Kirsty's True Love

Kirsty's True Love

By Lucifer

Kirsty awoke with a start as she stared at her alarm clock as it blared over and over again. She despised it; of all the noises in the world she hated this one the most. It blared without care or consideration for her; much like her ex-husband she thought to herself as she wearily brought herself up and stretched her arms to the Heavens, and yawned aloud. She looked around her room, and felt a twinge of sadness fill her heart as she saw the vacant space in her bed. Oh how she missed the warmth of a man near her body during the long nights. Though she was glad to be rd of her miserable ex, she did miss someone lying next to her. Oh well, such is life she spoke silently to herself as she got up and prepared herself and her daughters for the day ahead.

She arrived at the bank on time, smiling to her co-workers as she began her day as a bank teller. It was a quiet day; it had been for the past few weeks; with the economy on the on the brink of collapse, no one came in unless it was an absolute necessity. Everyone was holding tight to their money. She didn’t blame them either; she herself had to limit her household budget to around $50 a week. It was a pain to not be able to dot upon her daughters, but it was for the best. Every now and then, when there was no traffic coming in, she’d lazily fantasize about being in the strong embrace of a loving man who’d make all her dreams come true and take her and her daughters away to paradise. She’d image how it would feel to have his fingers lightly caress her skin, whispering gentle words of love in her ears that’d cause her entire body to shiver. Then they would evolve into fantasies normally reserved for a XXX movie. She didn’t see the man come to her spot; she was deep into one of her many fantasies that caused her whole body to heat up and her panties to become wet. He looked at her face for a few seconds before he coughed loud enough to break her from her reverie. She became embarrassed and vehemently apologized to the man for not being aware of his presence. He told her it was alright and paid no mind to her daydreaming.  He said every woman has the right to day-dream from time to time, which caused her to blush slightly as she looked into the man’s eyes. He possessed majestic blue eyes that looked like the Atlantic Ocean on a bright summer day. She tried to focus on the conversation at hand, but found it difficult to concentrate on anything but his eyes.  They were hypnotic, and more importantly, they were staring back into her shy brown eyes. “Beautiful.” Slipped from her mouth, yet she did not know she had said it until he said “Excuse me?” Upon realization she blushed even further, yet did her best to regain her composure and said “I said your money has been transferred to the accounts you requested. Is there anything else you wish for Sir?” 
“I could think of a few things, but no. I’ve taken care of business for the day. Thank you, Mam.”  And bowed his head and left her where she was, trying to catch her breath as she thought on his words ‘I could think of a few things….”. Was he hitting on her? Her tummy began to flutter as her cheeks became bright red. Surely he wasn’t, but she could dream. 
And so she did that night, after taking care of her little daughters. She loved them more than anything, and was glad to have a job that allowed her nights to her and her daughters. Though they were young, they were very aware of her love for them, and how hard she worked to keep them safe and fed. Bath time was always an adventure for her, as there were times where she found herself in the tub with them, clothes still on, laughing like a little girl herself. Then there came to the final act of tucking them in and reading them one bed-time story, which finally ended in tucking them in and kissing them good night, making sure to tell them she loved them both. They always went to sleep with content smiles on their faces. But she often found herself falling asleep with a sad heart, and every few night’s soft tears streaming down her face as she went to bed with the painful knowledge that her bed was empty. But this night she thought of those eyes she stared into, and all the mysteries they contained. And those words she heard him speak. I could think of a few things. She certainly hoped so.

 A few weeks passed, with the words locked in the dark recesses of her mind as she began to focus more on her work and kids. She was wearing a purple blouse that accentuated her plump cleavage, a medium length skirt that hugged her hips just right, black stockings and her favorite black high heels. Though she didn’t think it all the time, she looked very alluring, all the more so given her shy demeanor and her soft gentle eyes which were hidden behind her glasses. She was just coming back from filing room and had accidentally dropped a few folders and kneeled down to get them, when the same man with those hypnotic blue eyes came to her spot and waited calmly on her. She looked so beautiful in his eyes, and envied the lucky bastard who bedded her every night.  Just as he began to think about how she’d look writhing beneath him in pleasure, she looked up to see him staring at her. Her eyes caused his whole mind to go dumb in awe as he saw a twinkle of light shine in her eyes, and a look of happiness and intrigue give birth there. She gracefully walked to her station with a gentle smile on her face as she asked what she could do for him today. Though it felt like minutes, it took him a few seconds before he realized what he came to do.

“Uhhh. Oh! I am here to deposit my monthly $1,200 hundred in the following accounts.”
And with that, he gave her the money, as well as the numbers for the accounts they were to be deposited in. She took them from his hands, and as their fingers met, a surge of electricity shot through the both of them, sending shivers throughout both of their bodies. Their hearts began to race as they quickly pulled back their hands from the other. He was breathing herd as her lips began to quiver. They both turned away from the other, her focusing on the money and numbers he gave her, while he focused on a nice little brochure they had which featured a chance to win a weeks paid vacation to Jamaica. He tried to appear interested in it, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful she looked and how he felt when he touched her small, gentle fingers. So fragile and warm he thought to himself as he tried to regain his composure so as not to look like an idiot to her.

As soon as she was done, she turned to look at him, only to quickly lose her breathe as she took him in her eyes. Thank God no one is around today she thought as she scanned his body in desire and lust. He was a tall man, built like a graceful athlete with muscular shoulders and a stern yet gentle face. His hair was soft and short, a bright brown which contrasted his eyes beautifully.  Her lips began to quiver as did her heart as she struggled to inform him that the transaction had been completed.

“Um, Sir. Your request has been completed. All of your funds have been deposited into their proper accounts, Mr…”
“Oh, Samuel Fallingral. You may call me Samuel.” He extended his hand in the hopes that she’d take it, allowing him to feel her gentle hand once more. She saw the invitation, and tried hard not to squeal like a schoolgirl as took his strong hand in hers. They both gasped softly as they felt a surge of emotions go through them. She felt butterflies flying about in her tummy while he felt all the muscles in his body stiffen up (including that one) as he felt a blissful euphoria from the touch of her hand.

“Uhuhm. Thank you for taking care of the transaction, Ms…” He looked at her name tag and spoke her name the exact moment she spoke it. “Kirsty.” They both spoke in unison.

