Your Proposal Part Vi: Day Two - Morning

We woke up together after the wonderful first day of the weekend. Well, I actually woke up to you looking at me. I regained my surroundings and looked at you. I heard, "Good morning, my sweet, sexy sub!" "Good morning, Sir," I managed to croak out. "Sleep well?" you asked. "Absolutely, Sir, Thank you." I said as I smiled at you. You told me to lie on my stomach, so I rolled over. You began rubbing my bottom, reminding me I still had the plug in. You told me it's time to take it out. So you take it out, instantly making me wet again. You play with my moisture and said, "I have a surprise for you." I moaned, and said I would like a surprise, not knowing what it would be. You knew that none of this weekend was anything I have ever experienced and knew how to approach this with me. You told me what you were going to do so I could prepare my mind. You told me you were going to put your **** into my ***. I turned my head and looked at you incredulously. You said, "Don't worry. We'll take this very slowly. It won't hurt you. Do you trust me?" I looked at you for a few moments, and said, "Yes, Sir." You said, "Good. Put your head down, relax and enjoy this."

You placed a pillow under my hips and spread my legs. You told me not to move or you would stop. I definitely did not want to lose the chance to experience this. You placed the tip your rod at the opening of my rosebud and circled it around. You said you were going to push very slowly and the plug has stretched me enough so it won't hurt. You begin to push, and it felt amazingly good! As good as the plug. Then you push a little more. I held my breath- not because it hurt, but because of the amazing feeling you were sharing with me. Then I felt something even better! You pushed yourself all the way in and just laid on top of me. After a few moments, you started to slowly pull out and push back in. You asked if I was comfortable, and I told you I couldn't be better. Then you began thrusting faster. There are no words to describe it. My mind had gone blank and all I could do is moan and enjoy. Soon enough, my heart was beating out of my chest, and you were grunting with every thrust. I had forgotten where you were thrusting. I was so enthralled into the euphoric rhythm that nothing mattered any longer. Not much long after that we both find release. You laid back on top of me and said, "Well done, my lovely deserving sub. You make me proud!" I smiled at your words and was so happy! After a rest time, you roll off me and look at me and smile. I had butterflies everywhere! You reach over and grab something.

"Here are your shoes," you said as you hand them to me. I looked at you quizzically. I was naked and all you give me were my shoes. Not too sexy. I asked why and you said to just put them on. I slowly and obediently put them on, stood up, and then you said, "Good. Now, go out and get some firewood. I want 3 larger logs and 5 smaller branches. You have 20 minutes. Get to it." I walked past and said, "Yes, Sir," and you gave me a love tap on my way past which put another smile on my face.

I went in the woods, stepping over downed trees, branches and twigs. It was a little different for me trying to avoid stray plants and branches as I was naked and did not want to get any branches or thorns snagged on me. I saw a log that would make a good log for the fire and I heard a snap of a twig that was not mine. My heart started beating quickly. I looked around and saw nothing. I thought I imagined it, but it certainly put me on edge. I waited a moment, and heard nothing so I continued to go toward the log, but looking around cautiously. I picked up the log and moved it to where I chose for my pile. Not hearing any other sounds, I decided it was just my imagination. Shortly after, I had my logs and most of my branches in a pile, when I feel arms wrap tightly around me and I start screaming. The hand quickly went over my mouth and I heard, "Shhhh. Babe, it's just me." I relaxed a little and you let me go and I punched your arm as I complained about how you badly you scared me. And then you felt my *****. "But it excited you, I can tell," you said to me. You continued to feel me and once again, I became putty in your hands. You laid me down on some leaves and proceeded to make love to me. You told me how happy you were with me and my obedience. You said my willingness to expand my boundaries with very little hesitation has made you extremely proud. I beamed at you with inner joy, knowing I've pleased you, even though I was pretty far out of my comfort zone. As we came to climax, something happened between us. I couldn't exactly put it in words, but it was a deeper connection than we previously had before. While we laid and rested, you heard my stomach growl and you told me to help you bring the firewood back to camp so we can prepare breakfast.

I was carrying the branches, and I couldn't help but think how amazing these past 24 hours have been. I had grown so much in trust, faith and confidence. I was very proud of myself.
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I've fallen behind. But this is a great addition. Thank you for continuing.

Very nice. The chapters get better and better.

I'm glad you like it. It's hard writing 2nd person, but I'm enjoying the challenge.

ok I guess it's not quite second... lol