She was off to paint her new digs. But she did not want to mess up her new jeans so she shimmied out of them. She intended to put on some grubbie clothes but he had other ideas.
Grabbing her around the waist with one arm he grabbed the paint brush with the other. She looked at the wicked smile on his face and shuddered. She knew he was about to use her body as his playground and she loved it.
His kiss was hungry as he lay her on the bare floor. Slowly running the handle of the brush between her thighs. Making her instantly wet.
Soon he was sliding it in and out of her. The feeling was sublime. The arousal in him was evident. The sound of his breathing in her ear as he manipulated the brush in her wetness.
without warning it was being slid into the tighness of her ***. It made her groan with pleasure. She hated that she loved it so much, but she did.
The rhythem he set was designed to make her beg him for his touch and she did. Wanting more of him, all of him. Soon he had her on her knees replacing the brush with the hardness of himself. She was in heaven. His body slapping against hers.

He oredered her to place her fingers inside her dripping mound and she did.She would never deny him all he wanted. And he loved the sight of her rubbing herself just for him. It was something he made her do often.
He was growing harder in her eager *** and the desire to ****** was strong. But he would not allow it, not yet. So her fingers changed rhythem so that she would not displease him. His relase eminent. She felt his body flood her and it was all she could do to not come with him. She loved the sounds he made. How he called her name. She wanted him, wanted the realase. But in time he would allow it and in that moment she would know heaven.
Giggling with bliss he handed her the brush, kissed her deep and smacked her ***. Get back to work wench, he said.

Suddenly the paint seemed to beam at her as she blushed another shade of crimson. She would never look at a paint brush again without thinking of this moment.

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Great story ,keep sending

i like all your stories, make lesbian ones please, only girls know how to touch a girl perfectly