“Have a good day, Mr. Samuel.” She smiled warmly at him as she waved him goodbye.
“Oh you don’t worry about that, Ms. Kirsty. This day just became great.” He smiled at her as he left. She blushed and tried to not shout out in happiness. For the rest of the day, she felt like she was on cloud nine, and everywhere she went she brought that feeling with her, that livened up more than just a few people’s lives.

That same night, she took the kids out to eat at their favorite restaurant. They had a blast, and she enjoyed seeing them happy and was herself all aglow. They all had a good time, and in no time at all were asleep happily in the warmth of their beds. Kirsty, however, could not fall asleep just yet. She couldn’t stop thinking about Samuel, and the electricity that flowed from his fingertips and into her soul. The hand that was held in his still felt warm from his touch, she had to know what it would feel on her body.
She gently massaged her left breast with the hand that touched his, and gasped aloud at the warmth and the pleasure caused by the hand. She began to softly moan as she gently squeezed and massaged her breasts, first the left, then the right. Her legs began to rub together, stimulating the fire that was burning in her loins as she began to caress her stomach with the hand as the other stayed on her breasts, pinching the nipples. Her hand softly rubbed her pubic mound as her hips began to softly rotate, trying to egg on her hand to its destined location. She bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning aloud as she cupped her hot, wet p**** which by now was leaking profusely all over her thighs, her hand and the bed sheets. The room began to fill with the sounds of her self-pleasing and the smell of a hungry p**** begging to be bred. She cupped her hand over her mouth to stifle the loud moan that emanated from it when she jammed two fingers in her wet c***. It was already on fire and begging to be stuffed, but when she felt the electricity that lay in that hand surge into her *****, she immediately came, hard. She began to plow two fingers in and out of her gushing *****, whimpering and moaning as waves of pleasure began to slam into her. She was in the throes of another ****** when she turned around and shoved her head in her pillow, screaming into it as she proceeded to thrust three fingers into her wanton p**** which by now was all but spraying her love juices everywhere. She screamed over and over again as she savagely tormented her p****, slamming her fingers in and out only to rip them from her love hole’s tight embrace so she could pinch and rub her ****.  She stopped momentarily and ripped her face from the pillow, which was now soaked with her tears and drool as she brought her *** coated fingers to her mouth and began to suck and slurp the juices off of them. She moaned as she tasted her own juices; how she loved to be nasty in the bedroom. But still she wished for man to be with her now so she could truly let herself go and be the naughty little tramp she wanted to be. Her p**** reminder her that it was still hungry as it spasmed; she got back on her knees and smiled to herself as both of her hands went to her sopping wet hole, and began to rub hard into her **** and **** lips. Soon however she was once more screaming as she slammed five of her fingers into her tight hole, stretching it to the max, filling her entire body with the intense pleasure and pain she needed to push her over the edge into a ground shacking climax which left her body shaking and exhausted. Tired, and satisfied, she fell into a blissful slumber, her room rank with the smell of her sex.

The next few days felt like bliss for her. Her ************ session did wonders for her mental and physical state. She felt more a live and had a sunnier disposition, and it was all thanks to that Samuel and that single moment where their hands allowed their inner beings to touch. Though she felt silly for thinking such things, he was a handsome man, and probably had a lovely and lucky lady waiting at home for him. Still, she dreamed, and thought of what life would be like when her Prince Charming came along. She was happily humming a sweet tune to herself when she noticed out of the corner of her eye the man responsible for her livelier attitude. Samuel had come in wearing casual black pants, a red button down shirt, and a bright smile. Kirsty felt those butterflies in her tummy again as she began to blush and asked Samuel what she could help him with.

“Well, a few days ago, I was looking in your brochure and was interested in that contest. How does it work?”
She proceeded to tell him about the way the contest worked (hey, do I look like I myself care for how it works? I don’t have the time to speak about it. You figure out how it works.), being thankful for every moment she had being near this man. She could smell his fragrance, and it intoxicated her. It smelled of spice and of summer rain down in the South. He took in her meek beauty; the scent of her hair wafted into his nostrils and drove him wild. The way she spoke drove his brain crazy; he felt as though he were listing to a Muse of God she sounded that beautiful to him. Her skin looked so smooth, he wanted to touch her, but was afraid that he would upset her if he did so he kept his hands to himself. He barely realized she was done when she asked him if he was planning a special getaway for him and his wife.
“Oh I’m not married. I just wanted to know in case I ever find someone I wish to share it with.”
Kirsty’s heart filled up with hope, but as soon as it filled to the brim, the brooding thoughts of doubt began to assault her heart, and she slowly felt the hope dying in her heart. Samuel could see the battle playing out for a single instant before Kirsty covered it up in a friendly smile. Which is why he did something he’d never thought he’d do before.
“Uhm, I know you don’t know me all that well, but I was wondering if you’d care to go out with me sometime, like on a friendly date or get-together. What do you say?”

