Nude Passenger

The other night I was naked while sitting in the passenger seat of a car. I didn’t start out naked, it happened over short period of time.

I have a friend who was having 35th birthday drinks at a local restaurant and was expecting his friends to show up for a small celebration. Yes, I’m of similar age and so are my friends. Several friends in my area were going to the event so I asked if I could get a ride. One of our female friends offered me and others a ride in her car. By the time she picked me up, all the others had found other rides so it was just her and I.

During the drive we had discussed exercise and dieting to get in shape. Both of us had recently lost weight and were sharing out tips and exercise routines. At one point she said I really changed and appeared to be in great shape. I questioned her judgment on that and said there is still room for improvement. I said “one day during the summer I’ll show you at some pool activity or beach outing…if that happens.”

As the night went on and drinks were flowing, we both exchanged some flirting and more comments about our shapes. Some of her comments suggested that a pool/beach outing would be unlikely and I may have to follow through with showing her my shape much sooner than later. It was exciting to hear her talk so boldly about wanting to see me. Remember, she’s not the shy young woman, she mature and isn’t that worried about asking for what she wants. I was sexually charged knowing that she was totally into some portion of CFNM. She may not know what CFNM is but it sounds like she could be into this. I didn’t quite know how far/bold she would be willing to go but anything is better than nothing.

As we left the restaurant I asked if she was ready to see me without my shirt. She loudly said “right her in the parking lot!”. I told her “No”, I would do it in her car so no one else can see. I got in the passenger seat and sat there waiting to see what she would do. She sat for awhile and then asked “are you going to do it here or do you want me to drive?” I told her it might be better to drive since the parking was very public. As she started driving, I began removing my shirt. I leaned the seat all the way back and laid out with my shirt off for her to see. She was driving and glancing over at me trying to watch the road and see me shirtless. When she reached the highway, she reached over to feel my shoulders, arms and chest. She slid her hand over my shoulder and chest several times giving slight squeezes here and there. As she continued she worked her hand down my chest and over my stomach. When she reached my pants, she kept going down to my legs and rubbed them for awhile until she stopped.

She put both hands on the steering wheel and commented that I looked good. I thought that was it until she asked to see my legs. She asked if I would take off my pants to see my leg since I did say I would show her at the pool/beach. I smiled at her and started unhooking my belt and unbuttoning my pants. I reached down to remove my socks and shoes and then sat up to pull my pants down. As I did that I pulled them all the way off and put them in the back seat with my shirt. I was wearing snug boxed briefs and had a decent bulge for being an average joe in the **** department. She had tinted window and it was night so I wasn’t too worried about being seen by other cars.

She reached over again and started feeling my upper body and down to my legs. I wasn’t fully aroused but my **** was swollen and semi-hard. At this point, she had pulled off the highway at our exit and drove into a neighborhood. She parked on a side street with no houses to see us. More than once she went from upper body down to my legs. On each occurrence I could feel her “accidently” bump my ****. On the last pass she rubbed her hand over my **** and began feeling it over my underwear. She didn’t just quickly rub it, she stayed on my **** for a while When she pulled her hand back she commented that I looked great and didn’t know what areas needed improvement as I had mentioned.

I am not happy with the fatty area on my groin area. It simply is an area for improvement. I chuckled and explained to her what area needs improvement. She said she really can’t comment because she hasn’t seen it and if I wanted her opinion I would have to show her. I pulled my underwear down and removed them all the way. I put them in the back seat with the rest of my clothes. She looked at me and asked if I was totally naked, including my socks. I told her yes I was totally naked and then showed her my feet without socks. She reached over to touch my body and then asked what area I was talking about. I pointed to the area around my groin and pushed down on it with one finger a few times as one does when checking softness. I was naked with a semi-hard on while I showed her my fatty area. I took the index fingers of each hand and pushed the fatty area down around the base of my ****. I told her that if I could lose this fatty area, my **** would look about ½ inch longer. When she was looking I began flopping my **** side to side slowly. As I did this, my semi-hard on was slapping my thighs on each side and began to get hard. I told her that doing that feels good and I would often start ************ by doing this.

She reached over and squeezed my **** a few times and said that it’s getting hard. When she let go, she noticed some pre-*** on her hand and asked if I was excited. I told her I was excited and then shook my **** a bit for her to see. I then reached back for my underwear to clean off the pre-***. She asked me, “after shaking it from side to side, what else do you do when you **********?” I told her that I grab it lightly and slide my hand up until it stops under the helmet of my ****. I do it slowly and give my **** a slight pull when I reach the helmet. As I was explaining it to her I was doing in in real time while she watched. I did this about 10 times and asked if she wanted to try it. She reached over and grabbed my **** gently. Before she could do anything I grabbed her hand and controlled the length and speed of her stroke. This gave her a good idea of how fast and how hard to pull on it when she reached the head of my ****. I then let go and allowed her to do as she wished. She went about three more strokes and I had to pull her hand off quickly. I told her she was going to make me *** if she kept going. She asked that if she can’t make me *** then I have make myself *** because she wanted to see it. I grabbed my **** and gave it another 5 strokes before I shot my first stream of ***, then another stream, then another. It had shot up to my lower chest and covered my stomach. I did several contractions because I was so excited to do this. It was the first time I had *** during a CFNM experience and it was truly an exciting moment. I grabbed my underwear and began cleaning up my mess. She gently touched my body and started driving again. She drove around the neighborhood only long enough for me to get dressed. She dropped me off and I thanked her for the ride. She responded with “any time, see you next time”.
36-40, M
2 Responses Oct 22, 2010

I'll tell was fun for both of us. I would definitely do it again. No weird awkward moments at the end or days later. It was a cool understanding on her part and we are still friends today.

i like this one - i have to try that on a guy one day!