The Metro Ride

I know this is long, but I hope you enjoy it!


The Metro Ride:


It was a workday like any other, or was it?  At the metro center, a handsome "stranger" professionally dressed  gets on.  I furtively glance his way but as I looked up for another peek, he was looking straight at me - with a sexy glint in some of the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen.  I shyly smiled but I could feel myself getting aroused by his penetrating stare.  My mouth went dry and, unknowingly, my tongue peeked out to run across my lips.  I inwardly groaned at the "message" he must have thought I sent with that involuntary gesture.  At the next stop, an older couple got on and this extremely sexy gentleman offers his seat, and as I look up, my heart stops - he is walking towards me – his eyes looking right into mine.  Finally, he reaches my seat in the back, and asked if he could sit with me.  I slid over and smiled, but I couldn't find my voice and my throat was tight as my breathing sped up and my heart started beating faster.  I now feel the heat coming off of his body and what a great body.  He smiled at me as his eyes sparkled with good humor.  "Thank you for sharing your seat."  I respond with the best smile I can muster while trying to not look overly enthusiastic.  His scent was heady and intoxicating.  I inhaled deeply, and thought I had done it discreetly but he looked right at me and I knew he had caught me admiring his fragrance.  I could feel a tingling through my body - I could feel myself getting wetter.

He turned and asked my name - could this man - this deliciously sexy man, be interested in ME?!  As I said my name, he reached out his hand to shake mine - the electrical jolt that went up my arm was unlike anything else – I felt a strong pull towards him - my fingers were itching to touch him - my lips were aching to caress his.  I tried to release his hand, but he kept it in a slight grip - one I could get out of, but had no desire to.  Desire, hungry, gnawing desire gripped me - my nipples puckered under my silk shirt.  He squeezed my hand as a way to catch my eyes.  "Do you feel this amazing connection between us?  We don't know each other, yet I am drawn to you," he whispered.  I had to take off my coat - I was getting so hot.  The wetness inside my slacks was increasing and it was driving me crazy.  He leaned in closer and whispered, "I feel this overwhelming need to kiss you and touch you...  Can I kiss you?"  I was dumbfounded - I was certainly supposed to put him off - we didn't even know each other - but all I could do was stare at his lips as my mouth began to water.  Taking this as an invitation, he slowly leaned over and ever so gently touched his lips to mine - a warm liquid feeling flowed through my body - it sparked a passion like I had never known before - I wanted this man - this complete stranger had captivated me.  He deepened the kiss as I leaned into him.  I felt like we were in our own world - apart from the crowded metro car.  We regrettably broke the kiss but remained close - looking at each other - both of us looked astonished at what had happened – at what we were feeling.  My breathing was heavier – my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest.  He leaned over like he was again going to whisper in my ear but instead he nuzzled my neck and quickly darted his tongue into my ear - I had to stop myself before I audibly groaned.  I leaned into his head and allowed my hair to caress his cheek - I was on fire and the moisture continued to build.  Soon, he whispered, "If you keep running your hand on my leg like that, I am going to throw you down right here and have my way with you - crowd or not!"  I was mortified - I didn't realize that I'd been running my nails up and down his thigh.  He was very apparently aroused as he gruffly asked me to lay my coat across our laps - I obeyed without hesitation - his voice whispering in my ear and his caresses on my bare arm had a hypnotic effect.  He took my hand from his thigh and raised the fingertips to his lips to brush a brief kiss while holding my gaze - the heat was building and making me a little dizzy.  He then returned my hand and pressed my palm to the growing bulge in his pants.  He released my hand and smoothly slid his under the coat to caress my thigh.  To look at us, no one would know that we were intimately caressing – seducing each other.  He pulled me closer and returned his hand to rest at the juncture of my body and my thigh.  The contact gave me a jolt.  He moved just one fingertip right into the fold of my leg - a straight path to my heat and moisture.  I was frozen - I was trying to make myself calm down but the sensation was like torture and my insides were on fire.  He was teasing me with his fingers - not quite touching my center that was aching for his touch.  I began to fidget to "persuade" his hand to move closer - I was rubbing my upper body ever so slightly against his arm - I could feel him grip my thigh in reaction.  As I pulled his arm close to me, his hand slid down to touch me intimately and began to caress me outside my clothing - he leaned in to whisper a warning for me to control my outward reactions so as not to give us away.  His touch brought a sweet pain to my insides and my nipples became harder and more erect – I started to rub them against his arm to soothe their ache.  I heard him slightly groan, but quickly stop, as he felt me against his arm.  I looked into his eyes as I began to caress his hardness and I could tell he was struggling to suppress his reactions.