He had never seen a woman’s face light up the way hers did the moment she heard his request. He also had no idea how much that request meant to her. She was ecstatic, and wanted to just jump in his arms and boldly kiss him right then and there in front of everyone. But she instead said “My ex will be taking our little girls for the weekend this Friday, so how about 7:00 in the evening?”
“Fantastic! May I have your phone number, or would you prefer mine?”
“I’ll give you mine and if you would let me, I’ll have yours, just in case.”
“Very well. 7:00 P.M. it is.”
They exchanged phone numbers and addresses, and with that, Samuel left, happy with himself for taking a chance and asking this lovely creature out on a date. Poor Kirsty had to wait to get home before she could scream and shout in joy, overjoyed in the knowledge that a handsome man had just asked her out. Her daughters knew something was up, and were overjoyed upon hearing the news, unfortunately the same could not be said for her ex when he found out when he came that Friday afternoon to pick the kids up. Kayla, her oldest, wished her a happy night with Mr. Samuel and upon hearing this, became jealous and began arguing with Connie over dating again. Connie was shocked at the way her ex blew up, telling him he had no right to tell her what to do after all he had done to her and the family. Ignoring the facts, he told her she was being selfish and had no business dating again. He turned and marched towards the car and sped off in an angry fashion, leaving Kirsty alone to think and doubt herself again. Was she being selfish she thought? She sullenly proceeded inside of her house, and upon entering her bedroom, stared at herself in the mirror. “Look at me, why would Samuel go out with me? He so handsome, and I’m, I’m…” Kirsty broke down in front of the mirror, and began to cry. Why did he always have to make her feel bad and ruin everything? She lay there, in a heap, crying all alone, not noticing the time. She barely heard the phone ring, but she did. She didn’t know who it was; neither did she want to talk right at the moment either, yet something made her get up and answer the phone. Sniffling, she calmly asked who it was, and a warm smile spread across her face when she heard Samuel’s voice.
“Hi Kirsty, I just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way over there.”
“What time is it?”
“Oh, it’s 6:27. Is everything alright?”
Kirsty groaned inwardly as she realized how long she’d been crying for.
“Oh, oh yes. Everything is all right. I just, I took a nap, and let the time get away from me. I’ll let you in when you get here.”
“Okay, are you sure everything is okay?”
“Yes, I’m fine I’m fine. I’ll talk to you when you get here. Bye.”
“Bye Bye sweetheart.”
Did he just call her sweetheart? Her heart fluttered as she heard those words come out of his mouth. Was he really taken with her? She felt so stupid for crying and being upset with her ex. She was just getting things around the house cleaned up when she heard a knock on the door. She looked through the viewport and saw that I was Samuel, dressed in a nice blue suit with a light pink dress shirt. God he looked so good to her. She tried the best she could to look like she had not been crying, and ushered him in sweetly.  She lowered her head to avoid eye-contact with him; she didn’t want the date to go sour on the account of her crying over a fight between her and her ex. As soon as he was in the living room she quickly moved to the kitchen asking him if he wanted a drink while he waited for her to get dressed. He told her no; curious as to why she did not look up at him. He loved looking into her eyes, as did she, so he knew something was up. He subtly made his way to her bedroom, spotting a wet stain at the foot of the bed. He looked at the stain for a few seconds, trying to figure out what it was, when he heard her footsteps getting closer. As soon as he turned his head he saw her making her way around leading from her bathroom to the bedroom, only for her to stop in her tracks when she looked up into his eyes. He saw her face, her beautiful face, with her eyes puffy and her complexion a mild red; she had been crying for quite some time before he arrived.
“Sweetie, why were you crying?”
She turned away from him and looked at the ground, not wanting to face him and tell him the truth.
“I wasn’t crying. I’ve just been busy cleaning up. There was dust everywhere and irritated my allergies. It’s nothing, honest.”
He knew she was lying, but did not blame her for doing so. She had a reason for it, but he didn’t want her to have to lie and keep everything in. He gently brought his hands to her shoulders, noticing her body shiver at his touch, and gently turned her around. He placed one of his fingers up under her chin and softly lifted her face up until she was looking directly into his eyes; a single teardrop rolling down her face.
“You do not have to lie to me, Kirsty. You can talk to me. I will listen, and I will not hurt you. I Promise.”
So much honesty and sincerity lay in that one sentence. Kirsty never heard a man so lovingly tell her that, along with the warm look in his eyes. She couldn’t hold it in any longer; she broke down in his arms and began to cry into his shoulder. He held her close to him, whispering everything would be alright as he gently rubbed her back. They stayed like this for a while, letting her get it all out, until she calmed down enough to speak about what made her cry so much. He listened intently as she told him about her ex and how poorly he treated her. How he hurt her emotionally over and over and over again. How he ran into the arms of another woman while leaving her to take care of their children. His heart mourned for her at the knowledge of the loss of her son, and the indifferent attitude her husband had over such a loss. His heart ached as he heard of all the things she had to go through in the past few years, all the while promising himself to make things better for her.
Finally, when she was done talking, she looked up into his eyes, and saw tenderness and compassion residing in them. He cupped her face in his hands, and spoke the most loving and kind words she’d ever heard of in her life (well, second most anyway).
“Ms. Kirsty, so much pain and agony you’ve had to suffer; no one woman should ever have to go through that in her life. You are a remarkable woman; and your ex is an utter fool for giving you up for his own selfish needs and wants. You are so kind and gentle, and hearing about the love you have for your children makes my heart fill with joy. You deserve to be happy, and to be loved and taken care of by a man. If you allow me, even for just one day, I’d love to show you how a real man treats a woman.”

After hearing that, shed give him an eternity to make her feel that way. A smile crept upon her face as they both stood up and prepared her fro the night out. Neither were disappointed that night.

That night was magic for them. They went to a nice restaurant, and spent most of the time talking and discussing trivial matters, as well as what the liked and enjoyed doing. He made her laugh and giggle like a little girl again, and she made him smile and stare at her in awe and wonder at some of the trials she had overcome in her life. But the best part was when the band began to play, and he asked her to dance. To dance! Never had she been asked to dance in so long.  She hesitated a moment before placing her trust in him, and leading her to the dance floor. For the rest of the night, they danced to the slow, gentle ballads emanating from the band. He held her close to him as she lay her head on his chest and slowly fell in love with this man. She fell in love with his scent, the beating of his heart, the way his hands moved gently up and down her back. He made her dream come true, though he didn’t know it. She didn’t want this night to ever end. But sadly, they had to leave; but neither had regrets. They drove home in a comfortable silence, basking in the glow of the other. They made their pleasant goodbyes and compliments of the date while waling hand in hand to the door of her house. And just before leaving her company, he placed a small kiss on her lips; shaking her very soul, as well as his, with that one touch. He was on hi way to the car when she cried out.
“I’d love for you to continue showing me how a real man treats a lady.”
He looked back, and smiled happily at her as he told her he’d love nothing more than to grant her wish. She smiled back as he promised to call her later the next day to arrange the next date. With that, he departed for his car, and left for his home.

They both lay in bed happily that night, yet were saddened at still sleeping alone. They both wondered how the other was doing, and if they felt the same way. Samuel couldn’t get Connie’s scent and heavenly feel out of his mind. Her soft skin, her gentle eyes that hid so much; her beautiful smile that filled his heart with joy every time he said something she liked. She couldn’t stop thinking about how deep his eyes were, and hoe great he felt against her body. Though she didn’t always feel like it, he made her feel so beautiful. And the way he held her, she wanted to stay that way with him for the rest of her life. But they were both alone that night in their beds. Still, they went to bed sleeping contentedly, knowing that the days after would lead to more. How much more they did not know, but they held on to the hope that they found the loves of their lives.

