Tax Time

   It was that time of year again. My taxes were due. I always hated doing my taxes and this year was no different. So I decided to get them done professionaly for a change. Still I was not looking forward to it. I made the earliest appointment I could in order to get it over with first thing in the morning. I envisioned a boring session with some dull accountant type. Still it was better than doing it myself.

     I was very pleasantly suprised to find a rather attractive woman unlocking the front door to the office when I arrived that morning. Though conservatively dressed in a blazer and medium length skirt, her curves were still quite evident. However, it was her inviting smile that raised my spirits(as well as something else).      I was hoping that my "condition" wasn't too obvious as I followed her into the office. My question was answered when she turned around and caught me adjusting myself. As I stood there blushing, she just smiled and asked if I wanted some coffee. I stammered "yes". She motioned me into her office and said with that same smile; "make yourself comfortable and I'll be right back to take care of you." My mind was racing at the various meanings of that as I went in and took a seat across from her desk.      After a few moments I heard the coffee maker start. Soon after that she was back saying it would be a few minutes untill the coffee was ready. She hung up her blazer on a hook behind the door. When she sat done at her desk, I couldn't help but notice that her blouse seemed to be a bit more open than before. Finally I met her gaze. Grasping for anything to say, I blurted out; "this shouldn't be too hard for you". "Oh, I don't mind it being hard at all", she said smiling even more. Continuing with the inuendo, I told her; "Then I suppose I should let you see what I've got then". With a laugh she said; "I'll get us some coffee first, then I'll see what I can do for you."      She returned with two styrofoam cups of coffee. She leaned over me to place my cup on the desk, her breast lightly brushing my arm. Without even realizing it, I let out a soft sigh at even thatslight feel of her. "I can see your mind is not going to be on your taxes, is it?", she asked with that seductive smile. Without waiting for my answer, she moved the coffees off of the desk, and sat on it in front of me.      "This is all you can think about, isn't it?", she asked while slowly starting to unbutton her blouse. "Me too", she continued in a low whisper, letting it fall off behind her. Even as she was unhooking her bra, my hands were on her. As I sucked and fondled thos lovely breasts, she tried to undo my pants(I wasn't exactly making it easy for her). Eventually I had to stop and help her. It was her turn to grab me as I stood up to pull down my jeans and briefs. I let a moan as she took my hardness in her hand. my hands were back squeezing her breasts as she stroked me with one hand and fondled my balls with the other. I had to back off to avoid ******* right then and there.      When I dropped to my knees, she knew what I had in mind. She hiked up her skirt as I helped pull off her soaked panties. Gently spreading her lips, I covered the length of her wet slit with long slow strokes of my tongue. Soon her legs were draped over my shoulders, her hands on the back of my head pressing my mouth against her. My tongue toyed with her **** as she squirmed against my eager mouth. Her soft moans were music to my ears. But then it was her turn to push me away. "We don't have much time", she panted. "I want you in me".      Standing up, my **** was just level with her *****. As she spread her legs for me, I teased her briefly with the head of my ****, moving it up and down her lips. Then I slowly eased myself inside her. Even as I did, I could feel her muscles tightening around me. She wrapped her lags around me and my hands found their way to her wonderful breasts once again. She began rocking her hips with me burried deep inside her. My own hips began moving to match her. She held me tight with her legs to pull me even closer and deeper inside her. Just when I thought I couldn't last any longer(I actually had to think about taxes to keep from *******), I felt her convulse around me. She let out a long low moan and I could feel her wetness running over my balls. "Don't *** yet", she urged me,  breathlesly. "I want to taste you".      Again, she pushed me away. Luckily, I landed in the chair behind me. Before I could even think about that, she was off of the desk and on her knees in front of me. Hungrily she took me in her mouth. There was a sense of urgency as she worked my **** with her mouth. I could feel her lips all the way at the base of my **** and her hand gently carressing my balls. I could feel her moan around me as I placed my hands on her head and guided her up and down on me. There was no way I could last very long like that( no matter what I tried to think about). It seemed like I came forever, as I throbbed and pulsed in her sweet mouth. I was worried I might choke her, but it felt too good ******* deep in her mouth. There was no need to worry, as  finaly she pulled her head away from only letting a little of me run down the corner of her mouth. It only added to that gorgeous sexy smile that she was flashing me yet again.      A noise in the outer office suddenly made us realize we weren't alone anymore. We could hear some one moving around out there, loudly shuffling papers. As we quickly dressed and tried tou smooth out our dishevled hair, she said that her next appointment was due soon. "can you come back after my last appointment today?", she asked. "Oh yes", I said with a grin. "We WILL have to work on your taxes too", she laughed. She then calmly walked me to the front door past her coworker who was pretending to be looking at papers on her desk. As I was leaving I thought I heard her say to herself; "And to think I called this the boring place!"
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Feb 15, 2009