A Story For Katehi, Because I Fantasize About Touching Her Breasts...

A department store flier arrived in the mail advertising an end of season sale on all swim suits; 75% off. That was too good to pass up, and the store is in the mall right across from your office, so you decide to jet over there at lunch tomorrow and check them out.

The next day at work you put the flier on your desk so you won’t forget. After a morning meeting one of the interns, Dylan, follows you back to your desk to finish working on a report that is due later in the week. He is rather new to the company and spends lots of time at your desk asking you to explain things or show him how to use the computer systems. Today he sticks around and sticks around. Finally you mention that you need to leave for lunch and he suggests that you take your laptops to the cafeteria and continue working. You mention that you are going out because you have an errand to run. He has noticed the ad on your desk and slyly challenges you, “You mean you are going shopping?”

You confess, “Yes, I’m going shopping…for a swim suit.”

“Perhaps I should still come along” he suggests.

“Why?” you ask somewhat surprised and alarmed.

“Because a mirror isn’t always the best judge of what looks good, but I will be objective for you and give you a man’s honest opinion. I’ll help you” he replied. But he was smiling a bit too devilishly when he said it.

This was risky, you thought, but kind of exciting compared to the usual routine at work. Why not?

It was just a ten minute drive over to the mall. Dylan didn’t speak. You were driving, but he rode in the seat beside you as if he was in control. He wasn’t like a typical intern. Though he was just barely out of college and still looked like a frat boy he acted differently. He was mature beyond his years and his words had a rather carefully chosen wisdom to them…at least for a twenty-something kid. What really made you notice him though was this quiet confidence he had about himself. And now he was using that on you in a very non-work situation that was borderline inappropriate. You had butterflies in your stomach like you should just turn around and call it off but by then you were in the parking lot. You were so much older than him, you could handle yourself.

Once at the clearance rack you started to carefully and slowly sift through the colors and styles that might appeal to you. Dylan was quickly raking aside all the mommy-ware and was pulling out only the 2-piece outfits with the least amount of fabric. He looked serious, but he was having fun. He handed you a pile of over six suit combinations and you already had a few of your own so you excused yourself to the dressing room.

Inside the privacy of the changing room you paused for a second, caught your breath and took a long look in the mirror. You were going to get naked, and you seemed to have plenty of privacy to do so, but him waiting in the room outside made you feel his presence, and gave you goose bumps like you were about to be exposed.

For the first trying on you picked the bulkiest suit with the boxiest shorts and longest top. You didn’t even look at yourself in the mirror with this one on, you knew it was frumpy but it covered most of you.

You stepped out of the dressing room in the vestibule hoping that Dylan would have been too timid to come inside and had stayed out on the sales floor, and you thought you were right for a second, but he was leaning against the backside of a column waiting for you. His eyes thoroughly scanned your body from head to toe and his mouth smiled at you but his head shook back and forth. “This one doesn’t do you justice” he said.

The next outfit had boy shorts that still covered up some, but were skin tight and the top also covered a lot but scooped you up into quite a bit of busty-ness up front. Again you stepped out, and again his eyes studied your every curve. He smiled and this time you could see him take in a large breath. He waited just a minute before motioning you back into the dressing room. “Good, but let’s try another one” he suggested.

Third outfit and getting more revealing now. This one had a bit of fringe to cover your middle but the actual suit itself wasn’t much. You still couldn’t bear to look in the mirror and realize just how nearly naked you were getting for this young co-worker. In fact, your eyes were closed when you stepped out of the room but you heard him start walking. He was approaching shaking his head, but not in disapproval just in this rapid little no-no way. “You didn’t adjust the straps, it isn’t fitting right” he instructed.

“Let me help you” he volunteered.

Before you could protest he was behind you already letting length out of the shoulder straps. This was the first time he touched your skin and it made you jump a little inside but his motion was calm and smooth. “Now the back strap is too tight” he said “I’ll fix it too” Doing so required his unclasping your bra top and he started to adjust its buckle but that let the front of the top drop away from your breasts. You weren’t exactly exposed since the top stayed there as he worked, but you could feel your breasts lose their support and they seemed even more naked while he worked right behind you. Finally he re-clasped the strap and put his hands on your shoulders as he looked over your head at your reflection in the mirror. Your eyes were still closed. “I like this one, its shapes your body into more curves” he stated.

Was this a compliment? He was always so technical and still being so even in the middle of bra shopping. How could you figure him out?

You ducked in for a fourth outfit change. This was the first of the ones with strings and super small triangles covering your girl bits. Don’t open your eyes now. First you stuck your head out of the door and sheepishly suggested that it wasn’t appropriate to leave the dressing room in. He merely curled his finger at you and coaxed you out in the out in the open.

“These straps are all wrong too” he corrected. “You have to adjust them right or the fit isn’t flattering. Come here”

You turned your back to him and lifted your hair up over your head so he could reach the strings tied behind your neck. He tugged and fidgeted with them for a few seconds before letting you know that they were all knotted and impossible to get untied like this. Without warning he stretched the strings and pulled them forward over your head. The sudden movement made you drop the hair out of your hands and you started to pull away but his arms were around you now. He was reaching around you to sort out the string mess right in front of your chest, causing your top to open up. You looked down to watch his hands untie the strings and could see the tops of your breasts. You knew he could see everything too and thinking about him looking at your breasts from above made your nipples harden and stick out even further than they already were.

He was working deliberately on the knot but he was just so clever as to make sure that the loose ends of string were dangling down between your cleavage. This was making more goose bumps all over your chest and your nipples were hard as diamonds now.