The next few weeks were like magic for them. Every time they wet out together, it was as if they were reuniting with their lost soul-mate. They always wore smiles on their faces, and shivered in delight at the most intimate and gentle of touches. On one night, as it began to pour down raining, they both laughed as he tripped over himself and fell down, grabbing hold of her hand and taking her with him when she ran to him and tried to get him up. They both rolled around in merriment and joy as the rain poured down over the two. It wasn’t until he rolled on top of her that they saw the desire each had for the other in their eyes. Time itself stopped as they looked deep into their eyes, wanting to meld with each other right then and there. However, the crash of lighting brought them back to reality and where they were. They hurriedly ran to the car and laughed heartily as they rushed in and proceeded home. It only got more intense when they ran to her door; with her tripping over one of the steps and nearly crashing through the door. She pushed out her arms just in time to save herself, her upper body bent so that her a** stuck out provocatively for him to feat upon (oh yeah, I’m not bothering with the description of their clothing. I’m too lazy for that. USE YOUR OWN IMAGINATION PEOPLE!!!). He however was fumbling over the steps too, and did the same as she; though his reach was higher. His lower body crashed into hers, shoving his pants-covered erection into her vulnerable behind. She gasped aloud at the feel of his hard c*** rubbing against her shorts-covered p****, which was lubricating itself for its lover. They were both panting heavily as his hands wrapped around her mid-riff, bringing her back up. This only helped in rubbing their crotches together all the more harder, making both of them moan silently. Her body began to shake as she felt his breath on her neck, her hands clasping on to his muscular forearms as they were wrapped around her tight. They stayed that way for a while, finally (and regretfully) separating from each other so she could open her door. But he did not want to leave without feeling her one more time, so when she turned around he placed a kiss of passion on her lips, his breath flowing into her mouth, filling her body up with his life. He looked into her eyes, and asked her when would be a good time for him to come over. Her heartbeat quickened, and she began to pant as sudden thoughts of explicit scenarios came crashing into her mind.

“Th-the kids will be departing for their father’s for a whole week two weeks from today. I’ll have the whole house to myself then.”
“Great. Two weeks from today. I can’t wait until then. When do you want me to come by?”
“I’l-I’ll call you the moment they leave. Promise.”

With that, they kissed one last time before he left. She was shaking and panting as she entered the house, her body on fire and in need of the release she craved from him. She ran into her room, slamming the door shut as she tore of her purple shorts and white tank-top. ‘To hell with the socks and sneakers.’ She thought. ‘My p****’s on fire, and I need to take care of it before I die.’ She got on her knees as she rubbed sweet-smelling oil all over her hands. She grabbed at her breasts and tugged at them, rubbing them roughly wishing Samuel would kick down the doors and f*** her senseless. She pulled and twisted her nipples hard, crying out loud as p**** juice squirted out of her in gushes. She grabbed as much of her breasts in her hands as she could get and brought her nipples to her mouth, sucking hard on both of them as she began to experience mini-******* from the ministrations on her nipples. She bit and nibbled at them until they were raw and overly sensitive. When she released them, her hands made a bee-line straight for her hot f***hole, and began to rub her delicate folds in a frenzied manner. She was moaning out loud as the pace of her rubbing quickened, her p**** drenching her hands and her bed in *** as she shoved two fingers inside of herself and began pummeling her p**** with them. On this night however, while one hand was ravaging her aching love hole, her other hand rubbed over her anal rosebud on accident, eliciting aloud gasp from her at the sudden sensation. She bit her lip as she considered doing it again, wondering if she should do it. Lust won out, and her hand began to massage her a**hole tenderly, awaking a pleasure and hunger she had not ever felt before. Her hand massaged deep into her a** as she brought herself off to ****** after ******, her body constantly shaking and her moans and gasps of pleasure coming quicker and quicker. It all came to a crescendo the moment she tenderly wiggled a finger in her tight nether hole, causing her to ***, hard. She screeched out in delighted pleasure as she f***ed two fingers in her p**** and one finger in her a**, crying Samuel’s name over and over again. The wet nasty sounds of her fingers digging into her tight wet holes engulfed the room and her senses, as well as the intoxicating scents they created. It was all too much for her to take; she passed out as her senses were overloaded from the pleasure she was causing for herself. She still lay prone in the same position she was in, her fingers still inside of her love holes. She awoke the next day, sore yet satisfied, with a smile on her face. On wobbly legs, she made her way for the shower to wash the sex and stink off of her. Her sore holes enjoyed the barrage of hot water as she leaned onto the wall and stuck her a** out. She came again to the constant stimulation of hot water against her sensitive holes. She went to work wondering how Samuel made out last night.

(Imagination people. I like to focus more on my female characters more. So you picture how he made out last night. And if you don’t like it tough; I won’t lose no sleep at night)

