Allison's Tale Part 2

On the morning of her photo shoot the butterflies in Allison's stomach were so bad it was all she could do to not run to the far corner of her garden and hide. But she steadied herself and waited in her private sitting room. She waited for the arrival of a man, a new man she had never met, (what we would call a stranger), whom she would soon bare herself to, get naked, expose herself to, for the purpose of creating erotic photographic images of her naked self. Oh my God, she kept thinking to herself… what am I doing?

And what was she doing, and why was this proving to be so difficult? What is the big deal with the naked human body? And for that matter what is the big deal with sex? She was so sexually neglected and abused, so very sexually frustrated that her horniness blurred all other concerns, so much so that she had been pushed to her current state of desperation.


But even though her body was constantly screaming for sex, she still had a tremendous amount of inhibition in a couple of different areas. The one she was grappling with right now being that of bodily modesty. From the moment we are born, we are clothed. And as we grow, we are programmed to above all else keep our privates covered. Even an armed bank robber has this social moray so engrained in his psyche that though he might kill to get what he wants, he wouldn't do it naked… that would be immoral. She knew this, but she wondered why is should be so.


But what is the bid deal? Why should nakedness be so forbidden? We all have naked bodies. And there are only two basic models of bodies; male and female. If you're female, the naked female body being the norm is no big deal, and if you're male, male bodies are of no interest. So really the big hang up (beyond the concerns of physical comfort and hygiene) is only over one gender seeing the nakedness of the opposite gender (or more properly the complimentary gender). Well maybe that is understandable… if one considers all the taboos that humans infused into their reproductive behaviors. The key to controlling who had sex with whom and when and where that sex was had, was in the covering up of various parts of the human body. (And though what needed to be covered up has been in constant flux though out time and around the globe, there are few body parts that never were ok to be naked. NOTE: of course there are exceptions to this. There have been tribes of humans that never developed nakedness taboos, and there are places where nakedness is deliberately practiced by an ever growing number of people that have overcome nakedness taboos. But of course we're not talking about these exception in context of Allison's life.)


Of course there were differences in the dynamics of nudity between males and females. There wasn't a equal parity in the ways the two genders considered nakedness. Males tended to be more visually stimulated and keyed off of feminine nakedness. Whereas women tended to be more agitated and intimidated by male nakedness. This polar arrangement results in female nakedness as alluring and male nakedness as threatening. Generally a woman could show herself to a man (without his consent), and he would have a positive reaction to her, but a man showing himself to a woman (without her consent) would probably bring a negative reaction in the woman. This of course is tied directly to the different reproductive roles each gender has. Sex and nudity, nudity and sex; for humans after eons of evolution the two things are inseparably intertwined. Something that no doubt happened after humans started clothing their selves for physical comfort. By discovering clothing technology, our ancestors inadvertently invented nakedness and all that goes with it.


And so, Allison who wanted, to the point of needing, pictures of her naked self, found herself al most ill at the prospect of doing what it takes to get them. How many times had she gotten naked, and pointed her digital camera at herself… and not been able to push the button? (A zillion times.) How many times, when she had welled up the nerve to pushed the button, had she deleted the shot? (Every time.) How many times had she framed herself in a mirror and then chickened out from snapping the picture? (Countless.) She was such a mess. She really couldn't believe the power of her inner inhibitions. Well, she was going to get help. Someone was on their way who would do for her, that which she could not bring herself to do.


She also couldn't believe how aroused she was. Shaking in with a nervous fear much like stage fright, and yet at the same time she could feel the wetness of her sexual excitement. Her husband Bob's suppression of her sexual needs had her libido set to a hair trigger. So with the nervous reluctance, there was also a ravenous hunger that had her quite turned on.


"Ding dong", the door chimes rang out. Allison glanced at the clock, but she already knew it was the moment she had been waiting for. It was the moment her photographer had arrived, right on time. In a few moments, the maid, Theresa, would answer the door, and then bring him back to her sitting room. In a moment there would be no running away, and no more waiting. Oh well, she thought, might as well make the best of this mixed bag of emotions. She hoped to herself that her Lady's Whim guy turned out to be a fantastic as they had been made out to be. She really needed something… something mind blowing to happen.

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Another well written story thanks for sharing !!!