Every day it's the same **** ……..this damn 4 train is late again. Damn I wonder what I should do. “I could either stay and wait or walk across town and get the 5 train…****. Maybe I should just wait because I am so not dressed for walking”. Angie stood 5’5 caramel skin with short brown hair; she had the deepest brown eyes that you have ever seen. She was always complimented on how beautiful her eyes were by both men and woman. She had always been shy about her body; she was small on the top and a little curvier on the bottom. She had thick thighs and a rump that brought new meaning to the word rump shaker but Angie was far from over weight, it was all sitting just right. Angie worked at a law firm down town as a paralegal so she always had to dress on point. This morning she had on a skin tight red dress with no sleeves and a matching blazer. Angie was a serious shoe lover so her shoe game was tight. She was rocking a pair of black patented leather 5" pumps. She was bad and she knew it.

Angie: Finally! The 4 train pulled up, I was starting to become hopeful that I may just get to work on time. As soon as I set foot on the train car I smelled the worst smell in all my 26 years……DAMN! What the **** is that? Everyone on the train was huddled together on one side of the car because the smell was so bad. There was a homeless man asleep on the other side. He had his shoes off and was relaxing and **** like he was in his bedroom. New York is the craziest place on the planet. I had made up my mind that as soon as we got to the next stop I was getting the hell off this train car and moving to the next. I heard the automated say “next stop 125th street” thank you God……fresh air! As soon as the doors open I bolted for the next train car, to my surprise there was no one on the next car “strange”. I walked on a sat down, it smelled ok and there was no one on that car to bother me, it would be smooth sailing to work from here on. As the train was approaching the next stop there was a man standing at the platform waiting to get on. He looked kind of cute from where I was looking but I couldn’t get a good look. The doors open and he walked on…….this man was beyond fine! I had never in all my days seen a man this fine. He had to be at least 6 feet tall, warm brown skin, muscle everywhere, with a clean bald head and a panther tattoo on his left shoulder. I always loved a man with a tattoo here or there, it made him seem ruff. He was wearing running shoes and sweats with a skin tight black no sleeve work out shirt. What I wouldn’t give to be that damn shirt. It was so wired that we were the only ones on this car but I wasn’t complaining lol. The next thing I heard was the dreaded announcement “we are delayed due to train traffic”. We both sat there trying not to make eye contact but it was hard since we were all alone. He was so fine and I just wanted get a peek of what he was working with. He had on those thin *** sweat pants that didn’t leave anything to the imagination. He looked like he was defiantly holding something, I was wondering if his **** was thick or long or …… the conductor broke my train of thought “ sorry for the inconvenience but we will be delayed until the track is cleared, there has been an emergency stop ahead” Great! This is really getting crazy; I have always feared being stuck underground on a train. I was freaking the **** out inside. I probably looked like a crazy person to this man. I was fidgeting and ringing my hands and rocking and ****. Finally he spoke…… “Sweetie you ok” I didn’t even know what to say “On one hand I wasn't ok but on the other hand I didn’t want him to think I was crazy” “Yes I’m fine, thanks”. He could clearly see I was bullshitting and the idea of being stuck underground was driving me insane. He stood up and walked over to me and sat down. The funny thing is that even though he was a stranger and I didn’t know his name or anything I didn’t feel threatened, I felt a little better to be honest. He stated to talk to me “listen my name is Rick and I know how you feel, I have been stuck on the train once before and it’s scary but I don’t mind keeping you company”. I didn’t know what to say “Well I have never been stuck before and it’s freaking me out to be honest, oh I’m sorry my name is Angie by the way. We talked for what felt like forever, until the lights went out!

Angie: What’s that!!!! What the ******* is going on…what’s happening” my heart was pounding so loud I could hear it. I didn’t want Rick to think I was a big chicken but I felt like we were going to die.

Rick: Relax, everything is fine. When the train has been sitting on the track for too long the lights go out, everything this ok. Do you want me to sit a little closer to you? Will that make you feel a little better?

Angie: Yes to be honest it would. He moved closer and grabbed my hand. He smelled like a sweet musk and it was not only relaxing me but it was turning me on at the same time. His arms felt like iron but he was still warm and smooth. My heart was racing at this point. Do you mind if I take off my jacket?

Rick: No of course not I’m sure you’re hot by now.

Angie: “I’m hot alright” Yea I am. I took off my jacket and I could tell that he liked what he saw, I asked him to help me take it off. He slid my jacket off my back and every hair on my body stood on end. I could feel his hot minty breath on my neck. He started to whisper something in my ear…..

Rick: Do you want me to help you relax? I know a trick that will take all the stress away beautiful.

Angie: It took everything in me to speak, my breath was faint and my lips where quivering. Yes. What’s your trick? Rick: Stand up Angie: We both stood up and I faced him. He was so fine, he stared long and hard in too my eyes. He looked at me like I was a steak dinner and he was starving. He picked me up and put me on the train seat. Rick: Hold on to the hand rail and don’t let go

Angie: I did as I was told. I held on to the rail, my legs spread apart praying I kept my balance in the 5" Cavalli’s. He bent down and stated to kiss my properly oiled legs. His lips felt like cotton pillows, ever so soft. My ***** was wet and throbbing at this point, I could barley hold on. I wanted him to **** the **** out of me so badly. I was about to *** from the anticipation. Rick: Do you want me to go higher baby?

Angie: Hell yes! Rick: You ready for me sexy?

Angie: Yes big daddy, please don’t stop

Rick: Tell me what you want me to do

Angie: Suck on my ***** daddy!

With that he didn’t hesitate! He lifted my dress and put both my legs around his neck and started sucking on my **** through my soaking wet lace panties. I was in ecstasy! I completely let go. I forgot about being scared, all I could think about was Rick. He was skilled! As he held me up with one hand, he took the other and pulled my panties to the side. He sucked on my dripping wet pulsating ***** like it was an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. I gripped the **** out of the rail so hard I thought I might break the ****! I started to feel my body shake, my back, my ***, my spine!!!! I screamed! ****!!!!! Angie?! Angie?! BABY!!!!!

Angie: What?! I jumped up!!! What? What?

Rick: Baby you’re going be late for work, your alarm has been going off for like 20 minutes. You gotta get up!

Angie: Baby I had a crazy *** dream and you woke me up just as it was getting good Rick: What the hell were you dreaming about? You where gripping my legs so tight the **** woke me up lol, you good? Angie: lol Oh nothing really, I can’t even really remember…… let me hurry up and get dressed

Rick: Well you know it’s my bathroom time. You wanna take a shower with me babe… know to save time lol? Angie: lol yea whatever let’s just hurry up you know how the train is… you ever notice how much the shower rod looks like a train rail?
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Sep 9, 2012