The next two weeks went painfully slow for the both of them. Time seemed to be torturing them with its slow march onwards. Their time together, though short and filled with anticipation, was still well enjoyed and pleasing to both. The days seemed to meld into the other as their work seemed monotonous. Alas, the big day finally arrived, yet both were on edge. They worried over whether or not something would go wrong. What if they weren’t really meant for each other? What if they went too fast? What if they went to slow? Would either of them be good for the other? These and more questions filled their mind as they got ready for that night. Randall, the ex, sensed something as well and confronted Kirsty about it as he came to pick up the girls. Both got into another confrontation; John angered at the thought of not getting a second chance with his ex while Kirsty annoyed at the idea that John wanted her to take him back. There would be no chance in that, and she voiced that to him. John, not wanting to leave in defeat, told her that she wouldn’t be good for anybody, that she was little more than a used up c***. He stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind him, as Kirsty sat herself miserably down onto her couch. Tears streamed down her face as his words punched and sliced at her heart. Why would someone say something so mean to her? Especially Randall; after everything she had to put up with and endure from him. Why couldn’t he let her be happy? She was close to breaking down, until she realized something; Samuel knew of everything she had to go through in life, and he still considered her a beautiful, amazing mother. It didn’t turn him off that she had children; that incident a few weeks back told her that personally. He was turned on by her; everything about her was amazing to him. Though he had yet to say it, he was in love with her; and she was in love with him. The Hope planted in her heart by him shined out and killed the poisonous words spoken by John that was slowly coursing through her body. With determination and vigor, she got herself ready; washing her body thoroughly and pampering herself with scented oil and an intoxicating perfume she never wore before. As she passed from room to room, the scent of her remained. She turned off all the lights in the house, and replaced them with the warm glow of candles. In the middle of preparing the living room, she heard a soft knock on the door, a knock she knew to be her lover’s. Her heart began to beat faster. Her lips (both of them) began to quiver in anticipation as she slowly made her way to the door and opened it for her much wanted guest. It was pouring down rain behind this magnificent specimen; she hadn’t realized it was raining she was so busy. He towered above her generous 5’6 frame, clad in a gray jacket covering his dark blue polo shirt. His long muscular legs were comfortably covered in denim jeans; his tan work boots added an inch or two to his already tall frame. She warmly welcomed him in as they both sought reprieve from the harsh cold rain. He was transfixed with how she glowed amongst the warm light of the candles; so alluring yet reserved in her purple blouse and white skirt, her tender little feet hiding in a pair of black 3’ close toed pumps. Her smooth skin looked so delicious to him. How he wanted to touch her, to taste her; to take her then and there amongst the light of the candles. But he was her guest, and more importantly he wanted this to be a meaningful relationship, and did not want to scare her by being so forward, so animalistic. He would wait; if only he knew though how she felt right then. She teased him; walking in a fashion that made her a** wobble, letting him get a show of how she looked. She wanted him to take her, but was too shy to make the first move. So, they tortured themselves as they talked about how they had been feeling the past few weeks, enjoying the company of the other. They both felt the energy flowing between each other, only made stronger by the romantic feel of their surrounding environment. Her legs were tucked under her as she rested her head on her right forearm, listening to him talking about his days. His eyes focused on her as she looked deep into his soul, her breathing slowed as she swam in his eyes, loving every moment she had with him.
“How is it a beautiful man such as yourself has not already been taken?”
He stopped as he heard those words, remembering his torn and agonizing past. The pain of his past registered on his face, and for a moment she feared she had messed up in a big way.
“Oh, I’m so sorry Samuel, I didn’t mean to cause you to take offense or hut you. I…”
“No it is alright Kirsty. You did not hurt me; actually you’ve helped me forget about it and trust women again.”
She was amazed at how much she helped him and meant to him. She never mattered that way to a man before.
“I have? But I really haven’t done anything.”
“Oh yes you have. Before I met you, I was still suffering from the betrayal of my former fiancé. You see, where I’m from, very few of us actually make it out of the slums and make something of ourselves. Hell, most of my family is either druggies, in jail, or dead. But I, I had a talent for number crunching, and designing software for computer companies. It was hard work, but I managed to pull myself out of that wretched place I used to live, and made something of myself, all the while making a decent sum of money. But I suffer from shyness, still do to this day. I was invited to an after-works party a former associate of mine was catering to do a successful sell of one of our programs. It was there I met her; Ivy. She was bold, beautiful, and had a wicked tongue that could cut through anyone’s defenses and hurt you deep. Eyes the color of blue marble, raven-colored hair she kept in short length, skin the color and smoothness of caramel; a complete and utter vixen. I kept to myself most of the party, but she saw me, and slithered her way to me like a snake setting its sights on a tasty victim. When she came up to me, I was nervous, fumbling with my words, and was shaking so much I spilled my drink all over me. She seemed to have enjoyed it though, and seduced me with her sliver tongue. I soon fell head-over-heals in love with her, and thought I found my dream girl. We went steady for a few months, her spell over me was powerful, and she twisted me around her lithe fingers, getting me to by her things and take her places. After awhile, I surprised the both of us with a wedding ring, asking her to be my wife. I should have known better; for a split second she looked at me fearful, only to put the mask of the seductress back up and said yes. I was in Heaven; I never thought I’d be happier than I was at that moment. All seemed well; until I noticed she would come home late, or would leave the house before I woke up, claiming her work hours were scheduled for her to come in early. Then there were the phone calls from a man claiming to be her cousin, saying he had just moved in the area and had wanted to see her and spend some time with her. At first I thought nothing of it, even inviting him one night over for dinner; what a nightmare. There was so much tension between the two of them that she was constantly annoyed and yelled at me for the littlest thing. She grew cold and distant in bed, saying she was too tired from work. I was feeling stress from work, and from how she was behaving as well, so I decided to take a few days off and head on to visit what was left of my family. I was only a half hour from home when I forgot something important and turned back. I rounded the corner and was barely three houses from mine when I saw his car parked outside. My day turned dark, and my heart began to beat heavy in my chest. I didn’t want to believe it, but the instant I was in the house and heard the noise emanating from her mouth; I knew what was going on. They didn’t hear me come in, and I covered my mouth to keep them from hearing my cries. At first I only felt the pain of her betrayal; but the pain quickly turned to cold, dark anger as I sat myself calmly down on my couch. My house, she was cheating on me in a house I bought, in a bed that was mine before it was ours. I waited, my anger growing with every passing minute and moan, for them to come out and confront me. They came out of the room stark naked, wearing only the smell of sex and satisfied smiles; smiles that soon contorted to looks of horror as their eyes fell upon me. I told him to get out of my house before he had to be carried out on a stretcher, and for her to sit down so I may talk with her. He wasn’t really a strong man; but neither was I back then. But it was the look in my eyes that made them listen to me;  my mother told me you could tell I was dangerous the moment you looked into my eyes while I was angry. Something I and my father share. He left without question, and she sat down, her mind working on a logical excuse as to why she did what she did. But I knew better. I told her quickly to give me back the ring, get all of her stuff and get the f*** out, and to never contact me again. She tried to defend herself but I screamed at her that she had no excuse or reason for why she cheated on me. She was selfish and cruel, and that I did not want any part of her in my life anymore. So I told her to leave, or I would make her leave by way of force; she left without responding. Soon after I sold the house, changed my phone number, and moved here. Two years ago she burned me; I’ve never heard from her or of her since. Thankfully, I made enough money and had a clean good reputation that has allowed me to start anew here. But being alone, for al this time, hurt so much. What she did to me hurt more than any other person could.”

