Yard Work

standing in the back yard doing a little yard
work....you hear her
 car pull up. dropping the hose you head towards the
you round the corner your breath catches in your
throat. there she
is still seated in her car her legs on the driveway.
her chest
pressed to her knees. hearing your foot prints her
head lifts up a
braod smile spreads acrossed her face. her cleavage
out of her top begging you to free it. You are still
amazed to
day how she steals your breath like that. you are so
drawn to
When you are apart the thought of her never leaves
your mind. Her
long tan legs flex as she stands from the car.
making her way to
you. her arms lightly slip around your neck. The
smell of her
perfume almost makes you moan with excitement. her
small hand
caresses the back of your neck as her lps brush
acrossed yours
softly. a small sigh slips from her lips as she
whispers : Oh I
missed you" the heat of her breath on your lips
makes your ****
strain in your cut offs. she smiles pressing herself
to you
your excitement. Your groan as her hand slips almost
your bulging manhood. You feel her fingernails
lightly graze
across your shorts. her long fingers wraping
themselves around
you. she moans feeling just exactly hw she affects
you. You pull
her lips to your kissing her deeply. her body
trembles with

With a force of will, you break free long enough to
her; "we should find some place more private". She
just nods, her
fingers still stroking you through the cuttoffs that
can now barely
contain you. "let me go shut off the hose", you
explain. "I'll meet
you inside". As you hurry towards the backyard to shut
off the water,
you don't even realize that she is following you.
As you bend to turn off the faucet, she gently
squeezes your
***. As you turn around, she says with a mischeivious
grin;"I came to
help you with your hose". Before you can even protest,
she is on her
knees infront of you unzipping your cutoffs. You have
to lean back
against the house as she takes you deep into her
mouth. All you can
do is moan as you watch her sucking your ****. you
love watching it
disappear into her mouth, her gorgeous breasts rising
and falling as
she does. you reach down to free them from the top of
her dress,
pushing yourself deeper into her mouth. you feel her
moaning around
your **** causing you to moan as well.
suddenly she takes her mouth from you. in the sexiest
voice you
have ever heard, she whispers; "take me now". she
pulls down her
soaked panties, hikes up her dress, and kneels on the
grass on all
fours. the sight of her like that fills you with an
almost animal
lust. quickly you kneel behind her. she is so wet, you
guide your
**** easily into her. she backs up agaist you, pushing
you in deep.
again you hear that incredibly sexy voice saying;"****
me Rich". you
lean over her, your hand fondling her breasts as the
other supports
you. you kiss and nibble her neck as she wiggles her
*** against you.
She moans for you to "**** me harder". with both hands
grabbing her
****, you pump your **** in and out. you feel her
tighten round you,
her muscles convulsing. This pushes you over the edge,
you lean down
again to kiss her neck, pushing in as deep as you can.
her muscles
still gripping you tight, you throb and explode inside
It is a few minutes before you both recover enough to
see the
old lady that lives behind you staring through the gap
in the fence.
with not-so-embarrassed smiles you gather up your
clothes and rush
into the house. You can't wait to help her wash the
grass stains off
her lovely legs.....

ratdog19055 ratdog19055
46-50, M
Mar 24, 2009