Making the Bed

It started out innocently enough(or so I thought). I walked in on her making the bed in just your bra and panties. Being a warm day, I just assumed she wanted to be comfortable. I didn't even think she knew I was around, but perhaps she were hoping I would be. Either way, the sight of her bending over the bed wearing so little instantly had my **** straining to get out of my shorts. I just had to have her right then and there. Little did I know what she wanted me to have. As I moved up behind her, she asked if I was going to help her. My only response was to unhook her bra and replace it with my hands. She signaled her aproval by pressing back against me and moving her *** against the bulge in my shorts. She was practically purring as I began squeezing her **** and nibbling on her neck.When I whispered in her ear how much I wanted her, she answered; "You can have anything you want." I lowered myself to my knees, taking her panties down with me. She was still bending over the bed resting on her elbows. I slowly began licking her wet ***** from her **** up to her ***. With long slow strokes, I licked her over and over moaning almost as much as she was. I noticed her moans and squirming increased the closer my tongue got to her ***. Taking her hint, I slowly circled my finger around her tight little hole. Breathlessly she tells me;"Yesss!" Wetting my finger in my mouth I gently teased her *** and resumed licking her *****. Moaning, she tells me; "Do it." I concentrate my tongue on your **** as I gently ease my finger into your ***. I lick harder and faster, so excited my what you are letting me do. You moan and squirm wildly exciting me even more. Then suddenly you pull away from me. But my dissapointment is short lived as you tell me in ya low voice; "I want your **** there now." As I quickly removed my shorts, I noticed that the lube was conveniently out on the dresser behind me. You looked so good leaning over the bed, offering yourself to me. Following your plan, I put the lube around your lovely ***. I slowly and deliberately spread the lube around her hole with my finger, enjoying her anticipation. Half teasingly I asked if she was sure about it. I nearly came right then and there when she replied; "I want you to **** me in the ***." Ever so gently, I placed the head of my **** against her *** and slowly eased in just the head. She gasped as the resistance gave way. Pausing(and not wanting to ruin this opportunity), I asked if I was hurting her. She just shook her head and whispered that I was doing fine. To further make her point she pushed back against me, taking me deeper into her. It felt so incredible, I knew I wouldn't be able to last long. Seeing her rubbing her **** furiously made it even harder to hold back. Slowly then I slid more of my **** in, wondering how much she could take. My qestion was answered when she moaned; "Yes, give it all to me." Seeing her this wild was more than I could take. I pushed the rest of the way in, leaning down to kiss her neck and whisper in her ear how good my **** felt in her ***. Moaning, she wiggled her *** against me. Slowly I began moving my hips, my **** sliding in and out of her. We were both moaning loudly, my hands squeezing her ****, her hand rubbing her *****, and my **** moving in and out of her ***. I could feel her legs stiffen as she came. I stopped nibbling her neck just long enough to tell her I was going to *** too. She pushed back hard against me, driving my **** deeper into her ***. My mouth found hers as my **** throbbed and pulsed inside her, filling her with my ***. We both collapsed on the bed, my **** still twitching inside her. We both just laid there trying to catch out breath. Between pants, I told her how awesome she was, and thanked her for being so very good to me. She just got up and gave me a devilish smile. As she made her way to the bathroom, she told me over her shoulder; "Be a doll and finnish making the bed."

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As long as you are relaxed enough, it won't hurt. Have plenty of lubricants helps too.

well to be honest, it's not her favorite. i think she does it as a treat for me more than for herself

I've alwayz wanted 2 try anal, but am scared it will hurt. u make it seem not so bad.