Allison's Tale


There are 5 ways to get nude pictures of your self.

1)      Hold a digital camera out away from yourself, turning the lens towards your self and snap the picture.

2)      Stand in front of a mirror and take a picture of your image in the mirror. (Watch out for flash flare.)

3)      Use a camera that has a self timer. Activate the timer and then run back into the frame, and wait for the shot to be taken.

4)      Use a squeeze bulb or if your camera has one a remote control. This is a device that you attach to the shutter release on a camera that allow you to take the shot remotely.

5)      Have someone else take the pictures…


Allison had a problem; she wanted to get some nude pictures of herself. For some time she knew what she wanted, but she just didn't know how to go about getting them. She had a digital camera, but every time she went to make her own nudes, she froze up. Her inhibitions were too great, and she always quit before she even got started, either feeling too silly or too wanton to go through with it. And of course asking her husband to take photos of her naked was out of the question. Five years ago Bob's general disinterest in marital sex had dried completely up, and he became a tried up prude that now openly chastises her at the very suggestion of anything carnal. And even though she didn't seem to have the will to make herself go through with her desire, it was none the less ever present in her mind.

So when her friend Tara told her about this mysterious new service company, The Lady's Whim, she wondered if maybe they might be able to help her solve her dilemma. Tara said their company's mission was to provide discrete special personal services to the feminine clientele. Tara's could say enough about how pleased she was with her use of their services. She said that she became a regular ever since her first encounter. She wouldn't say exactly how often, only that it is very often.

So Allison wasted no time in calling their contact number.

"Hello, the is The Lady's Whim. How may we be of service?" a deep sexy male voice answered after one ring.

Allison was surprised that her body instant responded with arousal. Caught off guard, she took a moments pause to answer. "Hi, my name is Allison and I am interested in your services."

"Hi Allison. Can I ask if you have a referral?"

"Yes I do. My friend Tara ********* has given you high praise, and is recommending you to all her close friends."

"Oh yes, Tara is one of a growing number of raving fans. So, what did you have in mind? Any particular fantas… whim that you've been wanting to experience?", the voice on the phone asked apparently almost letting the word fantasy slip out.

"I need a photographer. I need someone to take erotic pictures of me…"

"We have such a man… world renown photographer. He has done photo shoots with all the top female celebrities."

"… I mean nude photos… naked. That's not a problem?"

"Ma'am, the is The Lady's Whim, it goes without saying, there's no problem with you being nude. So, when would you like to schedule your photo session?"

When she hung up the phone, Allison was filled with a strange mixture of sexual arousal (she was very turned on), and misgivings of dread. What had she done? Was she really going to pose naked in front of a strange man, so that he could take pictures of her in the nude? She wasn't sure if she would go through with it when the time arrived, but it sure was exciting to think about what might happen… She was in such a state that she sought out her vibrator for an extended session of self pleasuring as she worked up the courage to see this thing through, once and for all.



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Awesome story well written !!!!

I LOVE erotic stories - and this is just one of many! Great stuff! Thank you!!!

And, of course, she told you all this... Cool...