When he had finally corrected the mess up above his hands immediately dropped to your hips. He ran his fingers along the tied string of your bikini. Two fingers lightly traced the line it made from the top of your hip down to the fabric over your mound and back up, then down and back again. He paused, then he said “this one looks okay”

You thought it was over until he knelt behind you and gripped both sides of the bikini in back, slipped his fingers between it and your butt and pulled the fabric out wide. “You want the bikini to follow the curve of your ***” he said. Again, was he being a critic or admiring things down there?

He would look down at your backside, then look up at your front in the mirror. He didn’t say anything, he just looked at you all over. You couldn’t think of anything else to say so you excused yourself to the room one more time.
The next outfit was also a rather skimpy bikini but instead of strings it had all elastic. This should be easier you thought. You could see him skip another breath when you walked out, but maybe that was because you came out leg first and confident this time. Again he approached you and explained that with the elastic banding, it was important to lift your chest up onto the bottom band rather than let it squeeze you. “What?” you were thinking but he was already coming in close to lend a helping hand. And that he did.

Without warning he reached around and dove one hand into your cleavage and scooped your whole breast up high then let it down gently into the soft cup, then immediately did the same to the other breast. You had unmistakably been fondled at this point, but his words and attitude were seamlessly professional all the while. How was this happening? But instead of letting you go he kept his arms around you. He was again tracing lines where the bottom of your breasts filled the stretchy cups of the top. His fingers went back and forth and up and down to point out how the structure of the cup creates a certain shape or something but what the hell, you couldn’t make sense out of his words…he was rubbing your areolas all over while you felt his pants pressing against your almost bare backside.

Again there was some delay in front of the mirror. You weren’t exactly flustered, but you were getting a little light-headed and sort of lost your bearings. You didn’t realize how bad it was until you realized you were leaning back against him for support and when his hands stopped massaging your breasts it woke you up almost as if you had been dreaming for a few minutes.

You hesitated and whispered to him that the rest of the suits were just too revealing and you didn’t feel comfortable wearing them outside the dressing room. You turned and walked back into it but when you reached around to close the door behind you the handle wasn’t there. You looked back and caught Dylan pushing you into the room, him following and closing the door behind you both.

“Its okay” he said “I’ll help you and no one will see us”
“Which one is next?” he asked. Your trembling finger pointed to a hanger.
When he wrapped his fingers into a strong grip around the top you were currently wearing you knew what was next and tensed up. When he lifted the top up over your head your hands instinctively clamped tightly over your breasts to cover them. Your hands were big enough to cover most of your breasts, but you could see the side-boob squeezing out both sides and you were still topless. He was unhooking the hanger of the new suit while you just stood there looking into the mirror in shock. OMG, you were totally topless in front of a much younger male co-worker. What was going on?

He expertly drew the top around your chest and tied it in the back. His hands went right back to your breasts almost as if they belonged to him and lifted them into their proper position in each cup.

Then his hands when down to your hips and you entered a whole new panic. This wasn’t just about your **** any longer, he really didn’t have any boundaries. Your crossed your legs and clenched them together tight but it almost seemed as if you were doing it to help him as he effortless dropped those bikini bottoms down to your ankles and slipped them under your feet. Again, you stared into the mirror in disbelief as the top of your pubic hair showed through between your tightly held thighs. He never stopped his motions and had the new bottoms around your ankles in seconds and was tugging them up.

You felt his cheek brush against the back of your bare *** as he raised himself back up behind you. Then he was back to standing up behind you, looking both down at you and over you into the mirror. You could feel the heat of his body and his breathing was even stronger than yours. His hands never left your body now. If they weren’t exploring, they were simply holding you steady. He lifted the back of your hair to expose your neck. You started to inquire if this string was knotted again…nope, it was the unmistakably sensation of his lips kissing your neck and his breath exhaling just below your ear ring. He nuzzled at the base of your neck and let one of his hands lightly massage your shoulders. This had nothing to do with swim suit trying-on but it was a new problem. What were you going to do next?

You froze, you couldn’t move or speak. Your heart was beating in your throat and your skin was right on the verge of perspiration. When he let go of your hair his hand went straight down your chest, down your stomach, down to your bikini area. His fingers were lightly dressing the fabric out and around your *****. First he pulled at the bikini to try and cover more of you, then he changed course and scrunched it in to expose you, then back. It wasn’t a certain look he was going for, he was just using the motions to get his fingers all over and around your pubic area. He was combing your tightly trimmed hair with his fingers and kept pushing the swim suit farther and farther aside. Finally his touch had worked its way down between your labia and you could feel his fingers prying your lips apart. You were so wet at this point he had little trouble dipping the tip of his finger in deeper.

You whimpered a bit and fell back limp against him. Your legs could no longer maintain your body. He sat on the bench and guided your hips down so you could sit on his lap. With one arm he kept you scooped tight to his body and with the other he continued to probe you. One finger went fully inside of your ***** and his palm pressed tight against your clitoris. In this position he started a gentle but deliberate grinding motion. You almost lost consciousness from the excitement, fear and anticipation combined with physical sensation of having this new body touch yours so intimately.

In just a few minutes a wave came over your body and he kept the rhythm with his hands as your breathing intensified, then stopped short, then let out a long, low moan. Then he just held you still and tightly until you caught your breath again. When you opened your eyes he started to withdraw his finger. It was soaking wet with your sex and he lightly grazed it across your upper lip just to show you how aroused you had become before he took it in his own mouth and sucked every drop of your juices off.

He lifted you back up to a standing position and kissed you passionately on the lips while holding your face in his hands. Then he slipped outside the door and said he’d be waiting for you.

The ride back to the office was just as quiet as before. You had a physical sense of satisfaction, but your mind raced with wonder at what would happen next between you two.
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Nov 28, 2012