Siting here feeling that sweet pang. Then I touched myself gently, rubbing my ****, up and down, side to side. Slow circles. Feeling the pleasure from this was too much, gently rocking my hips back and forth, breathing heavily. Then I stick one finger inside my hot wet vagina. The pleasure was so much I could barley stand it. I started moving my fingers inside of me fast, adding one, then two. Then i can feel myself going over the edge I start to rib my **** an pump my fingers in and and out of my vagina quickly feeling the burning wonderful feeling I almost coming. I then am pushed over the edge. Moaning and yelling. Feeling my vagina contract while still rubbing my **** was almost too much. I squirt And feel the warm liquid run down onto me. That sweet, sweet liquid.
Gg02 Gg02
Jan 5, 2013