White Panties

Once again, phone in hand, his fingers quickly tapped their way through the many levels of folders to the one he wanted - his folder of private photos. Eagerly, he keyed in the password to open that very special folder, and one following tap filled the screen with THAT photo.

The message had come in while he was in another interminable meeting, his phone vibrating against his hip, and though he somehow knew it was from her, there was nothing he could do about it for the next half hour, nothing until the meeting organizer finally called for a 15-minute break.  He'd quickly risen and headed to the men's room, and once safely locked in a stall, he'd pulled the phone out of its holster and called the message up.

"Thinking of you" the text read, followed by the photo.  THAT photo.

Obviously taken as she lay on her bed, cropped to show only her upper thighs, a pair of new, lacy white panties, and her flat stomach up to just above her belly button, THAT photo somehow conveyed the full essence of her womanhood.  He knew full well that the bright white opacity of the panties was hiding her special treasures - her silky soft black hair, not too thick but full nonetheless, and nestled down within that thatch of fur, her second lips, most likely already opening up as she'd snapped the picture.  He could easily picture the rest, too.  The first drops of her arousal, the swelling of her rosebud, yes, even the blushing on her checks far above the scene pictured.

He'd instantly become hard when he first saw the picture, and once again, looking at it for the umpteenth time since this morning, his reaction was the same.  But now, the workday was over, the Friday evening homeward bound commute behind him, and he was walking up to the front door of his house.

"Hi, Honey, I'm home," he called out as the door closed behind him.  No answer, but then he heard the sound of the shower running, and knew she was getting ready for their dinner date later that evening.  He walked down the hallway and into their bedroom, slipping his suit coat off and undoing his tie as he did so.

And then he saw them - those very same white panties from THAT photo - laying on his pillow.

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Jan 19, 2013