Only One Person Knows.

I love writing.  I've written lots of pieces of fiction.  I have finished about 3 short stories.

For the record, I'm a reasonably, shy, "innocent" person and no one except my husband knows I do this.  No one would even *DREAM* I would do this.

In the last month, I've written at least 3 pieces of erotic fiction.  I rarely experience writer's block when writing erotica.

And I love it!

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I find I never get a writers block while writing an erotic story on EP....they just flow right off my tongue and then out my fingers into the keyboard....almost like they are writing themselves.

Amazing writing skills you have..... i love wrting, its where imagnation meets p#aper and is brought to life.. enjo erotica, you do it well my frind..:)

I wish I didn't get writers' block when writing erotica. I have a few stories that I'll probably never finish because I got stuck.

I too, as you might guess, write erotica. If you are of a mind to post them, is a great site for sharing. You don't have to interact if you choose not to, but for those of us who would enjoy reading your words....please check it out and let us know....grins.

I enjoy writing of all kinds..... erotica is a good outlet because I can share the hundreds of real experiences after three sex filled marriages and having a bunch of other partners over the years. Most of what I write is from memories my ex's and current wife have given me because those were so pleasureable or unique. Chance encounters are fun, but I never found them to be fully satisfying. I don't fantasize much, but maybe I should.... its obviously a very fertile subject that many, many people enjoy. Check out the few stories I've posted.

I would rather be the subject of the stories than hear about them. Hey but it is at least a vent right?

Well, I guess I write Erotica, usually I just call it pornfic LOL. My SO is also good at it. We can really turn each other on and we know it's well written (we've both written / published on a small public scale).<br />
<br />
I should've guessed there would be one or more groups on EP dedicated to this!

yeah yo can be shy and write well!

the odd tale has sliped from these hands into the warm laps generating enough heat for me to enjoy my jaded passion suculant moist and viberant whilst stil in the grip of a tempestous vixen i sip once more to calm her rugged hunger so forcfull her stance and depraved her gate

Do you post your stories online? Perhaps at storiesonline?

Where might I find your stories? I love erotica and would love to read them.

It nice to hear someone else shares the same passion!

I would like to read your erotic fiction. It can probably be sold if you wish. Email me. Will send similar in return.

I think your very talented, <br />
I have many fantasies, but I do not have the talent to relay them to paper. I eny you. Keep the stories coming I love them,

I don't write, but I do like to read.

I love to write it too but I haven't in a long time. I sure enjoy reading it too. My husband would probably love it if I would write it more, but I have to be in a certain mood to do it. No one knows I do it either.

your husband is lucky.i would be turned-on all the time with a wife like you.

It can be fun, I like to blend real with fantasy...

Writing erotica is fun! But nobody in rl knows I do...

same here lol