Tall, Black And Beautiful

It was Thursday and I was in Halifax again -- sitting in my client's Board Room -- and winding down a bit, just gathering up my notes when Kathleen came in and sat down near me. I was a bit surprised by this because I really didn't do any business with her-- though we often chatted in the reception area while I waited to see my client.


Now Kathleen was the assistant -- come receptionist of sorts -- for the four partners in the firm. And she was physically quite striking in appearance -- besides the fact that she was always so well dressed. She was striking -- not because she was black -- because there are lots of blacks in Halifax. She reminded me of the fictional amazon woman. She was six feet tall and slim -- with a very pretty face – and a rack on her that most guys only dream about -- and a cute butt too -- not that usual protruding black butt that so many black women have. So, in all kinds of ways, she was quite different -- quite striking.


Hi there Kathleen, how are you ? As I glanced up across the table. "I'm well Thank You . . . as a matter of fact I feel really good today, so that's why I came in to see you before you go" Oh ya ? . . . "Yes . . . I just had to tell you that some day I wanna **** you -- right here -- on this Board Room table. The glass top on this thing, and the thought of your legs-spread on top of it, just sends me around the bend".


I just kept staring at her. I was in total disbelief about what she had just said. Nobody had ever said anything like that to me ever in my life. And certainly nothing even remotely close to that in a business setting. So I had to quickly think about how I was going to tactfully answer such an assertive question. My brain was just racing – trying to find the right words through my shock. I just didn't want her to feel rejected -- because that's just not a nice way to feel.


Well Kathleen, I said, with a warm smile and a gentle voice, I must say you flatter me . . . I mean you really make me feel special . . . especially because you are such a beautiful, warm and charming lady . . . And I always like talking to you . . . But in my business life there is a key rule: Don't mix business and pleasure, cause it never works . . .


So Kathleen, I'm just gonna have to say no to that lovely thought. OK ? "Yes, I hear what you are saying, but I'm still glad I told you". And I'm glad too, because you never know what the future is going to bring. Maybe one day you or I will be will be working in a different place --- and then maybe we could go out for dinner or something . . . but for now, it just has to stay as a nice thought. Is that OK ? . . . Kathleen stood up, then looked at me with a big smile and said "Yes, that is a nice thought" -- and then turned and walked out of the Board Room.


On the flight back to Montreal that night I was still smiling at Kathleen's comments. I was thinking about how gutsy that was on her part -- Wow -- and then Wow again.That's what I call a confident woman. Which of course brought me another little giggle of disbelief.


Now I had been with a woman before in my College days, before I got married -- but certainly not lately and certainly not since my divorce. I was still at that stage of 'I don't want to date ANYONE'.


On a conference call a couple of month's later I was surprised to hear a new female voice asking me to pick up and connect. She had quickly said her name was Kelly and she was calling on behalf of one of the partners. After the conference call ended I hit the speed dial and called back to chat with this new girl, Kelly. Part of what I explained to her was that I didn't know Kathleen was planning on leaving -- and that I'd borrowed a book from her that I'd like to return, if I could. And so I asked for Kathleen's address so I could mail it back.


I already knew her name and so once I had the address the detective in me could find her phone number. And I did, that very evening -- because I had become intrigued.Kathleen was obviously one confident lady -- and I personally find that a very sexy thing -- and so I was curious about what else might be hiding 'within' this well dressed woman.


Two weeks later I was planning another trip to Halifax -- and so I thought, this is it, this is the time, I'm gonna call Kathleen and ask her out for dinner.


I could tell by her voice she was excited by my voice on the phone. And so we booked Wednesday night for dinner. I told her I wanted to take her to this lovely up-scale Italian place -- not only because the food is great, but because it was a Wednesday and it wouldn't be too busy . . . so we'd be able to get a quiet corner table where we could visit without interruption.


As we walked into the restaurant the maitre de looked a little shocked even -- because Kathleen looked absolutely stunning -- and tall, and very black. She was in a very expensive business-like dress with colour-matching big hoop ear rings. Now this was a package 'to die for' -- as a friend of mine would say.


The dinner and the service and the conversation were just wonderful. My sense was we were both very at ease that night. And interestingly, when the waiter asked if we'd like dessert, Kathleen very emphatically added: "Yesss
. . . tonight I want dessert ! "Her tone and the under-current brought a big smile to my face as she turned and asked: "And what about you ?" Oh yesss, I said, I want dessert tonight too.


After dessert we were sipping some Grand Marnier and Kathleen slid a bit closer to me. And given that we were sitting on this big round bench seat at this big round table, moving closer was easy do -- so I too moved a little closer to her. "Now this is better" she said. "I like being closer to you" as we clinked our glasses together. We were all smiles.


Then I felt her hand on my leg just above my knee. But I didn't even hesitate. We just kept talking and giggling. We were having fun. But her hand kept creeping up my thigh as she gently rubbed it up and down. It was an exciting feeling. I was glad for that big white tablecloth hanging down -- because it allowed some public play -- something I'd never done before -- ever.


It wasn't long before she had that cotton dress of mine up to my waist and her hand gently pressed against me ****. "OMG" she said. "You are wet . . I can feel it right through your pantyhose". . . . Yessss . . I think I am. You are a very exciting lady to be around -- so you shouldn't be too surprised. "Well I am a bit . . . but I think I'm more pleased then anything". So at this point I realized that there was no turning back -- nor did I want to. Sooo, I said, why don't I pay the bill and let's get out of here and head back to my hotel.


