Allison's Tale Part 3

Theresa opened the sitting room door, and Allison heard her saying, "Madam's sitting room", as she gestured into the room.


"Thank you," a deep voice responded.


Allison turned around to catch her first sight of man who had come to "take some portrait pictures". Well at least that is what she had told her maid was going to happen today.


What a very attractive man he was. Strapped down with the customary photo bags of his trade, he was medium height, in good shape. Wavy dark blond hair. He was clean shaven, with good features: strong jaw, nicely shaped nose, and well placed eyes. He wore khaki pants and a polo shirt. He had a rugged handsomeness about himself.


Immediately she felt herself respond physically to him. Her nipples hardened and her breathing quickened. But she kept from staring too long while taking him all in. "Hello, I'm Allison."


Allison, for her part was a very attractive 40 year old. She had kept herself in good shape. Maybe a few extra pounds, but she was no slouch. On the beach or around the pool she could still look good in a bikini.  For the shoot she had chosen a blue dress that buttoned down the front. It had a scoop neck that deplayed her cleavage quite nicely. Underneath she had a matching bra and panty set and a pair of thigh high white stockings. On her feet, she had a pair of black patent open toe pumps with a medium heel.


"Hello… Michael…, ma'am," he responded sounding slightly preoccupied, "but feel free to call me Mike." It was almost like he was surprised.


She reached out her right hand to him, offering it to shake, "I want to begin by letting you know how much I appreciate you seeing me today. I understand that you are in high demand, and that you have worked with some very big names."


He took her hand in his, and gave it a subtle shake. His hand felt very strong, and warm, also soft and gentle "Well, thank-you. It's always nice when ones reputation precedes one. I hope we'll be able to work well together and produce some really fantastic results." His hazel eyes seemed to sparkle as he said this.


"So," Allison asked as he continued to hold her hand, "how does this work. This is a first for me."


"First, let's talk a bit. Half a photographers work is knowing his subject." Then he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it.


A jolt of electricity went through her body. So a bit breathlessly, Allison suggested, "Well then, please take a seat and let's get acquainted."


Mike put down his bags, and then took a seat across from Allison who had also taken a seat. He trying to look very much in control, and her looking very much demure.


"Allison," he began, "what is it that you want me for? Tell me what kind of pictures you'd like me to take."


She took a moment. Originally, she had really wanted him to just and make pictures like she said. But now that he was there, looking so delicious, she wanted him to make love to her. I mean that was really what the Lady's Whim provided women: sexual adventures. Her mind was spinning and she didn't know what to say, so she went back to the first plan. "Mike," she replied, "I need to have some nude pictures taken. And not just nude, but erotic nudes. I want to be a playmate like in a men's magazine. I want you to make sexy pictures of me."


"O.K. This I can do.  But I have a rule, I never break. As an artist, so that I won't corrupt my subject, I must insist that we won't sleep with each other. So don't take it personally, if it seems to you that I don't want you, I'm just being professional, it has nothing to do with your own desirability." He looked appraisingly at her, up and down from head to toe. "Believe me, you are quite desirable."


Allison flushed when she heard him say that. Her tongue absentmindedly licked her lips.  And she felt tingles deep in her body.  But wait, surely this is part of his "act" she thought sex could be included in the fantasy if that's what the woman wanted.


Before she could ask about that, Mike continued. "That being said, tell me why you want these photos. What ultimate goal do you have in mind for these photos? I ask because this has great bearing on what kind of photos will get taken."


"Well, um, … this is…", she had a hard time forming the words.


"It's o.k., you can trust me and I won't betray your trust."


Allison's eyes began to water. But she mustarded up some strength and said, "Mike, I'm missing something in my life. I hope that having these photos, might help me get what I don't have, back."


Mike gave her a look that implored her to elaborate.


"My husband has no sexual desire for me. I am hoping that I can present him with these photos, and it might spark in him some kind of sexual interest."


Mike thought for just a second. Looking into her eyes as if he was peering into her soul he asked, "But couldn't you just entice or arouse him in person? How are the photos suppose to be more arousing that flesh and blood you? You are an extremely sexy woman."


