That Little Note

I checked into my hotel room after that long flight, was around 9 PM, I emptied my pockets as I usually lock up everything like passports, credit cards (except one) any excess cash , tickets etc into the room safe , as I emptied my jacket pockets I found a piece pf paper neatly folded, more like a hotel stationery, wondered where did that come from,........I dont recall this hotel or staying there, I said to myself,, curious I opened the paper, one of those half an A4 size torn out of a note pad,......

It just said call me on " + xxx xxxxx xxxxx or email me on *****@yahoo , who knows it could turn out to be a potentially interesting weekend for you...... ;) ......S"

Now this was funny, was it meant for me really, if not how did it end up in my jacket pocket, the only time I didnt have the jacket with me was when I handed it over to the flight attendant after boarding and she handed this back to me before landing, I did like her , she was good looking in mid thirties probably.we did chat in the galley, as she recognised me from the flight 3 days back, hmmmm interesting did not realise she was so impressed with such a short chat,........ I was really curious , should I call this number or should I email,.....

I just went over the things of that evening in my head,..... I had rushed to catch my flight from the last meeting, making it just in time, this was a friday night and I had planned for a relaxed weekend in Singapore, my meetings did not begin until monday, Thought of catching up with some friends over the weekend, definately a couple of massage sessions at the spa,

The flight nearly half empty, travelling economy, I was on 34D, the seating was 3-3-3 , and I had no one in the next seat, looked around for another empty row, but there were none, I wanted to stretch out and catch a snooze, and then the pilot annnounced a small delay , and I was fiddling with my seat controls, and they seemed to be not working, since there was no one sitting on 34C I decided to move there, there was a lady sitting on 34A , the window seat, asked her if it was ok, she just smiled at me and said go right ahead.

Since they had not asked the cellphone to be turned off, I decided to make a couple of quick calls, done that and then I was all set, the middle seat between me and the lady was empty, that was good , I exchanged pleasantries, she was middle aged, nice smile, pleasant to talk to,...... the flight was pretty much uneventfull, after take off I had taken out my laptop, did some work, and decided to complete the erotic story I had promised to send one of my lady friends on the net, she wanted me to write about how would it be if she submitted to me completely for a night....... , and couple of glasses of wine and skipped the meal and caught a nap.

Still wondering where could the paper have come from, nothing unusual, it had to be the stewardess,........ ah now that could be interesting, though she seemed younger to me by atleast 10 years, ..... it even crossed my mind of this was some kind of soliciting by an escort, but then I dismissed that,......

Any way couldnt resist myself, and dialled the number, the feminine voice on the other end, even before I could start said " Ah Chet, I knew you would call, why dont you log into the yahoo messenger and ping me , we can talk there, < a small laugh> " and she disconnected. Wow I told myself, someone is playing games , let us see where it leads,.......

I logged on as instructed and added the email she had given and immediately as the request was accepted, I got a message " so you had a good flight and nicely settled in the room" and I replied "yes, who is this" the response " all in good time Sir, someone who knwos a bit about you and wants to know more and may be do more"..... Another message " will be back in 30 min"

I smiled as I thought, this gets interesting, some lady playing games, let's see where does this lead,........ took the elevator to the lobby bar, got myself a drink, I thought "who could this be, she seem to know my name, ... and what is she hinting at?..." when I got a text from the same number "dont see you online" , I logged back in and had a couple of offline messages waiting for me, they said " So chet, or should I call you heehoo, I took this time searching about you, and some interesting stories you have written ;-) certainly an interesting imagination " and the next one" how about making one of them come true?" and another " hope you havent chickened out" and another "helooo Sir, are you giving up"

I responded " no dear, I havent chickened out, am here" her response "good Sir, so would you be willing to play a game with me" and My reply " yes, depends what the game is and what does the winner get;-)" she wrote " game is simple, I have read your stories on EP, seen you, and know more, and I feel you could fullfill some of my deepest needs, but for that you will have to search me out, in next two hours, and if you do, you win, and I am all yours for your pleasure"

I wrote " thats interesting, but why me" and the response "because from what I have gathered about you, you will be the kind Master I am looking for , and then I have liked what I have seen of you so far"

I wrote " I am in Singapore and dont even know if you are here " and the response was "yes I am here Sir, and for all of tonight and the weekend"

And one more message " you have seen me in last 24 hours and I noticed you checking me out" and another " it felt nice brushing against you" and another " your story the invitation is so hot ohhhhhh I am wet from reading it "

And then it struck me, that story wasnt sent to anyone, I just finished writing it on the flight, How could she have got hold of it,.......

Mind working in overdrive, who brushed against me " oh yes, in the elevator while going up to my room, this lady backed into me , wasnt she the same one from the flight on 34A " and I smiled, ahhhhh so she is right here in the hotel, didnt she get off on the 25th floor, ok that narrows it down"

I messaged back " ah got it, Seat 34A" "now in the same hotel probably on 25th floor" I got a response " that was fast Sir, and I see you observed me getting out on 25th" , "now how would you find my room ?"

and I guessed this is how she did it --- I was talking on the phone when I told my colleague my hotel name, sitting besides me she heard it, and coincidentally she was booked in the same place, and oh yes when I got up to go to the wash room, and then stood talking to the Stewardess in the galley, my laptop was open and the story still on it so she probably read it and also got my name from there ....... and then when my jacket was lying in the middle seat during landing, I was snoozing and she must have slipped the note in there at that time,........ pretty smart,..........

and then, she was nice to look at, just the way I would have liked, about my height, good gait, nice set of breasts, the though of brushing against her backside got a familiar stirring in my groin

I thought, now I have to do something and be one up, thought hard about how to find her room number,.....

Rest is WIP any ideas??? ;-)

heehoo1 heehoo1
46-50, M
May 17, 2012