Your Proposal Part Iii

I was standing by the campfire in submissive heaven wearing my Shibari shirt and nothing else. My mind was reeling with what you just said to me about not being done with me yet. You asked me to lie down on the sleeping bag which you had moved closer to the campfire. I immediately rubbed my bottom, remembering the last time you asked me to lie down. You said it's ok, to lie on my back. That surely was a relief; well, except for my bottom.

I got situated and you placed another rope around each wrist and each ankle. I noticed they were slip knots. I didn't think much of it, just that it was one of a few knots I knew how to name. You grabbed a tent stake and I was wondering what you were going to do with that. I assumed you would put it on the other end of one of the ropes, but instead, you used it to tickle me. Starting at my foot, dragging it up the inside of my leg, getting very close but never touching my mons. You were smiling at me and teasing me, making me squirm and desire you to touch me. You dragged it down the inside of my other leg, tickling my foot. Then you brought it to my breast and circled my breast with it. You were desiring my breast. I saw it in your eyes, your smile. You took the tent stake and circled my nipple making it even more erect than it was before. You told me how beautiful I looked with the shadow of the fire dancing on me. That made me smile. I felt so loved. I felt like I was going to float away soon from pure bliss. You switched to the other breast and mirrored your movements from the first. I was squirming and searching for your touch. It wasn't there, but I was trying. You took the stake and moved it to my neck and dragged it up my cheek and toward my lip. You traced my lips with the stake, causing pulsating tingles all over my body. I was desperately craving your touch and I was now moaning.

You went to the rope and staked it down. You did the same with all four. Then you told me to hold still or it will remind me. You pulled my leg outward to show me. I was literally trapped. No longer under my control. All I could do is submit to the ropes. You told me to close my eyes. I did. I felt something like many soft chamois hitting my legs. You said open my eyes. I saw what was in your hand and I got scared. I forgot about the ropes and I tried to roll away. I remember the ropes and I lie still but the fear was overcoming me. I started to cry and you dropped the rose flogger that was in your hand and came to me and lay next to me, rubbing my shoulders, my chest, my breast, my stomach, and my hair. You said, "Baby, did that hurt?" I told you no. You told me it's called a rose flogger. It's not meant to sting. It's meant to feel good is all. You showed me all the roses on the end. You said you bought it for me. It's a gentle flogger. It won't hurt. You promised me. You calmed me down and said I needed a blindfold. You came out of the tent with the cheetah print blindfold. You placed it on my eyes and told me to relax, to submit to the pleasure. I thought about the ropes. I thought about the Shibari hug I was receiving. I submitted. When you saw me relax you softly but quickly flogged me with it. All over. My breasts, my mons, my chest, my legs. After about 5 minutes I was tingly all over. I was moaning and once again need for your touch.

You told me you pulled up two of the tent stakes and I was to roll to my right so I'm on my stomach. I comply but this time you make sure I am spread eagle. You soon start flogging me all over with a maddening speed. I couldn't predict where you would strike next and that made it all the more confusing and euphoric! You stopped and I was tingly from head to toe. You said you'll be right back- to rest a moment. I didn't even know you were gone. You told me I was going to like this a whole lot. I didn't know what was coming, but I found my trust. I was giving in to you....
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Really excellent, I am really enjoying your stories and sharing them with my wife.

I'm glad. If I can make one person's life better with what I do, it's worth it. :)

I find myself wishing I was your Master. Your story is so good!

Thank you.

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Very much so, thank you for sharing your dreams!

You're quite welcome. This is helping me. :)

Well I won't tell you how it's helping me ;)

No need. :)

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