Allison's Tale Part 4

Allison's expression changed instantly. Classic "deer in the headlights" replaced "woman feeling very turned on". She hesitated for a moment, and then did as she had been asked. Her hand reached up for her the top button of her dress. But it was a shaky hand. A scared hand. And then her eyes went to fixed straight ahead to, pleading, "help me, I don't know about this".


Mike was supportive, "Ally, it's o.k." And he moved back, close to her. He bent his neck and whispered into her ear, "you can do this. You have this within you, I can see the deep down sexuality that is within. You are so very sensual and sexy. Trust your body, listen to it." And then he kissed her ear lobe, and then kissed below it on her neck. And then he kissed her neck again.


He felt her body relax, and he could even sense that her hand stopped shaking. He felt her knees release, and knew that if she hadn't been supporting her self against the desk she might even have buckled. His lips moved up to her ear again and he took part of it in his mouth. His tongue traced along it's curves. This gave her a very sly smile, which he captured in a picture… that sly smile with her fingers on the top button.


"Now unbutton that button and then the next one, and then open up that much of the dress… and keep thinking you are doing this for the pleasure of your lover." Photos are snapped. "Yes that's marvelous. Oh god, you are smoldering. Here, let's stoke that flame a wee bit."


Mike then moved back up to her, and then placed his two fingers on the side of her neck where he had been kissing her. His touch seemed to reignite the feelings of those kisses. Her eyes closed half way. As she enjoyed these sensations, the photographer traced those fingers down her neck, around from the side to the front, and then down further across the top of her sternum and up the rise of her right breast, under the rim of her bra cup, right to the nipple of that breast. His fingers circled her ever hardening nub, sending waves of pleasure through out her entire body. And then at the peak of that sensation he stepped back a took another series of pictures.


"Oooooooh," was all Allison could say. She stayed in that moment of pleasure until is subsided, posing without thinking as she savored the thrill.


Mike gently gave the next instruction, trying not to break the mood, "Next, luv, I want you to bend over and unbutton a few of the bottom buttons… starting had the hem and moving up. This will allow your cleavage to be played to great effect. Then as the dress opens up, this will allow your to display those sexy legs of yours. Get a few of those buttons undone and then lean back again like before, but you'll be able to be expressive with your legs.


Allison did exactly what Mike had instructed. And the whole time she did, she had this very wicked grin on her face. Mike was actually getting turned on by the sensuality that she was now projecting. Of course her magnificent body didn't hurt… Mike was such a push over for the feminine form.


"Like this?", she asked.


"You're doing, baby… you've got it going on. Are you feeling it?"


"Yes I am feeling it, Mike. It feels so good…"


Allison was leaning back, her breasts jutting forth and her left leg lifted high out in front of her. You could see the taunt muscles in her calves and lower thigh.


"Now let work on more of those buttons,  honey. Tilt your head down, use both your hand to undo the buttons one by one. Now keeping your head down, look up here into the camera and think about how you are getting naked for this man."


She did, and the picture kept getting taken. In no time, her cute belly was exposed. As the fabric opened up, her navel could be seen. So sexy for such a simple thing. Up above the floral print design of her bra cups could be seen on the parts that had become exposed. And then the top of her panties revealed a matching print, when those buttons had been undone.


"When you get the last button undone," Mike coached, "I want you to let the dress fall open and lets take a bunch of pictures that way. I want you to just show your self off, like you've never done in your life. You're so damn sexy, let it show."


"O.K., I'll try," she said. But by the time the last button was undone, she was once again, feeling the inhibitions and it showed.


Mike looked at this lovely lady, standing there leaning back against a desk in her panties and bra and thigh-high white stockings and black high heels, framed by an open blue dress, and couldn't help but reacted to her natural appeal. He sensed her renewed turmoil, and knew this was not a walk in the park for her: that the inhibitions that dwell deep in most of us were not easily vanquished. It was usually at this point for a first timer that they faced a "make it or break it" juncture. This is the moment when people in their private bedroom lives also make it or break it. This is the moment when the inhibitions win out and everything that follows is pent up, restricted, held back, second guessed, half heartedly performed, and/or run away from, or it is the moment when inhibitions are repulsed, and the self allows it self to enjoy freely its own sexuality.


"Ally, it's o.k. You're alright. Close your eyes and listen." His voice was calming and reassuring.


