Teacher Conference

The moment I stepped through the school doors I was ready for a fight. My daughter’s math teacher had pushed me to the limit where a teacher conference was my only hope. I had dealt with arrogant and heartless teachers before but this guy took the cake. The thudding of my heart was vibrating inside my ears as I knocked on the door marked “Mr. Murphy- Math.”  I waited until I heard the sound of a man’s voice through the half open door and then entered with intention. The classroom was completely empty with the exception of a tall man who had his back to me as he wrote on the chalkboard. He spoke to me as if I were a child and didn’t bother to turn his head and look at me, “Please have a seat in the front row, I will be right with you.”  I could feel my temper growing with every second that passed as I tried to control myself. I pulled up a chair from the front row and sat it in front of his desk as I felt my cheeks flushing red with anger. How long I had waited for this, the meeting where I could finally tell him what a disgrace he was to the school system and that he didn’t deserve to be a teacher. Mr. Murphy finished writing the next day’s homework on the board and spun around to face me. What I did not expect was the brilliant blue eyes framed with dark lashes and a large sexy smile. Taken aback by his appearance, I paused. He walked to me and reached his hand out, “Mrs. Taylor, I’m glad we finally get a chance to talk!” I felt the bottled up emotions I had walked into the room with suddenly deflate like a party balloon. I stammered a shaky, “Good to meet you” and tried to smile without looking fake. Mr. Murphy began talking about my daughter’s grades and some of the problems she was dealing with in class but all I could do was nod and stare. He looked to be in his early forties, with medium brown hair that had grayed near his temples. He wore tortoise shell glasses that accented the color of his olive colored skin and the caramel stripe in his dress shirt. I tried not to look directly into his piercing eyes so I brought my gaze lower to his mouth. What a mistake that was! His full pouty lips spoke slowly as his deep sultry voice filled the room. Before I knew it, my head was reeling and I started to feel a little lightheaded. I noticed that Mr. Murphy had stopped talking at this point and was looking at me with concern. “Are you okay Mrs. Taylor?” he said as he stood and touched my shoulder. “I’ll be fine, but please call me Nikki” I responded.  He once again took a seat across from me and then waited. I felt my heart beat slowing the more I avoided his gaze so I took a deep breath, stood, and let everything out I had come in to say. I spouted my disapproval and disappointment all in one long drawn out soliloquy and found the longer I talked the angrier I sounded. Rounding the desk so I was standing directly next to him and looking down into his face, I said my final words, “My point is…” I never had the chance to finish. His beautiful eyes met my own as he removed his glasses and stood, barely inches from my face. I could feel the warmth of his breath, which had grown quite erratic, with what I thought was anger. The next thing I knew, his lips were pressed to mine and his arms had pulled me close in a passionate kiss.

I tried to pull away, shocked by what had just happened but his arms were strong and unyielding. His tongue entered my mouth in search of my own, as I closed my eyes and moaned. Out of breath he stopped briefly, placing his lips next to my ear he whispered, “Your point?” My legs grew weak as I reached up and grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him back to my eager mouth, yearning for more. As we embraced, his hands moved up my back to my neck, running his fingers deep into my tousled mahogany hair until tangled. He reciprocated, by pulling my head back and running his tongue down to the nape of my neck and pushing the collar of my shirt aside as he kissed my shoulder. “I have an equation I’d like to show you..” he whispered as he reached beneath my shirt and cupped my large breasts in his hands. I exhaled rapidly as I felt his warm hands release them from captivity and he pinched my nipples hard. Trailing my hands down his chest, I unbuttoned his silky dress shirt and ran my hands down his toned abdomen to his belt. His skin was smooth and hot with perspiration. I slowly removed his belt and unzipped his slacks until I could slide my hand down to his engorged ****, stroking it and enjoying the sensation of it growing larger in my hand.  He started to breath harder and moan as I felt his urgency. He reached around and grabbed my a** as he lifted me, allowing me to wrap my long muscular legs around him. Turning, he lowered me to his desk, scattering papers to the floor in one sweep of his arm. He slowly removed my shirt, paused briefly to take my nipple into his soft mouth and kissed his way downward, carefully removing all clothing in his way. His mouth searching for the warmth that radiated below. When his tongue found its purpose, he teased me by licking and probing until I was on the verge of losing all control. Sensing my passion, he grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge of the desk, pushing my thighs apart with intensity. Before he entered me, he looked me in the eyes and said, “I want to teach you a lesson, Nikki” His hard c*** thrust deep inside me over and over again as I slid around on top of the papers he had been grading. My screams grew louder with each thrust as he pleasured my cl*t with his thumb and he filled me with his hot ***. He groaned loudly and collapsed on top of me. Whispering in my ear, he admitted, “This is the best teacher conference I’ve ever had” I giggled like a school girl and smiled.

I never got to make my point that day but I had a new appreciation for teachers. Mr. Murphy taught me many math lessons that year and by the time summer came, I became an expert at equations.


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Thanks for directing me here, PP! I enjoyed it :)

I would love to do this with some of my students moms.