Sarah's Nite Out

  (A friend sugested I try writing something a little edgier(?) for her. This is what I came up with)


As Sarah sat at the bar she wondered which of the usual cast of characters would be her companion for the night. There were some fairly atractive men in the bar , but she was looking for something different from the jocks and lawyers and wannabe cowboys. They had been offering to buy her drinks all night, and she even let a few, but none had sparked her fancy. Maybe she'd just call a cab and take care of her needs herself. What she wanted tonight might only be in her imagination.

     Then he walked in. His long hair, goatee, denim jacket, and tight jeans gave him a "bad boy" look. Yet it was his direct stare that intrigued her the most. He kept his eyes locked on hers from the moment he walked into the bar. But he didn't aproach her, he just gave the slightest of smiles and ordered himself a bourbon(straight, no chaser). Though Sarah pretended not to notice, his grey-blue eyes never left her as he slowly sipped his drink. None of the regulars knew anything about him except that they thought he stopped in from time to time and that he never talked to anyone. Perhaps it was that air of mystery that compeled her to follow him shortly after he had finnished his drink and walked to the back of the bar.      Sarah was only a bit suprised to find him leaning against the wall in front of the restrooms. He had that same enigmatic smile as he watched her aproach. Not knowing what else to do, Sarah just nodded to him and went towards the ladies room. She was suprised when he pushed the door open for her. Sarah was a little worried now. She had no idea who he was or what he might do. He still had not said a word, but the outlines of his erection in his jeans was enough to show what was on his mind.      He followed her in and imediately pressed her to the wall. His mouth found hers for a deep hard kiss. His hand moved slowly up her thigh and then under her skirt. He was so forceful, yet his touch was so light as he rubbed her swollen lips through her wet panties. Sarah showed her aproval by reaching down and sqeezing his hard **** through his jeans. His fingers found their way under her panties and into her wet *****. His mouth was on her neck and he fingered her harder and faster. Sarah tried desperately to undo his jeans and get at that stiff ****. He didn't make it any easier as his other hand worked it's way round to her ***.      Sarah could only gasp as he slid his hand down the back of her panties to tease her other hole. With a frown he stopped. Though he didn't say a word, Sarah knew what he meant. She quickly removed her soaked panties and spread her legs. He was imediately back to work. He had his two fingers  back inside her ***** and he used her own wetness to ease another finger into her ***. She leaned heavily against the wall as he fingered her from both sides. Soon he had her worked into a frenzy. Ignoring her soft moans to "**** me", he relentlessly continued finger-******* her *** and *****. The more she begged for his **** inside her, the harder and faster he fingered her. He had three fingers in her ***** and his thumb on her **** as his other finger deeply probed her ***. That was all Sarah could take and she came with a shudder. As she caught her breath she didn't even notice the stranger undoing his jeans and slipping on a condom. When she saw his long hard ****, she turned around and placed her hands on the wall. She wanted to be sure he knew just how she wanted it.      Sarah got it too. He pushed his **** into her imediately, filling her with one long stroke. Just as quickly, he pulled his **** all the way out. He paused a moment, then slammed it back into her his balls slapping against her swollen lips. Over and over he methodicaly rammed his long hard **** home. All the way in, then all the way out it slid, her wet ***** making that peculiar sucking sound. The stranger just kept teasing her with his ****, giving it all to her then taking it away.      Just when Sarah thought she couldn't stand the teasing any longer, he finaly changed his tactics. His hands made their way up under her top and bra. He pulled and pinched her nipples as he pumped her ***** from behind. His mouth found her neck, sucking and biting as he pushed deep inside her. She could feel his warm breaths getiing faster as his thrusts became more urgent. The that was the only sound he made, Sarah could not help but moan;"Yesss, **** me harder!"      Yet after a few more deep hard strokes, he pulled away from her. His strong hands on her shoulders, the stranger turned Sarah around to face him. Gently yet firmly, he moved her down towards his stiff ****. Sarah didn't need much convincing and she squatted in front of him. Greedily she took him into her mouth, trying to take him all in. There would be no teasing on her part, she just wanted his ***. His hands were on her head guiding her up and down on his delicious ****. Her own hand made its way between her legs, fingering herself franticaly as she sucked. Soon he was thrusting his **** in her mouth as urgently as he had been ******* her *****. Sarah fingered herself as hard as he ****** her eager mouth. She felt another ****** building as she moaned around his hardness. This brought forth the first true sounds from him. With a low moan, he shot his *** in her mouth. Sarah continued to suck and swallow as she brought herself to her own ****** with her fingers.      Her legs too wobbly to stand, Sarah sat on the floor and tried to catch her breath. She looked up at the stranger as she wiped his *** from her chin. He gave her that enigmatic smile as he pulled up his jeans. He helped her to her feet, giving her a light kiss on the top of her head as he did. The tenderness of the gesture was a sharp contrast to what had just transpired between them. He then spoke his first and last words to her; "I'll see you around." With that he was gone, leaving Sarah alone in the bathroom to compose herself and to long for their next encounter.
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only in my mind

where's this bar at?

Well, that story gets the juices flowing! Thanks!