Forced Lactation Summary

The story speculates that a drug company puts a pill on the market that can induce lactation in women who are not pregnant. The effect is temporary and there are no serious side effects, until girls start taking it with a popular slimming pill and the effect lactation drug is increased. Girls breasts are considerably enlarged and they have to be milked three times a day. The combination goes on the Internet and large numbers of women take the drugs despite warnings about the risk.

In time, it is found that the women can't stop producing milk. This is a gift to pimps who control their ****** by controlling their access to milking machines.

Human milk appears on the supermarket shelves marketed at vegans who won't drink cow's milk. Boyfriends and husbands have new found control over their partners and a large section of the population become milk cows who live for the contentment they get when their udders are milked.
michelstrict michelstrict
61-65, M
Dec 2, 2012