Revealing My Affair

For five months I had been extremely careful about keeping my affair a secret from everyone, and now for the past two days I was stressing over how to tell someone.

Angie and I were roommates during college and now after several years apart, she was coming for a visit next week. Although I didn’t really want to tell her anything about my intimate life, she was planning to stay for three days or more and there was no way I was going that long without seeing Darren, my lover, so I had to make some explanation for his coming around.

What made things even more interesting was how each of us had changed since school. I was always the good girl in college and rarely dated but certainly never brought any guys back to our dorm room. Angie on the other hand would proudly date more than one guy at a time, and I can’t tell you how many nights I spent with a book and my pajamas in the dorm lounge because I couldn’t stand to hear yet another guy exploring her charms in the bunk above me.

But soon after graduation Angie married and had one then right away another baby. Now her Facebook is all about PTA meetings and Girl Scout cookies. I on the other hand had moved around to different towns with different jobs and dated too many guys with fancy resumes that turned out to be total jerks. Even after I finally did decide to marry, I barely made it past my second anniversary before falling in love with and helplessly addicted to the touch of my lover Darren.

Darren and I worked together and were temporarily relocated away from home with company provided apartments which was working out splendidly for our torrid affair, but now Angie staying with me was putting a wrench into things. I tried to tell Darren how conflicted I was about spilling the beans to Angie and what her reaction would be. I didn’t want to have to explain myself to her, because I really didn’t know what to say. I felt like this affair just happened to me, I didn’t have a logical explanation for it.

In his typical pragmatic way, Darren suggested that I not tell her at all, just let her figure it out.

“If you are worried about her asking you 100 questions that you don’t want to answer,” he explained, “then present it to her in a way that leaves her with 1000 questions she is afraid to ask you.”

“What do you mean,” I asked?

“By accepting the challenge of trying to explain yourself, you have put yourself on the defensive, forever subject to her inquisition," he said. “What you want to do is be the one acting naturally, forcing her to do the explaining, which she can’t so should keep her guessing”

I wasn’t sure it would work out like he imagined, but I agreed to go along with the plan.

When she arrived I took a half day off and met her at the airport. From there we had a late lunch and did a little shopping while we reconnected. Never did I mention Darren. Once back at my apartment we settled in and continued to catch up. We were both equally surprised when Darren let himself in the front door and said simply a polite hello before helping himself to a bottle of water from the refrigerator. He was dressed in gym clothes and was just slightly sweaty from a light workout.

Angie stopped talking and just looked at me waiting for some clarification. That’s when I waved my hand at her and said, “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have a massage scheduled for tonight. Darren is my massage therapist. I can’t pass up my appointment. You can just hang out with us and chat, it will be fine,” I tried to say calmly.

Angie looked at me out of one eye and kept the other one on Darren. It wasn’t like she didn’t believe what I said; she just didn’t believe that I was the one saying it. Darren excused himself to take a shower and I pretended like everything was normal. I also made up a little story about the massage table not fitting in Darren’s car so we use the bed instead and suggested that there was plenty of room for Angie to come in and relax with us.

She went into her room to change into pajamas and I went into my room to undress and put on a light kimono style robe.

Darren came out of the shower wearing just a towel wrapped around his waist and went straight to the kitchen to warm some oil. Angie took a good look at him and raised her eyebrows at me, but didn’t say anything. I led her into my bedroom and encouraged her to continue telling me about their recent Venetian vacation, a story which was proving to be both long and boring, granting me the excuse to just chill and not worry about maintaining my half of the conversation.

I turned off the light but opened the blinds to let street light in. The room was illuminated enough to find our way around, but had enough shadows to lend some discretion to our interactions.

I laid down on the very edge of the bed with my robe undone, but still on. Darren approached and put a knee up on the bed over me. Angie fumbled around and then found a spot to sit on the far, far, far edge of my king size bed. She was trying to play along but not sure what she was supposed to do with herself. She was repeating some details about how much luggage they had to carry through the airport as Darren pulled the robe off my shoulders and slid it down to a bunch above my lower back.

Angie paused and watched as Darren applied oil to my shoulders and back but then tried to re-find her place in the story. I just closed my eyes and started to enjoy his touch.

Darren really did give a good massage, and I really was going to get one tonight, so things were starting to feel wonderful. Darren continued his smooth and careful strokes up and down my back, around my shoulders and neck and up and down both arms while Angie started to settle into the monologue of her family vacation.

It wasn’t until Darren switched to working on my leg, and specifically when he readjusted the robe again to reveal my thigh and half my butt that Angie lost her place in the story. But when I didn’t react, she didn’t either and we all kept up with the flow of things. The attention that Darren pays to my legs, from my feet all the way up to the top of my butt is my absolute favorite and I could not help myself but moan softly from time to time. Maybe Angie thought I was murmuring approval to her tale.

When came time for the second leg, and Darren further rearranged the robe until it was merely a crumpled pile of cloth lying on my otherwise naked body, Angie made note of it with her eyes but did not hesitate in her voice. She must be getting more comfortable with us. Darren takes his time on the backs of my legs so as things dragged on, Angie decided to lie down parallel to me on the bed, but still way over on her side. She didn’t act like she was paying attention, but when Darren’s hands started working their way further and further up the insides of my thighs I could feel her body lean in slightly to get a better view.

