Bad Day

It's been a long hard day.  Hell, who am I a kidding?  It been a long few days.


I'm sitting here drinking.  You come in.  I'm pissed.  I'm hurt.  I need an outlet.


I take one last swig of my beer and get up and walk toward you.  Everything in my demeanor makes you freeze.  Am I gonna yell at you?  Attack you?  What am I doing?


I walk right up to you and kiss you with such force you stumble back a step or two and hit the door.  Ah, you get it now.  Your hands go through my hair and you pull me in more. 


We kiss madly.  Passionately.  Furiously.  We are lost in passion and heat, like a pair of wild animials.


I pull your shirt off just after biting your lower lip.  You pull mine off, exposing my black bra.


I push you to the floor and pull off your pants and straddle you.  You smile at me, devilishly.  You caress my breasts through my bra.  I throw my head back and moan. 


I look straight at you again.  I take your hands and push them to the floor beside your head and hold them there. I get in your face.  I smile again, and kiss you again, furiously, passionately.  I pull on your bottom lip then move to your earlobe, your neck. tongue dancing circles.  My hot breath on your skin.


My hands travel down your chest and I cup you.  My mouth soon follows.  Kissing you.  Licking you.


I jump off of you and pull of your underwear.  I look down at you with a hunger in my eyes as I finish undressing myself.


I straddle you again, picking up where I left off, kissing downward.


I lick your shaft and take you in my mouth in one quick motion.  You moan in delight.  Up, down, in, out.  Faster, harder.   I feel you swelling.


I jump on and moan as I take you in me.  You moan too as you feel my wetness surround you.


I ride hard, fast.  My anger now has an outlet.  I feel you so hard.  My juices start to run down you.  And as I scream with my release, you just smile. 


You flip me over, my cold back on the floor.  You pin my hands down for just a moment as you lean in and kiss me fiercely again.  You throw my legs over your shoulders and you enter me deeply.  I moan loudly, head thrashing.  You start pumping, hard and fast.  I claw at the floor.   I cannot contain my screams as pleasure comes over me in waves.  Faster, harder.  You release and moan.  I moan as exctasy overwhelms me.


You fall silent next to me on the floor and my body still trembles.  You look at me wink.
ShatteredOne ShatteredOne
Jul 24, 2010