Allison's Tale Part 6

Mike smiled inwardly at his effect, but did not miss a step. He turned his head towards her other thigh and began kissing the soft skin there. As he did, he kept sliding his fingers in and out of her slippery sheath, and stimulating her hard little love button.


"Oh my god. That feels so good."


Mike pause long enough to say, "You haven't felt anything yet."


With that he took his finger away from her ****, replace it with his mouth. Planting a big kiss right dead center over that knob of Eros, and sending her back into orbit. Then his tongue lashed out and he began to lick at the convergence of her fold, while pumping in and out of her opening with those fingers. Licking turned into circular motions, which turned into strong massaging, which turned back into licks.


It was all Allison could do to endure the pleasure assault on her sex. She squirmed and she rocked and she thrust her pelvis all about. Her legs came aground Mike's head and her thighs clamped against his ears and her heels dug into his back. She reached for her own ****, and finding her nipples she commenced to pinching and pulling on them for added thrills. Well until Mike's free hand came up and took control of her left boob.


This time, as she rode the constant waves of pleasure racking her body, she felt the impending ****** as it approached. Deliciously the feelings collected in her center, and there they grew and grew and grew, like a balloon being inflated with every stroke of Mike's tongue on her ****. She had never experienced this kind of pleasure, and she was loving it. How many times in the past, had she shut down her own enjoyment for the sake of some imagined propriety? Now, some how the erotic photo shoot had released her of all sexual inhibitions… especially the most crippling one, the one that make a person deny their own sexual satisfaction.


She pushed her wet ****** against Mike's tongue getting pleasure visualizing her furry box engulfed by his mouth. His squeezing hand was pumping jolts of pleasure from her breast, that collided all over her body with the jolts of pleasure shooting out of her ****.


"Oh yeah, eat me big fellow," she enthused. "You're gonna make me ***. Eat me out!"


"Mmm mmm," was his muffled response.


"Oooooh, ooooh god. Yeah, yeah, ooooh," Allison was already going over the edge. Her second ****** crashed into existence. "AAAAaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr," she wailed as she thrashed about


Mike kept on sucking at her sweet tangy fleshy nub, like a cowboy riding a bucking bull. Up and down her hips rose and fell, and he just kept on making it happen. 


No one will ever know how long her climax lasted, because nether of them cared to keep track, once her ecstasy began, they both lost track of time and space. When it was over she was quite amazed… and very hungry for more, more, more.


Mike tried to disengage, and return to taking pictures, but Allison had other plans. As he turned towards her with his camera and began to instruct, "O.k. where were we, I want to capture your…", she slid off the seat onto her knees on the floor right at his feet. She wrapped her arms around his legs, pressing her nakedness against them and grabbing at his *** with both her hands.


"No, not so fast. My turn!," she said.


Then before he could complain she reached his belt and undid it, and then had his pants unsnapped and unzipped and pulled down to his ankles in a blink. Then as he stood there "stunned" she ran her hand along the stiff erection in his briefs. As he was by then transfixed, she wasted no mote time in divesting his hips of that bit of cotton. Bingo, there's what she wanted… his naked **** jutting from his furry loins less than an inch from her face. She licked her lips.


She started to lean in, her glistening ruby lips aimed straight for his delicious looking phallic. But before she could get there Mike's left hand made contact with her forehead, stopping her dead.


"Whoa, there," he exclaimed, "not so fast yourself missy."


Allison tried without luck to just push forward despite Mike's blocking straight arm. When that failed she just look up at him with pleading eyes. 


"Grrrrr, why not?"


"I, as an agent of the Lady's Whim, am here to serve your only pleasures. Therefore I am expected to enforce the Lady's Whim code of self discipline. According to our rules, I am not allowed to take advantage of any unfolding of events and do anything for my own gratification."


"O.K. as the client of the Lady's Whim, I hereby explicitly state, that this is something I want for my own gratification. Satisfied?"


"Yes. I believe that is what the client is supposed to say in response if it is their true desire."


"Then, why are you still hold me back?"  she asked with a smirk. 


Much to Allison's delight, Mike promptly released his hold upon her head. She lunged towards her target with her hungry mouth.


Her soft pillowy lips pressed against the soft crown of his throbbing spear. Her tongue slithered out and wrapped itself all around the head. Special attention was paid to the little slit in very tip. "Mmmmmmm," she said, "I love that special way **** tastes."


"Oooooh, I love that way a woman's mouth feels on my ****," was all Mike could say. Now it was his turn to feel his legs almost buckle.


Ally chuckled to herself and then gave the hot piece of meat a lick from its very base all the way up to the tip. Mike moaned a low moan. Ally lick again, and again, each lick eliciting another moan.


After a half dozen licks, she went back to the head taking the end of **** into her mouth. Once she had him inside she swirled her tongue around and around loving the feel. She also began to pump the rest of his **** with her right hand. The combination of her mouth and hand together had Mike in sheer ecstasy.

















































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Mar 23, 2009