Allison took a second to turn this question over in her mind. Again she felt her body respond with arousal. "I don't know…", her voice began to crack. She drew up her strength again. "I don't know specifically. It just occurred to me, that maybe it would turn him on to have pictures of me like that. Men seem to respond to girlie pictures, right?"


"So why do you need me? Can't you just take some self-pics?"


"Well I tried that, and well, I either couldn't do it, or what I ended up with just looked stupid. I think I am too inhibited or too self-conscious to take my own pictures. I thought that maybe with some help, I'd get better results."


"So these are to be a gift for your husband… who has become uninterested in you sexually?"




"Aren't you afraid that you're rewarding his inattentiveness?"


She grimaced.


"Is he merely board with sex, or is he anti-sex?"


"Board, no anti… no both." There was silence for a few ticks of the clock. "No, he is anti-sex. I am hoping some hot pictures of me, might turn him around about sex. Truth is, he seems thoroughly disgusted at the very idea of sex with me… though I know that a pretty woman can still make him take a second look."


"How long has it been this way?"


"Mike, it's been over five years. Five years of a sexless marriage. Five years of pretending to the rest of the world that we a blissfully in love, while at the same time feeling like life is slipping on by without the special joy sex brings. Five years of thinking about the wonderful sex other women are enjoying that I am not."


"And so you want some erotic pictures of yourself, so you can use them to get your husband interested in sex with you again?"




"O.K. I think I can help you out."




"Yes! But you have to put yourself in my hand, you have to completely trust me following my instructions. Now let me get some stuff set up. I am thinking here would be a great setting. This seems to be your inner sanctum. The maybe some pictures in the bedroom and/or bath."


Allison nodded and Mike began to set things up. He pulled open the blinds on the windows, flooding the room with natural light. Then he turn a settee around so that it best caught the light. He set up a couple of cameras in tri-pods positioning them so that the were pointing at the desk in the corner. He then put a couple more cameras up facing the settee. Next he got his handheld camera out of his bag.


"Ready," he at last declared.



"Let's start with you at your desk. And let's start with some head shots with you fully dressed."


Allison walked around behind her desk. She wasn't sure but she thought she could hear the sound of cameras going off. She made an inquisitive look at Mike.


"Just ignore the sound of my cameras. Pretend they're not here. Don't worry about when I am snapping a shot. Just let me take care of that. I work by taking 50 pictures or so for every picture worth keeping." As he said this the cameras took a few more shots. "Now just sit down behind your desk and look my way with a gentle easy smile."


Allison did this, the best she could. Well the sitting down and looking, but the smile part was a bit difficult.


Mike saw this, and he reacted by coming around behind her. He brought his face close to hers and whispered into her ear, "You are so lovely." Then he kissed her on the neck, just below her ear. It felt so good to her, and a big grin came across her face. Then he quickly stepped back out of the frame and fired off several volleys of shots.


"Now try to look mischievous. Like you're thinking about seducing your man."


Allison tried to do this, but mischievous just didn't happen.




"Yes, Mike."


"Is there any other reason for these pictures?"




"Come on you can trust me. I won't tell anyone."


"O.K. There is someone else that I want to give these to."




"Yes, I met this guy over the internet… and well, he shared his pictures with me, and I want to return the favor… so I want to have some pictures that I can send when I want to."  As she confessed this, the quintessential look of mischievousness came across her face… more shots were taken.


"Ah, so you want something to send to a cyber friend. Well now that makes perfect sense." 


A big beaming smile came to Allison's face. And it was promptly captured to disk.


"O.K. great now come around to the front of your desk. Um, sort of sit up against the edge of it." 


She did so, and as she did she maintained a very allusive look on her face.


"Like this?" she asked.


"Perfect. Now lean back, support yourself with your arms out behind you on the desk and sort of trust you breasts up. Yes… good."


The cameras constantly shooting now.


"Here let me help," Mike said and he approached her again. This time he ran his hand over both her breasts, giving her a nice stroking. Instantly her face lit up. And he was out of the shot again taking many shots of her like this.

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Mar 18, 2009