Taken by the hand I enter a room

I slowley undress and know that I have several pairs of eyes on me. First the blouse is removed slowely allowing for their eyes to see but not touch. I remove my skirt next only leaving my in my white lacy panties and matching bra.

My breathing quickens and I know that they are hungry to see more. I reach back and undo my bra... my breasts are tender and nipples are hard. Oh the thought of having them sucked by their greedy mouths. I suck on my fingers and start to rub them over my nipple once, twice and then pinch. I do the same for the other. I hear deep breathing and know I have given them some pleasure.

I allow my hands to keep traveling down my body and slide my fingers over my sex. I love the feeling of silk on my body. I run my finger inside and again hear the deep breathing of my guests. My finger slides in once, twice and I moan with pleasure. I remove my finger and take it to my mouth. I suck and know that my friends want nothing more to taste as well. I finally look over and see that John and his buddies are not shy. They have there ***** in their hands strocking and waiting for me to make a move. All I can think of is sucking them dry but I have my instructions. No touching.

I remove my panties and sit on the chair that was placed for me. Only in my stockings and heels, I spread my legs and move my fingers around my **** once again. I moan and throw my head back. I am wet and know I will *** to soon.. I insert one finger and it slides so easy and I add another..I move them easily in and out and I hear moaning from the men, I want to see but I cant stop, I insert the third finger and moan. I again start moving them imagining all the naughty things I could do to my boyfriends *****. I am so close and I know they are too. I feel it in the air around us, I move them faster and harder and I cant take any more. I scream and find my release that was so deserved. John comes close and kisses me and whispers what will come next.. oh baby !!

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More more!

I am thinking how to keep the readers intrested! !