Your Proposal Part Iv

I lay on my stomach spread eagle, tingling from head to toe from your rose flogger. I was resting when you came back from in the tent, just enjoying the sensation. You told me I'm going to like this. I didn't know what "this" was, but being bound by ropes and blindfolded, I was all yours to enjoy what you had in store for me.

Then I felt it. Something going in my bottom. It was... a very unique feeling, but oh so... incredible! I felt so.. full! I wasn't sure if you were moving it or if it was still, but the feeling was maddening. I began to search for your touch once again, but it wasn't coming any time soon. I was beyond aroused. I was enjoying this but yet at the same time frustrated as can be. I was thinking I bet you remembered how impatient I am and are teaching me a lesson. And I hated you for it. And loved you for it. But, still, I was thrusting my hips searching. Hoping. Waiting. But yet your touch wasn't there. I imagined you sitting there watching me with that big grin on your face. I wasn't sure since I couldn't exactly pull off my blindfold, but I was pretty sure. Then I heard your words: Hold still. It took my breath away. I did my best, but I was crazy with arousal. It was so difficult. I heard, "Ready, Baby?" I couldn't imagine much more because I thought I was ready to explode as it was. I said, Yes, Sir. Not that I was ready, but I was willing to submit to whatever you had for me. I was thinking about the time you told me a genuine Dom would never intentionally hurt you. And I believed that you wouldn't. I waited. And then it came. The flogging, fast and intense. It was more than intoxicating. I was breathing so fast, so hard, not from pain, but intense pleasure. I don't think I EVER had felt like this.

Then you said: Roll to your left. I could barely respond, being so overwhelmed by pleasure. I tried, but my body wasn't responding. You wouldn't wait. You pulled the ropes on my arm and leg to "assist" me. You placed me how you wanted me and must have secured the ropes again, because I couldn't move. This time you didn't warn me. You started flogging me slowly. That was really cool. I wasn't expecting the slow speed, but it slowed my breathing and I felt more in control of myself and my pleasure. But it didn't last long. You steadily picked up the speed and it almost seemed this time like you had a rhythm. Like music was coming in your speed. I was hearing the rhythm, the tempo, the elation. I was feeling so free, flying, floating. I was more relaxed than I had been in my whole life. I was just enjoying and forgot about my nakedness, the ropes, the outdoors, the blindfold. I was smiling inside and out. And I was in heaven. Then I heard your voice: Welcome back. All I could think was where am I? I tried to rub my eyes and then I remembered the ropes, and it all came back to me. I tried to talk, but I couldn't get anything out.

I heard you say: Don't talk, baby. I didn't. Then I felt them. Finally. Your fingers. Relieving my itch for your touch. Slowly rubbing my outer lips, going to the inside, taking your sweet time on my ****. I was soon slowly thrusting my hips again, aching for you to touch me inside. Still, you were teasing me. I could imagine you looking at me. Smiling at me. Thought I couldn't see you still. I still loved that image in my head. I heard: This is for you. I felt it slide in so gently. It was just amazing. And then, it expanded. At least it felt like it did. And then some more. And then it was sliding in and out and my breathing picked up. I started thrusting my hips once again and I was trying to move my legs and arms- I could not. It was frustrating and exhilarating at the same time. You said: Let go, Baby. Be free. Accept this love and let yourself enjoy. I could not contain myself, and my voice started singing with my breathing. I got louder and louder. As I reached climax, I was no longer able to control ANYTHING. Not my voice, my thoughts, my body, it had taken over me, and I had submitted completely. I had never felt a climax that strong before. It was simply thrilling. As I calmed, you had removed that toy, and yet left the other in. I asked about that one, and you said, that's for you to wear tonight as you sleep. Enjoy it.

That was the first night of the weekend....
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Beautifully written, wonderful visuals, you captured the scene perfectly. I look forward to your next piece

What a night! I can't wait to see how you top that.

Topping that? Not sure I could. Parallel? Perhaps. :)

A great addition. I wish I could chain you to a computer, and not let you go till it was done, if ever.

But, uh, what if I had to pee? (Grin)

I don't know if could chain you to an iPad? Hhmmm? I'll think of something.