I buried my face in his arm to conceal my heightened arousal – as he moved his hand to the waist of my pants - I held my breath as he put his hand inside.  He was going to discover my secret – that today I had felt particularly saucy and had decided to go sans panties – I was bare and free - free for him to touch me as intimately as he wished.  I peeked to watch his face as he slid his hand down and didn't meet any waistband or cotton or silk just my warm skin.  The expression on his face was priceless as his eyes found mine – he looked like he was saying, "omg, no panties!"  I shyly smiled at him with a bit of embarrassment but also a feeling of excitement and anticipation.  He leaned down and gave me a small kiss and furtively darted his tongue inside my mouth - as he broke the connection, his fingers slid down into my wetness slowly and firmly caressing my clitoris, my hand caressing his hardness involuntarily squeezed giving him a jolt.  He whispered, "Look at me as I touch you – I'm going to stroke you until you *** - I'm going to put my fingers inside you – imagine me hard inside you - filling you.  Don't let anyone know how aroused you are - we are just two lovers sitting close.  Look at me as I touch you."  I was swamped with a desire that threatened to overtake me.  I looked into his eyes and tried to suppress the need to close my eyes, lean my head back and moan at the pure ecstasy of his hand stroking me.  He was looking into my eyes with a heavy-lidded stare that screamed of sensuality and power.  My hand on his hardness had stilled but remained firmly on him.  I squirmed to give him better access - not wanting the touches to end - wanting his fingers inside me.  Finally, his finger slid from my clitoris to delve deeply inside me – I gasped at the pleasure.  He continued to hold my gaze and I wondered if my struggle to appear calm to those on the metro was adding to his arousal.  I don't know where we were or if my stop had passed - I was only focused on the sensations and the heat building inside me.  I was getting unbelievably wet from his finger pushing deeper inside me.  He then said, "Don't look now, but we have an audience - a man on the right is looking straight at us - straight at you - I think he knows what we are doing."  When I finally looked, the "passenger" caught my eye immediately - he was looking straight at my face – he looked dazed - or was that aroused?  "Keep looking right at him while I touch you - smile, if you can, so he knows that we know he is getting turned on watching us.  Show him some of your pleasure…"  The last part came out gruffly as he fought to suppress his heightened arousal.  I looked back at the passenger and held his stare while he delved deeper inside me and his thumb started to caress me - I closed my eyes for a moment, drew a breath and let my tongue sensuously wet my lips.  As I opened my eyes to the passenger's stare, he was noticeably fidgeting in his seat and his hand was grasping his thigh tightly.  He placed his briefcase on his lap to hide his growing hardness.  I felt such power that I could turn on two men.  I looked back into those intoxicating blue eyes as his strokes began to quicken.  My hand was no longer on his erection, but squeezing his thigh and trying to grasp his pant's leg.  I was getting close and it was getting difficult to contain my reaction - to not moan in pleasure.  The ache was growing as more moisture poured out of my body.  I glanced at the passenger - our audience of one - he was obviously touching himself under his briefcase.  His mouth was slightly open and his tongue occasionally peeked out to wet his lips.  At a sudden feeling of cheekiness, I winked at him and mouthed "keep watching."  I thought he was going to fall out of his seat.  I silently chuckled and returned my eyes to my seducer.  His gaze was heated and all hints of a smile were replaced by an expression of someone struggling to maintain control.  He finally whispered, "what did you do?"  I responded a little breathlessly at precisely the same time he pushed two fingers deeper inside me - "I gave him a wink and mouthed 'keep watching' - he almost fell out of his chair."  He smiled but didn't let that distract him as he abruptly pulled his fingers out and began to make circles around my clitoris with a quickening pace that pushed my control to its limits.  "You are getting close, aren't you?"  I nodded.  He then said with his lips brushing against my ear, "I wish I could put my tongue inside you and taste you and stroke you until you came.  I want to take you hard up against a wall and have you wrap your legs around my waist and pull me deep inside you."  His "dirty talk" stoked my passion and my arousal - my body was climbing that peak toward the inevitable and I didn't know if I could jump off the edge without losing control.  "Be careful - you don't want the whole metro car to know what we are doing.  Look at the passenger - is he still watching us - you think he is "getting off" watching the pleasure on your face - imagining himself doing this to you?"  A glance at the "passenger" told me that he too was struggling for control.  The lady beside him cast him a wary glance and moved slightly closer to the window.  I looked back at this sexy man and a wave of heat swept through me.  The "passenger's" arousal from watching us, the fevered pace at which I was being stroked and the "danger" of experiencing this in such a public place stoked my passion and I knew I needed release - soon.  I looked back at those eyes and said very quietly, "Omg, I am so close."  I buried my face in his torso to muffle my moan as his fingers made smaller, faster circles on my clitoris – I was so wet.  My body started to undulate as the sweet waves of my climax started - I used my other arm to grasp the lapel of his coat and pull him so that I bury my face into his chest.  With him leaning, I was sheltered from most of the passengers.  He practically purred in my ear, "That's it, let it go - you are so wet – you want to let go - let it come - give it to me...."  His voice sent me over the edge – I exploded into a wrenching ****** that had him pulling my face into his shirt and me practically ripping off his coat lapel.  I was quietly moaning and my body was ******* from the climax.  My chest was heaving from the exertion and my body went limp against his.  His hand went still, but remained on me - then he pushed 3 fingers deep inside me and pumped them – he soon realized that this would send me over the edge again – he pumped faster and harder until another ****** tore through me!