He was so lost in his pained memory that he did not notice the tears rolling from his eyes, nor did he hear her silently crying for him. He was such a wonderful man, and to know he was betrayed so callously by someone who ‘loved’ him was horrible. She moved close to him and held him to her, both silently crying. So much pain, so much sadness both has faced, and to finally be with the one person who understands more than anyone was breath-taking. Soon the crying stopped, and they just held each other, refusing to let go. Their respective scents began to ensnare the other, and they raised their heads to a point their noses touched, their breathing became as one. The room was filled with the sounds of their panting, and they opened their eyes to find lust filling them. It only took a second for them to register in their minds what they wanted, what they needed; each other. Time, the world, the whole damn Universe stopped the moment their lips touched and united each other together. You could have heard the Angels rejoicing in Heaven as they finally melded as one being, a perfect whole (Hey you don’t like this, go read the other **** they got. I’m trying to convey something more important here. Besides, you know you wished your first true kiss with the person you loved felt like this.). They moaned into each others mouths, as they opened to let their tongues dance with each other; their hands caressing their flesh, warming the other’s body. They were like the perfect portrait, two true lovers anointing each other with their saliva and their warm caresses. His hands rubbed her love handles, making her sigh and moan in pleasure into his mouth as her fingers rubbed into his back, making him shiver and gasp aloud, breathing into her. Their hands made love to each others bodies as their mouths created romantic music together. Their tongues swapped their spit and essence to the others as they held each other tighter and tighter, trying to come together even tighter. But they knew unite as a perfect whole. He released each other from the embrace, watching in lust as she bit her lips and looked up at him in nervous expectation. She liked his nose, causing both to laugh as his hands worked their way up her blouse. Her head leaned back, exposing her neck as his hands caressed the warm, soft flesh of her breasts. He lowered his mouth to her neck, knowing what she needed, and began to suckle on her soft flesh. “MMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHH” she moaned as her whole body simply gave into him and her hands went to his, helping him stimulate her sensitive lady companions. “Yes baby, harder.” She whispered softly to him as his hands groped and tugged at her soft pillows of flesh, her hands gripping tighter to his. He licked and sucked on her neck, feeling her breathing quicken as his fingers found her nipples ad pinched them. “OOOOOOOHHH, baby you’re gonna make me ***.” She whimpered as he pulled and twisted them. To her chagrin, he released her for a moment so he could push her blouse up just enough to expose her full, succulent breasts. She leaned onto the headrest behind her, scrunching her breasts between her forearms as she raised her legs up beneath them, giving him a view of her smooth things and her dripping wet p****. She wanted to be ready for him; panties would have only gotten in the way. She looked up at him and in an innocent voice she asked “Do you like my breasts? They are so sensitive; they don’t always get played with. My husband never liked to, but they love to be played with. What do you think of them?” as she bit her bottom lip, waiting for his answer. He licked his lips as he saw the magnificent offering before him. “
“Your husband was a God-damned fool to have not played with these ladies. They look so delicious right now. May I play with them?”
“Oh baby please play with them. They’ve been wanting you to play with them for so long. And don’t worry about being rough with them baby. They love being roughed up.”
He didn’t waste a second; he dove face first into them and began to bit and nibble at the soft creamy flesh. “OH GOD YES BABY YES!!!” she cried out as he mauled at her full breasts. His teeth sank into her heavenly flesh, causing her to scream in delight as her p**** began to gush its lubricating juice allover them in eager anticipation for what would come. She was so close, he could feel it; her whimpering and constant head turning was a clear indication. He wanted her to enjoy every single instant of this, so he prolonged it by tearing his mouth away from her soft flesh, his hands replacing where his mouth was as his mouth wound its way to her left ear. He licked and nibbled at it, making her whimper harder and harder, tears streaming down her face in as the joyful torment continued on.
“You want me to make you *** baby?”
“Oh yes baby! Please; I’m going crazy. My p**** needs to *** so bad. I’ll die if I don’t. Please please please!!!?”
“Oooooh, you are one hot b**** you know that right?”
“YES BABY YES! I’m your b****, and your b**** needs to *** right now. I beg of you, please let me ***!!!!!!!”
“Your wish is my command baby.”
With that, his mouth sought her flesh again, nibbling from her ear to her soft ***-flesh again. In one single instant, he pressed her soft globes of flesh together and sucked in as much as he could, biting at her nipples, while his hands dove for her exposed **** and began to palm f*** her gushing c***. She couldn’t take it; with a loud scream she let it known to the world that the hardest ****** of her life was hitting her very body. Every single atom of her shook as her p**** erupted its *** all over the place, drenching them all to soaking wet as he hung on to her for dear life, her nipples being ground against his teeth. She whimpered and screamed aloud as wave after wave of intense, mind-bending pleasure hit her from all sides. For five minutes she was like this, her whole body in a constant state of euphoria and orgasmic pleasure. When her ****** began to subside, he released himself from her, sitting up to take in her majestic beauty. Her eyes slowly opened as she came to her sense, a smile forming on her face as she stared adoringly at the man responsible for the greatest ****** she ever had. “Beautiful” he whispered as he looked over her entire being. She giggled as her hands began to caress her soft flesh.
“Baby, I could watch you like this forever and be content. You need not do anything for me baby.”
“Uhuh baby, you aren’t getting away from me. I’m hungry for you; all of my holes are. And the first one to be fed is my mouth.”
