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 I wrote this for a friend who is more the female side of Bi.


The day had started out cold and wet! Stacey got into her Renaissance costume reluctantly.

Tired and wiped out from the events of the night before. Last weekend of Renaissance

is always fun but also very tiring! As she tied her belt around her, she started

thinking about last nights fun and how she was left very hot and wanting more!

She got to her booth and smiled at some of the people walking by as she realized she

was dancing with a couple of them last night! Her mind once again floated off to the

woman she had met last night. She started to think about how often her thoughts went

to her this morning. She was just sexy as hell with those green eyes and Red hair.

Odd thing Stacey never got her name. She didn't know what booth she worked in. Nothing.

The woman was here after hours so she has to work here somewhere. Doesn't she?

Canon went off so Stacey expected people soon. Again her thoughts drifted.

10-15 minutes went by and she started to see patrons walking through.

She started hawking and flirting with people from time to time. Hoping she would see

this woman again before the end of the day.

The first shift went by and she hadn't seen the woman. Stacey drifted around the

fair looking around for the woman. Never before had she been so taken with anyone.

She started thinking about last night and dancing with this gorgeous woman. How she

looked in the skimpy outfit. How her hands roamed over Stacey's body. The long kisses,

the heavy breathing. remembering how they could not get enough of each other!

She was getting hot just thinking about her!

Stacey finally went back to her pub as her next shift was about to start.

She started hawking again and talking with people as they passed by telling jokes

and flashing that beautiful smile! A friend stopped by and they started chatting.

Stacey told her about last night and the amazing woman she'd met. Told her about how

hot she got and how she lost her in the crowd and went back to her tent in need.

As she spoke, a woman came up behind her and put her finger to her lips signaling

Stacey's friend not to let on that she was there.

Stacey kept going on about what she wanted to do to the woman after getting her to

the tent! Stacey's friend was looking at the girl as she was licking her lips relishing

the thought of what could have been last night!

Stacey stopped. seeing her friends attention was not on her anymore. She turned her head.

Stacey's face turned red as she realized that the woman had heard everything she said.

The woman walked up to Stacey and told her that, that was about the hottest thing she had

ever heard. She moved in to kiss Stacey on the lips. As Stacey's arms moved out to bring her

in close, her heart was racing already even before their lips touched. They kissed and

instantly the rest of the fair disappeared. Stacey's heart pounding, drowned out all the

sounds of the fair! The woman pulled away and then lightly started to nibble on Stacey's neck.

Stacey still didn't know the womans name but she wasn't about to stop things now to ask!

She forgot where they were, she forgot she had a job to do! All she knew was this girl was


Stacey started unlacing the womans bodice as the woman was biting into her neck! The womans'

hands ran down her back and over Stacey's *** and pulled up. pulling Stacey closer to her.

Stacey pulled the bodice apart and moved her hands under the lace. Grabbing for the womans breasts.

They felt beautiful! They hung just a little and the nipples were high and very hard already!

This was even more of a turn on for Stacey who couldn't think of anything but savoring every

moment with this woman! The woman started whispering in Stacy's ear about how hot she was making her!

Stacey sat on her bench and put her head under the womans top and started sucking on her

left nipple as she rolled the right nipple between her fingers. The woman took a very deep

breath as she ran her nails over Stacey's back!

While this was happening, Stacey's friend had been watching all of it. She couldn't

believe what was going on! She was enjoying the show but she was also getting hot!

Watching this womans face as Stacey moved from nipple to nipple was driving her nuts!

The woman opened her eyes and saw Stacey's friend looking on and smiled!

That was all the invitation she needed! She walked up to the woman and started kissing her

as Stacey was still busy sucking on the womans nipples and running her hands over the womans ***!

All of a sudden the woman pulls away and Stacey saw her friend and the woman very close.

They both moved in on Stacey. One started to kiss her on the lips while the other started nibbling on her neck again. Both were running their hands over her body!

Now Stacey has one woman in front of her and the other behind her. She realizes her friend is in front of her and she hasn't gotten to see her friends lovely **** yet! She pulls up her shirt and sucks a nipple into her mouth as she runs her teeth over it lightly. The woman behind her moves her hands around her and starts loosening her laces.

Being between these two is getting her really hot! She feels her top being lifted up and feels

the cool air hit her breasts. The two ladies stand up in front of her and take her hands to help her stand. As she stands up they both lean in and take a nipple into their mouths!

Stacey's eyes are closed,her mind racing as she feels both their tongues fluttering over her.

She feels their hands roaming all over her body. Their hands start roaming over her legs up and down

getting very close to the one place she most wants them to touch! Between last nights events and todays Stacey is very ready to take this to the next level!

She pulls away from them, drops to the ground, gets under the womans skirt and rips the panties to the side. Then she slides her tongue across the womans lips and hears a muffled moan! She starts to run her hands over the womans mound with a little pressure sliding one finger between the lips for added effect! Nibbling on the womans inner thigh as she slidesa finger over just grazing her ****. Stacey feels the womans hands cover her head over the skirt.

The woman wants more and is pushing her head forward, holding her in place as Stacey runs her tongue between the womans lips and hits the **** again. Stacey slides a finger in as she sucks the womans **** into her mouth. The woman starts thrashing, hitting an ******, pulling the skirt along with Stacey's hair.

Slowly she gets up and looks down at Stacey. She's still lying on the ground. Looking up and smiling.

Both the ladies are looking down at Stacey with her breasts peaking out of her top. They both kneel down and look at each other. They kiss each other deeply, just before bending down to deal with Stacey! Stacey's friend moves in and starts kissing her on the lips as the woman moves farther down under her skirt. The woman starts kissing and nibbling Stacey's inner thighs, running her fingernails down her legs at the same time!

Stacey's heart is racing as her friend is fondling her **** and nipples and kissing her on the lips.

She can feel the womans breath on her thigh getting closer and closer to her mound! Then a tongue slides

over her outer lips on one side. She can feel the heat of the Womans breath all over *****!

These two women are driving her insane! One kissing her, sliding her tongue over hers! Her hands and

fingers running over her exposed breasts. The other circling her ***** with her tongue, slowly running

her hands closer. Stacey's moans get louder and she can hear her heart beating...screaming for the girl to **** her with her tongue. Pleading with her to finish her off! Anything for release. The woman slides her fingers over her ***** and spreads the lips. Blowing over the opening and the **** sending shivers up and down her back! Stacey hears screaming...She is startled to realize that it is coming from her own lips as she gives in and begs for ******. The woman slides in one finger and moves it back and forth slowly. Slowly she picks up speed.

Stacey's friend runs her hands down her skirt and pulls it up exposing the womans head

and Stacey's lower half. She runs her hand over Stacey's **** as the woman adds a second finger

into Stacey's *****. Stacey starts shaking while her ****** starts... She grabs the womans hair

as the ****** builds, pulling her mouth even closer to her. Trying to pull her inside. Her friend is wiggling her fingers over Stacy's **** and the womans fingers are flying in and out of her *****. Stacey takes one last deep breath before her whole body shudders and she lets go!

Stacey screams out while holding the womans head! Holy ****! Damn Oh GOD! FFUUUUUCK!

Her body just slumps a little. Trying to get her breathing under control, she looks down at the Woman

as she looks back and Stacey starts to giggle.

All three lay there breathing heavily for a minute before coming back to reality at that moment they realize.... they have an audience.

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nice story i loved it