Just Watching.

I admit to being a voyeur. Watching the two of you as you lie in bed together, limbs intertwined holding and caressing each other. Her fingers trace slow figure eights on your back as your lips meet in a soft slow kiss. Your legs slides up in between hers and I see her hips shift, pushing herself against your thigh. There is no rush, no hurry in either of your actions. Her hands move over your body and draw you in even closer. She bites your lower lip playfully.

I stare lustfully at your breasts pressed up against hers. The marriage of your soft flesh and hers is perfection. Both of you gently grinding against each other in a soft easy rhythm. The kiss stiffens a bit as her hands wander down to your ***. Her fingers press into your flesh pulling you harder into her leg. You raise your body just a bit to rock your hips. A soft moan escapes both sets of lips. This melding of flesh moves back and forth on the bed for several minutes. Your kiss your way around her face, from cheek to cheek and up to her forehead. Her eyes close as you gently kiss her chin and down her neck. Reluctantly she eases her grip as you begin to slide down her body. You place yourself between her spread legs and slowly glide downward.

Your finger begins to trace long slow lines across her chest being careful not to touch her sensitive nipples. Your lips follow the line created by your finger all the way around both her breasts and circling closer toward her nipple. Her hands stroke through your hair for a bit before you push them up over her head and tell her to keep them there. Your attention focuses again on her breasts with your fingers slowly teasing one while your hand gently massages the other. Your lips brush against her nipple and I see it harden. Your tongue darts out to apply a touch of moisture to it just to purse your lips and gently blow it dry.
He legs wrap around your body and pull you in tight. She keeps her arms above her head as instructed with all the self control she can muster. Your hands continue to massage her breasts as you kiss your way down her stomach. I see you glance my way and catch the knowing smile in your eyes. I watch as your tongue traces a line down past her belly button to her waistline. Her grip on you eases a bit to allow you to slide lower between her legs. You raise up on your elbows and turn toward her inner thigh. The smooth soft skin invites your lips to taste. You place soft gentle kisses all up and down her thighs. Each trip down brings you a bit closer to your objective but just as it seems you will taste her you start back up. Just as she reaches the edge of control you brush your lips up against her. Her gasp lets me know you have found what she wants.

Her hands are no longer able to stay above her head. She brings them down and begins running then through your hair. I see two of your fingers slide inside her as your tongue continues to make slow circles around her ****. The build up is amazing. Slowly you increase speed and pressure in response to her soft moans. The muscles in her body begin to tense more and more the closer she gets. Her hands hold your head to her firmly as she works her hips in time with your mouth and fingers. Her low soft moans are now full blown cries of ecstacy as she ****. Your mouth and fingers never loose contact as she writhes underneath you. Your pace slows as she comes down. Your mouth still covers her sensitive **** and your fingers are motionless inside her. You have played her body like a master musician plays an instrument. She pulls you up on top of her and into her sweet embrace again. The slow soft kisses begin again as she rolls you over to return your love.
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I tried, really I did. I'm too bashful even to read ****. I'm weird. Its like pickles, oh and olives, I used to dislike the taste in my mouth, but I made a promise to myself not to dismiss them and at least once a year I'll have a bite of each, not at the same time obviously. Once I tried an olive I actually liked. So like olives and pickles I shan't give up. I will sample you again.


This is written by a man? That's actually pretty good! I'd almost assume you have experience watching 2 actual woman-loving women make love.
You put the sensual slowness down really well, it's that little magic I like when it comes to lesbian intimacy: no testosterone to rush, push and force into things.
No hurry, just pleasure and understanding, like only 2 women who truly adore each other can have.

(Nothing against the heterosexual dynamic, that can have its charms too, it's just not what this story is about).


I wish I had the experience. Just my imagination. I certainly have yet to see this type of interaction in **** either.

Oh I can answer that: lesbians in **** don't make love like this, because they're not lesbians and not 'making love'.
They're heterosexual women who get paid to perform sexual acts (double context: both 'acting' and 'something you do') with each other in a way to arouse the male viewer... there's no lesbian dynamic there and no real passion.
Just girls down on their luck, working their job to make it through in this sick world.

Yeah, and those "actresses" always have those extra long fingernails. A sure sign of totally fake girly ****.

I have long fingernails too (just not extra long, oh and mine are REAL, you can't say that for most of those "actresses"!)... but I use them like you should: scratching. ^^ I don't care that much for penetration anyway and if my partner wants to be penetrated, there are so many ways to do that left.
Oh and practise makes perfect, if you have had long fingersnails since puberty and have been intimate with other women for a long time too: you learn to be careful. ;-)

I wouldn't make long fingernails a sign of heterosexuality. :-p But I know you weren't using it as an indicator.

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wow....very nice!


Nice...very nice....great writing... ;)

Thank you!

*gulps* nice tale dottie!


Glad you liked!

Very sexy description.

Pardon me, I believe I am in the middle of having a seizure..*falls over*