She lunged for him, her mouth began to suck and bite all over his exposed flesh. It was his turn to writhe beneath her and moan aloud as her tongue and mouth sought out what she desperately wanted. She suckled n his nipples as her hands desperately sough to remove the restraints of his pants. As the both of them did away with his pants, tossing them to a dark corner of the room, her mouth made a trail down past his belly-button and through his thick forest of pubic hair. She removed her mouth so she could view what she had in store for her. She gasped aloud as she looked upon the most beautiful c*** she had ever seen. 9’ of rock-hard **** was waiting for her. Her trembling hands attempted to wrap themselves around it, but couldn’t; he was too thick for that. Slowly, she maneuvered her face mere inches away from it; taking in his heady scent which engulfed her senses in wanton lust. With quivering lips, she slowly kissed the tip of his d***, making him gasp as he looked upon this heavenly beauty make oral love to his c***. Her lip slithered out of her mouth and licked from the tip all the way down to the base, coating him with a fine coat of her saliva. She kissed the tip again, only this time allowing the entire head to slide into her mouth, though it was no easy task. He was thicker than most mean, so it took her some time to do so. But she was able to suckle in a third of him, slurping and drooling all over that big hunk of man-meat. She looked up at him in lust as she moved her head on and off that big c***, making all kinds of wet noises as she engulfed him over and over again. It was when she got half of him inside her face that she felt his hands wrap around her hair and began to assist her. She loved the feel of his c*** sliding in and out of her mouth as her drool fell onto her luscious breasts. She moaned over his c***, the vibrations sending waves of delight all throughout him. Suddenly the animal within him took over, and began to shove her face on and off his ****, making her take in more. She loved him dominating her like this, and moaned over and over as her eyes closed and her mouth suckled on him as it pummeled her face.
Her p**** squirted her love juice over and over again as wave after wave of pure pleasure hit her while he shoved as much of his c*** into her mouth as she could take. She gurgled as he forced his c*** deeper and deeper into her mouth, cutting of her breathing. A part of her wanted to panic and force him to stop, but the rest of her wanted him to use her like this; she enjoyed it, got off on it. She needed this; she wanted this. But she wanted him to know that he was going a little to fast. Her hands found his thighs and pushed him back gently; just enough to know he was going too far and needed to relent a little. He understood the need, and backed off, sliding his c*** out of her mouth so she could breathe. When all of his c*** came out, a gush of saliva and pre-*** spewed from her mouth and went everywhere. He chuckled a little at that.
“MMMMM, you took a lot of me in your face, but not all of me. You wish to try again?”
She looked up at him like a wanton s*** and nodded her head yes.
“Oooooh baby, your d*** is so big and tastes so good. You even made my throat ***. But please be a little more gentle baby, I almost passed out for a second there.”
He looked down at her and nodded his head, bringing his hands to the back of her head again and proceeded to shove her mouth back on his c***. She gladly took him back in, making slutty noises as inch after inch sank into her mouth. They worked as much of his c*** as she was comfortable with into her face before proceeding to get her to deep throat him. It took a few minutes to coax it in, but soon her throat gave way and he buried himself to the base inside of her mouth. The feeling was exquisite as her tongue, mouth, and throat massaged his c***, trying to get him to *** in her. The feel of him in her throat drove her wild, and she began to *** as he pulled out and shoved back inside of her. He used her mouth to please himself for a good while, her hands resting on her thighs as she looked up in contented bliss as he f***ed her face. He wanted to *** inside her mouth so bad, but wanted to feast on her p****, and plant his seed where it truly belonged. So with sadness but acceptance, her removed his c*** from her mouth, leaving it there for her to cleanup with her tongue. She smiled at him as she tongue bathed his big d*** until it was clean, giving it one last kiss before letting it go.
“Are you ready to be taken to bed honey?”
“Oh yes baby. I can’t wait for you to f*** me like the b**** I am. It’s already made my throat *** as well as my p****. I can’t wait for it to fill me up.”
He smiled warmly at her as he surprised her by picking her up and carrying her to her bedroom. She giggled as she looked at him with love and lust.
“Oooooh, I’ve never been carried to my bed before to make love. How romantic.”
“As I said before, I want to show you how a real man treats a lady.”
“Baby, you’ve treated me like a queen. You don’t know how happy you’ve made me.”
“But I am far from done, my love.”
Her heart lit up with joy at hearing him call her his love. Did he really love her? Oh please let him say those three blessed words soon. He laid her down and helped remove all of her clothing, nibbling no her soft flesh as she writhed beneath him, wanting him to fall forever into her and fill her to complete fullness. He climbed on top of her, his c*** rubbing against her soaking wet slit. She moaned aloud at the feeling, spreading her legs wide as he rubbed up against her. He began to lick his way down her neck, engulfing her breasts with kisses and love-bits, past her belly-button, stopping for a few seconds to blow some raspberries in them. Like a little kid having fun with a dear friend, she giggled hard and rubbed her hands playfully and lovingly along his face and back. He then licked a trail down her lightly forested nether regions, causing her breathing to quicken ant for her to get up on her elbows and look down. She spread her legs as wide as they could go, offering her plump, juicy and waiting p**** for him to feast on. She was so juicy, and her smell was intoxicating him so. He became dizzy, his senses pushed to the edge by her beautiful c***. He planted a deep kiss on it, causing her to gasp and moan aloud, only to whimper in displeasure as he proceeded to plant kisses and tongue bather his way down her legs. She couldn’t help but giggle and wiggle beneath him as his tongue found her ticklish places, his mouth sucking on her small dainty feet. He went from one leg to the next, giving her the full service. No area was left unattended, and by the time he came back to her hot p****, she was a hairs breath away from teetering over the edge into orgasmic bliss. He stopped right at her vaginal folds, and looked up. She looked down, and mouthed the word please to him and then bit her bottom lip, waiting eagerly and wantonly for him to do it. He looked up at her, love shining in his eyes, as he snaked out his tongue and gave her p**** a loving French kiss. He shoved his tongue deep into her as her sucked her lips into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on them with his teeth. She took in a deep breath and let out the loudest wail of her life, being shoved over the edge and diving headlong into the Abyss of orgasmic pleasure. Her legs began to violently shake as she screamed and screamed aloud, nearly taking out all the windows in the house. The entire neighborhood heard her ****** over and over again. Most knew what it was, and more than a few were sexually aroused into retiring to bed early that night, for their own love making. Save fore one old couple that proceeded to bicker and argue as to why they stopped having sex.
“Why don’t you touch me anymore!?”
“Oh for the love of God Wilma, leave me alone already. I told you once already, after that last time it’s too weird for me.”
“You shoved two fingers in my a** and called me Harold!!! WHO THE F*** IS HAROLD!!?”
“………No one.”