As we tried to recover, he smiled into my eyes, and, simultaneously, we said, "Wow!"  Then we looked over at the "passenger" who now looked flustered and bewildered as if to say, "What happened?   Where am I?"  We leaned into each other and laughed – at the passenger, at our blatant disregard for where we were, at our passionate reactions to each other....  He brushed his lips across my forehead, and chuckled, "My god, woman, where have you been all my life?"  I laughed as a faint blush tinted my cheeks.  My hand was still on his leg.  I looked at him with a mischievous wiggle of my eyebrows and slid my hand up to grasp his still hard erection - as I made contact, he sharply sucked in his breath and barely squelched a groan.  It was my turn...  


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Thank you Gr8white - I am glad you liked it - I have a few more on here - let me know what you think!<br />
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CJ - glad my words touched you.... (hee hee!)

You always have the right words to say.. Thank You Aly !!!!!!!!!!

Awwww! Shucks - thinking you are pretty great yourself!

Lol your an awesome woman !!!!!!!

Oh, Chris, whatever are you talking about?! (batting eyelashes innocently)

Very arousing story.!!!. I think you written this very well. Now need to take care of business.......!!!!!

Absolutely amazing are a very talented writer....please keep them coming!

Thanks again Metal - you guys are so good for my ego!!

Oh, that was delicious. So many different arousing elements and themes, like the passenger watching, having to control your reactions in a public place, hooking up with a total stranger! And how you can write! I'll be reading this again. And again. You're correct by the way - leaving it so I could picture myself and a stranger designed to my own specifications was a great idea.

I've got several others written - just have to remove some "identifying" information out of a few since they were written with a certain person in mind...<br />
<br />
I think that people will enjoy these more if they can see themselves as the characters in the story - the story is about them... and you can't do that if there are "identifying" pieces of information... : )

I have written several others PPB - I am considering posting some - we will see... Did you read part 2 of this story?<br />
<br />
As for the panty wearing male in a story - I am an inexperienced fictional writer (although there is some truth in all of my stories - I have to relate or I can't write the details that I write) - like I just said, I have to relate - so why do some men like to wear panties (we are talking girl panties, right?)? I am seriously asking. I can see some reasons just in how they feel to me - who wouldn't like that silky feel on their skin but there has to be more to it, right?? (Okay, don't laugh if I sound naive or something.... lol)

Oh, D...I love your story!!! Tell the rest...please....

Thanks Irishchicca - I love that userid - how fun! I'm thinking about writing more but needed some feedback before I got that brave again!

Oh god what an incredibly hot story!! i've never wanted to take a ride on the metro so much in my life