Allison's Tale Part 5

"You really like them?"  she asked, the lust written all over her face.


"Oh yeah!"


"Come here. Touch them. I want you to feel them. I need to be touched."


Mike put aside his hand held camera and then stepped to her, reaching out both hands. Allison threw back her head, as he made contact with her jutting orbs. He cupped her flesh, and her nipples rubbed against his palms. Then he stroked them both capturing each nipple between a thumb and a forefinger. This allowed him to pinch and tug on the erect nubs. Of course this sent waves of pleasure through Allison's body. She moaned and squirmed. But most of all she smiled.


"Oh god," she exclaimed, " I can feel that all the way through my body… right down into my very core." Then she reached out and grabbed at Mike's crotch. Her hand found its indented target: his ****. His very hard, and from the feel of it, very large ****.


Mike leaned closer. He brought his mouth to her left breast and started kissing on it. He let go of its nipple with his fingers, quickly moving to it with his lips. He kissed the rosy bud, and then he lick it, and then he sucked it into his mouth.


Allison put her free hand around the back of Mike's head and pulled him in tight, while the other hand tightened its squeeze on his rigid shaft. His oral ministration on her left boob was making her melt. Her womanhood was liquefying in such a delightful way. She was aware of wanting so badly to start ripping his clothes off and jumping on that wonderful piece of flesh.


As he dragged his mouth from one breast to the other, she tugged urgently at his ****. She thought she could feel it throbbing even through his pants. More waves of pleasure course through her body… same as before just emanating from her right nipple. God how she wanted him.


Mike though, fought the frenzy. He pulled his mouth away from her delights and commenced to taking pictures of her. He caught her in the cutest little pout that this caused. But she didn't stay mad… she just got determined. Determined to get her way.


Immediately she went for her panties. She coyly stuck her fingers in the waistband and began to pull them off her hips. But ever mindful of the larger task at hand she did not rush this.


"I'm going to do it!' she declared. "I am going to show it all to you, Mike. I'm going to show you my most private and most intimate me."


"I know you are, Sweety. I know you want me to fall to your female power. I can see the lust. You're reveling in the erotic joy of your own sexual self. Let it all show."


She slid the panties down her legs, listening to the clicking of the cameras as she did. When they got down to her ankles she was more than ready to be divested of them. Once she got them totally free of her feet, she held them up like a prize.


"Look at me… I'm naked, and raw, and so aroused."


More pictures were taken and Mike added, "and so very sexy. You're a goddess."


Allison threw her panties across the room and then went back to making with the glamour poses.


"Mike, do men like this?" she asked as she spread he legs wide open and thrust her sex forward.


"You know it, Baby. Show off it off woman, there's nothing sexier."


And show it off she did. Now that her inhibitions were totally cast off, she proved to be a glamour natural.


"Yes… women don't realize this, but  male aesthetics revolves totally around the feminine. Woman is man's definition of beauty. And for most men, there's not one inch of a woman that isn't sexually exciting."


"Well get a close up of this," she said as she ran a finger along the folds of her nether lips. "Can you see how wet I am?"


"Oh yeah, no doubt about that. You're glistening."

She then took her fingers and spread herself open. "Is this good? Does it show how turned on I am?"


Mike couldn't help himself. The mouth of her vagina was so alluring. All his mind could think of was sinking himself deep inside that most marvelous of things.


"Oh yeah, that's it… your wet shiny cunny looks so good, looks so hungry…" 


"Go ahead Mike. I want you… I want you to touch me there."


Mike looked up from Allison's beckoning "man eater" and into her eyes. He looked right on in to her very soul, searching for verification of her claim. Did she really want him, his eyes implored of hers. And he found his answer, she did… desperately, she did.


Mike once again put down his hand held camera, and then reached out for her most intimate spot.


"Ooooooooh", she moaned as his hand stroked her.


And when he leaned in with his face and began planting kisses on her inner thigh, she thought she was going to die. Two fingers of one hand entered into her moist grotto, while one finger found her clitoris. The combination along with his hot breath on her very sensitive inner thigh caught her by surprise. Moments earlier when he was sucking on her breasts, she didn't think the pleasure could get any bettter. But it did, and the intensity of these new pleasures triggered an ****** that hit without a hint of its arrival.


Her hips bucked and her body spasmed. "Arrrrrrrrrrr, ooooooooooh," she cried. "Oh my god, I'm *******,  oh I'm *******." Every muscle in her body tensed up and then turned to jell-o and trembled just like a bowl of the stuff is wont to.


"Aaaaaaaahhhh, oooOOOOOOh. Fuuuuuuuuccckkkk." She stammered as she came.


And then silence and stillness:  the tremors ceased almost as fast as they had come. That ****** was like one big explosion of a climaxing, the likes of which she had never experienced. And though it was very complete, it left her wanting more.

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Mar 20, 2009