(Anyway, proceeding with what was going on)
She drove two of her fingers through his attack and scooped up as much of her love juice as she could and brought it to her mouth, sucking all of the juices off of her fingers. She began to suck on her fingers and moan while he continued his assault on her soaping wet p****. Soon however his c*** made it known that he wanted to get in on the action. Realizing this, he climbed back on top of her; making Kirsty gasp as she realized what was about to happen. “Do it baby! F*** my p**** baby! Pound it, pound it!” she cried out as she spread her legs wide, opening her p**** for his big c***. He drove his tongue into her mouth, sloppily kissing her and letting as much of her remaining *** fall into her greedy mouth. Her fingers clawed at his back, eliciting growls from his throat as he positioning himself above her.
“You ready for this big d*** baby!?”
And with that he shoved his **** into her tight f*** hole, burying over half of himself inside of her. Again she screamed aloud, her c*** muscles working his c*** for his creamy life milk as he stayed within her, letting her get used to him. She closed her eyes tight as she was pummeled with ****** after ******, her body shaking beneath him as she experienced the greatest pleasures any woman can face. When she opened her eyes, tears of love streamed from her face, and Samuel couldn’t help but say “I love you.” To her. And he meant it; this was his dream woman; the person he waited his whole life for. And now he was finally with her, and he could not ask for more (well, perhaps a family, friends, a few boys and girls running around, driving him insane. His own private island complete with THE BRAND NEW ACME DEATH RAY!!!ONLY FOR THE LOW LOW PRICE OF $4,999!!! NO PRIVATE ISLAND IS COMPLETE WITHOU IT!!! Order now.). This only brought forth more tears from her, as she knew he was telling the truth, and replied “I love you too. And I want you in my life and in my girls’ lives too. I want to be your lover, your soul-mate, your b**** in bed. I want to be your everything.”
“You already are my everything Kirsty.”
They kissed the kiss of life-mates, as he sank himself completely into her. Finally, they were as one, and both knew it. He removed himself from her hot depths, and slowly filled her all the way up again. She moaned into the kiss as he began to slowly make love to her, his pace going slow, letting both of them experience every single minute ounce of pleasure. They broke from the kiss and looked into each others eyes, as he slowly began to quicken the pace. She moaned beneath him, as he groaned his pleasure. Every so often when he was all the way in her, he ground his pelvis into her crotch, making her shiver and mew in delight. The joy of their lovemaking was like the most beautiful of music to their ears, and they closed their eyes, moaning and groaning at the intense pleasure coursing through them. She wrapped her legs around his waist, forcing more of his c*** to disappear into her body. He groaned in utter satisfaction as he felt her velvet, vice-like p**** suckle on his c*** for his ***. They ground their bodies together, wnjoying every nuance of pleasure received. Soon the pace was quickened, his c*** move quickly in and out of her. She bit her lips to stifle her continuous moaning as he quickly f***ed his c*** deeper and deeper into her. Soon, he was assaulting her p**** with his thick rod, bringing her closer and closer to ******.
He knew what she wanted, and ripped his d*** out of her, flipping her over in less than a second, causing her to gasp in surprise and moan out her approval as he got behind her and shoved her lowered body onto the bed, raising her a** up higher for him to f***. He slapped her a**, causing her to cry out in pain and pleasure, the look on her face that of pure bliss. She looked so slutty and sexy like that. He fisted his c*** as he positioned himself behind her, leisurely slapping her a**.
“So you want my c*** to f*** you from behinds, huh b****? You want me to beat up your p**** until it’ll be sore for the next few weeks, is that it? To just utterly use and abuse your p**** for my pleasure?”
He didn’t give her a chance to breathe after screaming that out; he stuffed her p**** full of his c*** and proceeded to pound her p**** for all she was worth. Her a** jiggled like jelly as he pound his c*** deeper and deeper into her p****. She cried over and over again as the most intense pleasure collided with her, reducing her to nothing more that a pile of utter pleasure hole for him. She spewed out incoherent words in between moans and whimpers as he brutally f***ed her from behind. He f***ed her for what seemed like ages, his steel-hard rod tearing in and out of her gushing p****, relentless in it’s pursuit of dominating her and driving her to endless bliss. She drooled and groaned in delight as he fell on top of her, f***ing her like an animal, biting into her neck while pulling hard on her hair. She came even harder than before on his c*** as he declared dominance over her, turning her into the animal b**** she’s wanted to be for so long for her man (theme song to this part of the story; Closer - NIN). As much as he was enjoying f***ing her, making her his and giving her the sex she always deeply craved, he was about to pop, and was unsure of what to do.
“Baby, I’m about to ***. Where do you want me to shoot?”
“Oh s*** baby, are you on the pill?”
“Baby, are you sure. What if I get you pregnant? What then?”
Hearing this, those words of the most beautiful desire on the planet, made him the happiest man alive. With one final thrust, he shoved his c*** inside of her, burying himself completely within her, pushing past her cervix and stuffing a good two inches of his c*** inside of her womb, and shot the most massive amount of *** he ever shot in his life. Together they screamed in unison, as both experienced the greatest ****** they ever had. Their hands tightly clasped with each others, they experience the greatest testament of all, the unifying ****** of two lovers. Exhausted, satisfied beyond all expectation, and wrapped in the gentle afterglow of ******, they lovingly spooned with each other, whispering softly I love you over and over again, and fell asleep.

Kisty woke up in the middle of the night. What a great dream she had, though it sadly had to end. She was just about to get up when she felt the arm of her lover wrap lovingly around her, keeping her from leaving his side. Samuel; so it wasn’t a dream, it really happened. She began to softly cry in joyful love, as she looked up and thanked God for making her dream come true. She wouldn’t be alone anymore in life, for now she had finally found her soul-mate. The man she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. She couldn’t be any happier, until she rubbed her belly, and realized that he indeed shot his life-giving seed inside of her. She turned to face him, and gave him a loving kiss on his forehead and lips, awaking him from his slumber. He looked up wearily for an instant, before smiling at the sight of her.
“Kirsty, my love, what are you doing.”
“I awoke to find you hear, and am the happiest girl of all. Thank yo

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