She closed her eyes.


"There is nothing wrong with what you are doing and feeling. You have every right to be a sexual being. Listen to my voice. Feeling pleasure is not evil. Feeling pleasure is not wrong. It's o.k. to enjoy the pleasures of your body." As he spoke he moved closer to her. "Nod your head."

She nodded.


"Say it. Say it's o.k. to be sexy."


"It's o.k. to be sexy."


"Say, I can give myself permission to enjoy my erotic self."


"I can give….", she faltered.


Mike repeated, "myself permission to enjoy my erotic self."


"myself permission to enjoy my erotic self." Then stronger she said it again, " I can give myself permission to enjoy my erotic self." And again her body relaxed.


As it did, Mike reached out and ran his hand along the front of her upper thigh. He moved upwards and followed the leg up past the top of the stocking, and to the front panel of her panties. He broadened his palm and rubbed the front of her panties, stroking her public mound within. He bent forward and gently pressed his lips to hers.


"Uuuuuuuuaaaaah", she purred.


Mike followed the fabric of her panties downward, curving around her vulva until his fingers were stroking her womanhood. This filled her again with intense waves of pleasure. Involuntarily her legs parted a bit. Here her panties were quite damp.


"Mmmmmmm, yes," she sighed as he continued massaging her between her legs. Then she pressed her lips into his, making for a mutual kiss. She felt her left leg push forward until it made contact with Mike's crotch, confirming what she had hoped as her thigh pressed into a very hard erection hidden in his pants.


It was Mikes turn to moan, "Mmmmmmmmmmm."


Their lips lingered for a bit. And just as hers were beginning to open, Mike pulled away. Allison was once again charged up, and she effortlessly put out all that sexiness for the cameras to capture. Like a seasoned glamour model she played to the lens with total abandonment, sincerely enjoying vamping it up to the max.


"O.K. Drop your dress and let's move over here to the settee to continue."


With a shrug of her shoulders the dress fell back across the desk. She strode over to the settee and then slid onto it.


"Ally, dear, we are going to basically repeat the whole series of disrobement and enticement that we just did with your dress, only this time with your bra and panties. Real easy, before, during, after. Just keep feeling your inner seductress casting her spell on your fantasy man, and letting that mindset show on your face and your body."


Allison nodded and smiled a wicked smile.


"Remember the more turned on you feel the better… it's o.k. to be enjoying this, don't fight the feelings of eroticism."


"O.K. lover boy, you just keep taking the pictures… you think you're hard now, just you wait."


Allison started by taking several seductive poses on the seat as she was. She personified sensuality with her body. The natural light coming in from the windows made her skin glow, and Mike doubted she had ever looked better in her life. He realized that artistically these were going to be gorgeous photos. In the back of his mind, he wondered how much he could get for them from any of the commercial glamour outlets… not that they were for public consumption. He figured they might command a record price, well not as much than say those pictures of MicheleObama he had taken, but they certainly were going to be fantastic pictures.


"Oh I am loving this," Allison purred as she reclined with her legs parted and her breasts pushed forward. "I feel like I am making love." Then she looked directly into the cameras, slyly grinning,  and reached around her back for her bra clasp. But then her brows furrowed.


Mike seeing this said, "Your burning it up woman… you're smoldering. I'm so turned on by you."


She smiled and said, "I keep getting stopped by something in my head. But I'm trying."


"Just allow yourself to enjoy this… forget all the prudish nonsense you've been told by a bunch of sexually repressed prunes. Your sex is a good thing, let it loose. And remember what Yoda said…"


"Yoda?", she asked in disbelief with a slight giggle.


"Yes, he said there is no try, there is only do and do not."


"O.K. you sexual Jedi, here come my twin planets," she said quite amused. And with that she unclipped her bra, subsequently pulling it away from her magnificent globes.


"Oh wow, spectacular, Ally. Your breasts are gorgeous! Yes, that's it. Yes, great. You just keep taking different poses, I'm just shooting off… I mean, I'm just shooting pictures." Mike was more than a bit flustered… nice breasts did that to him, and Allison’s were super nice.


"I bet these make you want to shoot off camera man!"


"You bet they do. Oh I love your areolas… and your nipples they look so hard. Oh yeah that's it hold them up… yeah.. that's good, pressing them together is good."


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Mar 19, 2009