For as long as he could remember, Jim had had a huge crush on Debbie. They were always in the same grade and were friends when younger but as they aged, they drifted apart.
Debbie was one of the popular girls in school, hanging out with the cheerleaders and athletes. Meanwhile, Jim was a bookworm and considered a nerd.
However, that didn't keep him from fantasizing about Debbie. In fact, she was the most popular girl in his dreams. But he had given up on ever being with her, as he always saw her on the arms of the school quarterback or some other such stud.
Then one Friday night, Jim was riding around with friends of his friends. He was in the backseat, basically just riding. Not contributing much to the conversation or anything. The others were smoking pot but he declined.
In a little while, the driver started yelling at some girls in another car. In a few minutes, both cars were in a parking lot and everyone was standing around talking.
Jim couldn't take his eyes off Debbie, who was wearing Daisy Duke style cutoff jeans and a t-shirt that showed she was definitely not wearing a bra.
The group decided to ride around together for awhile. Jim got back into his same seat and to his surprise, Debbie wound up in his lap.
The car was super crowded but she was all that Jim could see. His left elbow was on the armrest and his hand was on her waist.
Debbie leaned back as they drove away. She put her arm around Jim's neck and started talking to him.
They were having a good conversation but Jim's eyes were glued to her stiff nipples.
In a few minutes, the car stopped again and yet another girl climbed into the backseat, making it even more crowded.
As she wiggled around to try and make room, Jim's hand wound up on Debbie's butt. She sat right on it and smiled at him. He was so excited he could hardly breathe.
By the way everyone was sitting, the only place his right hand could be was on her thigh.
The angle at which she now sat made her lower so that their faces were close together. Debbie playfully kissed his nose as she asked him if he remembered something they had done back in second grade.
Someone else in the car suggested truth or dare and it was taken up. When Debbie was dared, she was dared to take off her shirt - which she did. Then she laid Jim's right hand on her left breast. She also whispered to him that she was going to raise up and she wanted him to adjust his hand.
She raised her butt up and Jim started pulling his hand out. She quickly said no, the other direction. He pushed his hand farther in and in a minute, his middle finger was between her legs, on top of her *****.
She moaned in his ear and told him that if he could make her *** before they got out of the car, that she would **** his brains out the next night.
Determined to do his best, even though he had never seen or touched even a breast, Jim started moving his finger up and down her crack. His other hand started rubbing her mound while he kissed the fat nipple that was right in front of his face.
When his right hand found her zipper, he pulled it down and started rubbing her mound through her panties. He parted his lips from her nipple long enough to kiss her mouth - another first for him but obviously not for her.
She gasped when his mouth started on her neck and in just a second, he figured he had found the perfect spot to kiss. His mouth worked over her neck and throat as both hands moved all over her butt and *****.
Her moans were getting loud enough that others were noticing but by then, neither cared. The driver told them that they were near where Jim's car was parked if they wanted to get out.
They did and the rest of the group drove off while Jim and Debbie continued kissing while standing beside his car. Both of his hands were inside her shorts, fondling her curvy ***.
As soon as his mouth hit a particular spot on her neck, she started *******.
After she finished, she told him that he had found the trick about her neck faster than any guy ever had. Then she dropped to her knees to blow him.
The rest, as they say, is history.
Today, they're married and as much in love as a couple could be.
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Jan 18, 2013