In Pursuit of the Hunger!

Hi to all, I'm going to do this as kind of a ongoing work in progress if ya don't mind!

How does Flying and Erotica come together in my demented mind. Above and beyond the fact that for me both are sensual experiences. To me erotica is simply the sharing of sensual feelings. Writing helps me work through some of the pent up anger by defusing it.

For example I actually love lil Ducks, But as you can see I am shamelessly threatening one above if I don't get comments.

Don't make me spend hours in photo shop killing off the cute lil yellow Ducky. Say something. It doesn't have ta be something nice.

Share some of the things that make you, chase the hunger or feed the need as it were.

After all this is a interactive community and at least some of it should be fun. not to discount serious and or painful revelations.

But humor is wine for the soul.  Personally I have never been sexually attracted by a woman who I couldn't make laugh. There is something so sexy about a woman's laughter. Speaking of which I don't want this to be a men only thing, so speak up ladies. All ideas comments, stories, experiences or hidden desires gratefully accepted.

So anyway I can use all the help I can get for erotica, sexual thoughts , ideas anything ya might want to see incorporated into a story.  Don't be shy, Save the duck,

 say something.  It doesn't have to take the form of what i did on my summer vacation or if something particularly juicy happened, share!

Fantasies are ok too. 

 A friend told me she would love to kneel in front of me in shower water running down her face pleasuring me! Soapy water cascading between breasts made shiny with soapy water. beautiful eyes turned up eye lashes gathering water like dew drops. Made me so-o-o-o- horney! LoL You know who you are . Cute lil rascal.



She's the good part...

She lays sleeping, long lashes softly break up the pale glow on her cheeks and faint freckles scatter across her nose and cover the sun kissed tops of her high cheekbones. At first gaze she has  such a look of innocence, til you look down to those smoldering lips and cute lil pink nips still hard from passions flight.

Soft moonlight streams through the forest pines in seperate shards  to illuminate some of God's finest work. Ya did good when ya made this one I think to myself and chuckle inwardly. I watch her quietly tossing and turning fitfully. But I guess if you make them, they are all beautiful to you. Something is disturbing those dreams which stream across her minds landscape.

The blood red hair spills unto her pale skin like something from a hummingbirds plumage, faint streaks of Grey now glitter amongst the tangled beauty that has been mine on and off since we were children. Older now but still in thrall to the hunger which no other can quench..I have never had the abality to deny her or vice versa and it has cost us both time and again. Curse? Blessing?

Often lovers and less often friends as we grew older and she was one of the few who I couldn't lie to about what I really do. About that I can say no more. Suffice it to say she and I disagree voraciously about certain things and this is one of them.

 But we are addicted she and I and at given times we have both resented it bitterly. yet there is no denying the power of what pulls us together and ultimately drives a wedge between us and others. This is the part which makes us resentful and we are both too proud to capitulate.

I cannot imagine a world without her in it and she claims if I survive to retire, in the end she will be victorious. That time is closer upon us that I have let her think. I am afraid to get her hopes up because there are no guaranteed tomorrows. Six more months and it is done forever. I will not miss it.  I cannot restrain myself, gently I turn her so that....To be continued, it is late and I am old! 

The ending sucks because it's true! She died from pancreatic cancer! I lost her! I know that she wouldn't have wanted me to dwell on it and told me as much! But there is the coulda woulda shoulda type of thing that sneaks in sometimes when I'm not looking. I'm so damn greateful on one hand and .....Well I just miss her thats all!   I sometimes worry that I used up all the good that was rationed out for my life. Silly thought I know! LoL  

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5 Responses May 6, 2007

No...don't believe that any beauty was lost. Only gained in his soul and memories....

Oh my... I know who this is... I think, and I was so ready for everything but the ending. I'm sorry you lost such beauty...

my soul sings

Ok it was great until the ending. in the beginning you were focusing on her beauty, her affect on you, her intrinsic light of soul. So continue with that. Don't end with her death, celebrate her life, and the ways in which her short life changed you and the rest of us forever. beautiful imagery, and ex<x>pression. keep it in that vein. I wish someone would look at me sleeping and think these thoughts. If she had someone like you her life was well lived. Remember it is quality not quantity that matters

Well, this makes rain in the face a little bit sad - that's all I gotta say.