants down and saw it and gripped it with both hands. "Holy ****, damn thing is huge." I kind of whispered as I was holding on to what had to at least 17 inches of real hard, thick ****. "If it's too much Mrs. Peters, I'll understand. Most girls won't even try." He told me. "Huh uh Jimmy, I want this monster where it belongs in a woman but a little playing first." I told him. Leaned forward and kissed the head then licked it then the shaft and his balls which were as huge as his ****. They were sweaty from the work he'd been doing but I liked it anyway. Licked back up his **** and worked my lips over the head and down the shaft a little hearing him moaning. "Oh god. Girls can't do that." Made me feel good so I worked down the shaft until I felt the head against my throat. This **** might kill me but I have to try. I thought then took a deep breath and worked my throat around his **** until my nose was touching him. "****, all of it." I heard him saying almost in a whisper. Would have grinned but my mouths full. Started to really work his **** with my throat pulling back until just the head was in my mouth then after taking another breath, push my head forward all the way. Started bobbing my head and shoulders sliding my throat up and down his ****. "Oh damn, damn. I'm going to..." He started to say but the eruption of thick hot *** in my throat let me know what he was going to tell me. Took the first two shots in my throat then pulled back to get the rest in my mouth squeezing the head against the roof of my mouth as he shot rope after rope until finally he was finished. Real careful because his **** is so big, I pulled back working my lips back over the head being careful to not let any of his *** slip out. Looked up at him as my hand slowly stroked him and I tasted his ***. Real good *** too. Then I stood up and opened my mouth and blew bubbles with his ***. Let some slip out my lips then sucked it back in and swallowed. "God is your *** good." I told him and he really surprised me then. Held me and kissed me. Never had a boy do that when I was his age. *** in a girls mouth and that was the end of the kissing. Only found a few men that will kiss after they came in my mouth. I pulled back and took his hand and pulled him to my room and lay on my bed with my legs open. He knew what to do. Knelt between them then used his hand to guide his **** to my hole then he laid on me as he pushed it real slow as far as he could. He was filling places in my **** I don't even know about. He stayed still when he was all the way in to let me get used to having his monster in my ****. Took a little bit wiggling of on my part to make it fit but when it fit, boy did it fit. "**** me Jimmy." I told him. Being 16, I'd expected him to start pounding but he didn't. He ****** me slow, then fast, then slow again. Sometimes pulling almost all the way out then back in. Other times, he only pulled back a few inches and shoved back into me. There was no pattern, no rhythm I could work with to bring myself off but Jimmy took care of that. I felt my *** starting and it was going to be a big one. Screamed my *** off when it started and I came and just kept ******* as he plowed his **** in me. He was working for his *** making mine keep going. Every time he pushed deep, another surge of my *** would take off. "Oh my god, oh my god. Oh god, oh god. Do… do it… Jimmy, do it. *** in my ****." I chanted as he was taking long full strokes now, a few times even pulling out then ******* back into me. Then I felt his start and hugged him tight. "Yeah, yeah, *** Jimmy, *** for me. All of it, I want all of it." I told him, urging him on. His **** exploded again and the heat of his *** took me to the biggest *** I've ever had. Hugged him and screamed as he filled me with his seed. He'd done what almost every man did, threw his head back when he came then after, he collapsed on me. Both of us were gasping for air at first. "Wow, best **** I've ever had Mrs. Peters." He told me. "Sandy. Any man that can **** me like you just did can use my name. You're good." "Thanks Sandy. Don't get much practice though. Girls see how big I am and they want no part of it." "I don't want part of it either, I want it all. Damn, I've never had a man even close to as big as you are. It's not just the size though, you know how to use it. If a girl won't let you **** her, how did you learn to **** like this?" "******* off." He told me. "You're kidding? Learned how to **** that way." "Yeah. It felt good to stroke my **** like that so I kind of used you to jack off in." Hugged him telling him "You can jack off in me anytime you want and I mean that Jimmy." "Hope so. First **** I've really been in. Few girls tried and I got a little in before they told me to get it out. Never had all my **** inside any girl." "They have no idea what they're missing. Want more do ya?" I asked feeling him starting to **** me slow. "Yeah, first **** I've been able to get inside and I've got a lot of *** to give you." He told me. "Fill me as much as you want." I told and he started ******* me faster. By the time the afternoon was over, he'd *** six times flooring me. Never had a boy or a man *** that many times and he sure kept me ******* too. He stayed hard inside me between his **** and I kept ******* on his ****. "Think that's enough Jimmy." I told him and he pulled out as he kissed me. Started to move down to lick his **** clean when I felt his *** start to flow out my **** and laid back and raised my ***. "Get a towel from the bathroom Jimmy. So much of your ***, I'm leaking." I told him. He grinned getting off the bed. He brought a towel back and I used it to keep his *** from leaking out as I went to the bathroom to sit on the throne and let it out there. Went back to the bed where he was laying down again with his arm over his eyes. Laid down next to him and cuddled up and his arm went around me. He held me and I really liked it as most men won't. They *** and all of a sudden have to get home. Of course I knew they're married but they could have held me a little. Twisted and got on my elbows beside him and his hand went to my butt and it felt good. "Sandy, you kept calling me a man. I'm not, heck I'm only 16." "In years, maybe not a man but the way you treat a woman, you're more man than most of the men I've ******. You made me feel more of a woman than any man has ever done." "Thanks. Did I really make you feel good?" He asked and I knew it was the normal question for any teenage boy after *******. "Don't ever ask a woman that question, it sounds like your doubting yourself and you have no reason to ever doubt. But, yeah, you did. I've never *** so much before." "Good." He told me squeezing a cheek of my ***. "Ever thought about ******* an ***?" I asked him. "With this thing? No way. To afraid I'd rip a girl open." "I'm not a girl, I'm a woman. You didn't think I could give you head but I did. You didn't think you'd fit in my ****, but you did. Sometime, we try my ***." I told him. We cuddled for maybe a hour when he told me he did have to get home. "Shower first. Don't want your mother smelling all the ******* we've done." "Want to help?" He asked. "Yeah, but another time." He got off the bed and I watched his tight butt as he walking to the bathroom. He hugged me at the door with a kiss then left a very satisfied woman.

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Dec 5, 2012