As soon as I closed the room door Kathleen stopped in the middle of the room and started doing a slow ***** – looking right at me. She was proud of her body and she wanted to show it off. And it was some body ! She was naturally all muscle. So absolutely toned everywhere. And those breasts were even bigger then I'd thought when she finally let them out.


When all her clothes had hit the floor she jumped on the bed, laid down and said:"Are you gonna join me ?". Oh yesss. But you gotta let me catch up . . . and get out of these clothes. So I quickly ******** down to my bra and panties -- cause I still wasn't sure I could be quite as proud as she was. But I jumped onto the bed beside her -- and we rolled into each others arms.


We held each other tight. Our legs were entangled and pressing hard against each other. She brought her head back a bit and looked right into my eyes.
"I wanna feel that wetness of yours . . . I wanna taste it" as her hand slipped across my stomach, and down inside my panties -- and right down my ****. It felt sooo sensuous. She slowly wiggled her finger deep inside -- it really went in very easily -- because even I could feel how wet I was. She brought her finger back out and started sucking it. And then she raised that finger to my mouth . . "Taste it . . . it's just lovely". And I did. I sucked that finger like the little **** it was. I just indulged myself on it.


Then I decided I wanted to play too -- and rolled her on her back, and pinned her hands on the pillow above her head -- as I dove down and started tonguing and sucking those big black nipples -- over and over and over again. "That's it, that's it . . . suck'em hard . . that's it. Yesss. Just Keep Sucking . . . that's it . . now put a finger in my ****". And I did, and OMG was she wet. I swear she was *********** already. It was sooo creamy . . .


And instantly I knew one finger just wasn't going to do. So I slipped two in . . . and after a few deep wet strokes I thought I'd try three. No problem. This was One Wet **** -- and I just wanted to keep stretching it out -- sending her higher and higher. I kept sucking and nibbling on that hard nipple. I could hear her **** just slurping away -- and that's such a sexy sound -- so I just kept stroking.


And then finally, four fingers, right up to my knuckles, and stoking hard. That was it. Four was the magic number -- as she started to twist and turn and moan louder and louder.


She was *******. I could feel her **** squeezing my fingers. And pushing against my hand. I just kept pushing and stroking hard -- and I could feel how hard and ridged her G-spot was.


Then it started -- bucking madly against my hand. Yessss, Yessss, Yessss . . .

OHHHHH ****.****, ****.. Then after a minute, maybe two, there was
a final shiver -- and then her body went limp. She just laid there. So I slipped

my fingers out -- and just laid beside her, with my head resting on her breast.


"Oh Wow . . . that was wonderful" . . . "Nobody has made me *** like that for a long time". . . .I can make myself *** . . . but it's just not the same . . . and you really did DO ME" . . . she said with a devilish giggle.


But now I wanna **** YOU. And she rolled me onto my back, got up on her

knees, grabbed my ankles, lifted my legs up and spread them really wide -- almost like I was doing the splits in the air.


Then she straddled one thigh -- like a pair of big black scissors -- pressing her **** against my inner thigh -- then slowly slid her wet lips down my thigh until her **** was on top of mine. Her **** pressed down against my ****. "Now I'm gonna **** You . . . and I'm gonna **** you hard, just like a black guy would . . . And she started thrusting her hips back and forth – just like a guy -- rubbing and pounding her **** into mine -- rubbing, and thrusting and grinding my ****, over and over and over again . . . Riding . . . Absolutely Non-stop thrusting **** to ****.


I'd never been ridden by a woman before -- and our clits rubbing hard together was just sending me into another world. I started thrusting back -- just like there was a **** going in and out of my ****. I just kept rocking hard against her -- **** against **** -- as she road me hard like she was in a saddle on a horse. JUST A ROCKIN.


Then the build started, and I knew I didn't want it to stop. Yes, Yes, Yes . . . right there, Yes . . . Oh **** . . . I'm gonna CUMMMMM . . . I'm gonna CUMMMM . . . OHHH, OHHH, OHHH, AHHH, AHHHH . . . ahhhh, ahhhh as our body movement gradually slowed -- almost still, but yet still grinding ever so slightly. Then, full stop . . . all I could feel was wetness between my legs . . . her *** and mine -- all blended together. I was soaked. And exhausted. I had never ****** or Been ****** Like That Before. Never. Ever. OMG. It had been, and was still in many ways, unbelievable.


My body was weak. I just lay there as she climbed off -- and then lay beside me with her arm around me. "Wow" she whispered. "You are a great ****. And I came again, when I was on top of you . . . Did you know that ?" I didn't say anything. And quite frankly I hadn't even noticed. I was just sooo into my own thrusting and that big ****** that I had no idea what was happening to her. Well, I'm glad you came again I told her -- annnd, as you undoubtedly noticed I really came . . . I had ONE BIG ******* ******. WOW !! I sure like the way you ****. You can DO ME like that ANY TIME.


"I'm glad" she said. "Cause I'd sure like to 'Do you' again -- as you so accurately put it .. . . Are you going to be back in Halifax again soon ?" Halifax, yes. How soon, I don't know. "Well I hope it's soon . . .I'd like that a lot . . . but right now I think it's time for me to head home. It's late and I've got to go to work in the morning -- and try to act intelligently". With that she got up and started getting dressed. I felt this sense of mild disappointment as she covered up those wonderful big breasts again. When she'd finished I walked her to the door. We hugged -- and promised each other we'd do dinner again.

To Be Continued


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Jan 12, 2013