Just when you would think Darren had finished my backside, he does this thing where his fingertips very lightly race up and down the length of my body and just sort of dance lightly across the top of my skin to make goose bumps and tease me. In one of those trips down my back that his hand sent my robe sailing off and onto the floor. I was naked now. Never before had I let Angie see me like this. She wasn’t talking. I knew she was looking at me. She was studying my naked body and Darren’s hands gliding all over it. I wish I knew what she was thinking.

When Darren gave the side of my *** a little tap I knew that meant to roll over onto my back. As I did, I sensed Angie start to get up as if she expected us to ask her to leave. We didn’t, and neither of us even looked at her, so she eased back down to the bed. Darren scooped my hair from under my head, placed towel roll under my neck and started to massage my scalp. This feels awesome, of course, but also placed him up out of the way so that my whole front was bare and exposed to both him and Angie.

She was looking at me though my eyes were closed, looking at my breasts and my stomach and my hips, and then looking at Darren quizzically. Not my face, nor my body, nor Darren gave her any reply. She must have felt self-conscious for staring as she sort of buried her face into the pillow a bit and tried to come up with something new to talk about. But within a few minutes she could not help but lift her head and take yet one more glance.

Angie changed the subject coincidentally just as Darren started to caress my bare breasts. I honestly reached my hand out to touch Angie’s and validate what she was talking to me about but it must have looked like I was reaching to get her attention. She just squeezed my hand firmly like she was trying to subtly let me know that a man was fondling me the whole time Darren cupped and kneaded each of my breasts.

She was mostly quiet when he was massaging the fronts of my legs and this did stress me a little because I knew that when his hands went between my thighs there would only be a matter of time before I started to ******. I wondered for a while how would be the best way to minimize the effects of this and still enjoy it. I was hoping Darren would just shove a towel into my mouth or something but strangely, when his fingers started to explore the tops of my legs I forgot I was supposed to be worried about it. I hope I didn’t come too loudly, but I know I had Angie’s full attention. Darren leads me into this long, slow buildup and makes me wait and wait before he actually touches my clitoris or reaches inside me, but then when I do I come quickly and that’s when he sort of holds me there before making me come again and again. This time he said he stopped at three. I am not aware of anything other than his touch when he has his hands like that.

But he told me later that I was quiet enough Angie didn’t seem too disturbed, just interested. She had started talking again, probably out of nervousness. So Darren started a new phase of the massage and turned me on my side facing Angie, then he drew my top leg up and bent it at the knee. In the process of moving around his towel, which remember was all he had covering him, ‘accidentally’ falls to the floor. I wish I could have seen what had Angie’s attention now, my body or his, but I had my eyes firmly shut.

Darren is stretching my arm and flexing my leg and looking all yoga style for Angie, but what he’s really doing is positioning himself behind me. With my thigh to mask it, he’s rubbing himself into a full erection behind my leg. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I was still surprised when I finally felt his hard **** fully penetrate my now soaking wet ***** from behind.

“Oh, Angie…” I moaned.

Oops, I didn’t do this on purpose but I was thinking about her and he surprised me and it just came out. I almost felt bad for playing with her mind like this, but I was getting laid and just couldn’t be too worried about what she thought of it all.

Darren did a good job of making it look like my arm, shoulder, hips and calves were still getting a spa quality massage, but mostly what was happening was his **** was roaming the inside of my ***** in the most satisfying way. I actually did open my eyes for a minute to catch Angie watching us and I just smiled at her. Darren’s strokes were so deep I couldn’t help myself but to let out a whimper or moan from time to time. Angie was now relaxing on her back and probably assumed I couldn’t see but Darren told me her hand disappeared under her pajama bottoms at this point.

The proper massage was over when Darren started getting more and more enthusiastic about pulling at my hair and groping my breasts. I knew he was getting close. I just arched my back out to give him even more access to my hips, let my *** smash fully into his crotch and positioned myself to take his full load inside of me. His strokes were so strong I thought for sure he’d make a scene when he came but his mouth was quiet, only my poor boob took the brunt of his convulsion as he squeezed me so hard.

He pulled out and left a trail spilling out behind me, but didn’t waste a lot of time picking up his towel, oil bottle and my robe, then walked out of the room. When he returned he was dressed and I really wanted to feel him one more time, but in keeping with our charade he merely said good-bye and see you at our next appointment. Angie brought us both drinks later and I think we talked softly but I don’t remember anything before falling asleep.

The next day Darren starts texting me from work. I replied back, “we made it to 9:30 the next morning before she started asking questions.”

However, she didn’t ask any questions about me, only about Darren. Where did I find him? Did he work for a salon or independently? Was this a typical session? In a way his plan was working, she wasn’t bothering me about an affair.

Well, plan working right up until she asked me if I’d schedule an appointment with him for her before she left.

“What?” I exclaimed, “My Darren?”

“Its okay if you want to watch,” she offered.
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Dec 7, 2012