Allison's Tale Part 7

Sucking on Mike's tasty tool made Ally even hotter. Her left hand, after making a few cursory caresses of her ****, made its way to her wet ******. Her fingers felt wonderful as they slid alone her slick nether parts. As she frigged herself, she was surprised just how charged she continued to be. Well, not too surprised, because she knew just how aroused she always got when she sucked ****.


Her left hand down below found and kept the same rhythm as her right hand pumping Mike's shaft, and both hands kept time with her sucking mouth. She was giving Mike the sucking of his life, and having a blast herself while doing it. She didn't know who was going to *** first, but she sensed that either of them would explode at any second.


"Aaaaaarrrrrg!" it was Mike who "arrived" first. As he did,  he let out a deep animal growl at the instant of his climax. His hot seed pulsing into Ally's hungry mouth. The warm cream filling her mouth with its one of kind flavor. (Definitely an acquired taste, as they say, but one that she had acquired and come to relish.)


His first blast, and that moan of his, sent a jolt of electricity through her body. It triggered her own impending ******, which slammed into her being. Her body trembled and shuttered and his **** kept spurting with each suck and pull on his pole. She jammed her middle finger up into her quivering maw intensifying the wave of pleasure wracking her body. Never had a blow job ever felt so good to give.


Once she milked his balls dry, bringing his climax to an end, Allison wrapped her arms around Mike for support. In her mouth she felt his hardness deflate, returning to its flaccid state. She also felt her own sex calm down. Then she became aware of how good Mike felt, his muscular legs pressed against her nakedness, his butt checks held firmly in her hands. He was still moaning with pleasure, even as she had to let his ever shrinking pud slip from between her lips.


She raised up backwards, sprawling out on the settee that was just behind her. Her arms flew out, and her legs flew out, and her head flew back in a total sprawl. She luxuriated in a post orgasmic high, playfully swishing Mike's **** in her mouth. "Mmmmm", she thought, "how decadent."


Through half open eyes she looked to see pantless Mike snapping picture of her once again. She had to admire his professionalism.


Then with a devilish glint in her eye she opened her mouth to show off her sticky gob of goo. Her face lit up with the biggest grin of the day. And then she closed her mouth and swallowed it all down her throat; smacking her lips when it was gone.


"Oh baby," she cooed, "that was the best ****** ever. Has anyone ever told you how good your **** tastes?"


"The pleasure was all mine… believe me." Mike replied snapping more pictures of her sprawled out and glowing from all the ******* she had just had.


"And has anyone ever told you how sexy you look with your pants down around your ankles, and your man stuff just out there on display?" she continued. "How sexy is your **** and balls?"


"Well, no, that is a first." Mike truthfully answered, his **** feeling a surge back towards turgidness. "Thank-you."


"Oh your welcome, lover. You've got me feeling so good, I can't wait for more."


"Well here, let me help you up," he said as he extended his hand, "I think we need to move to a new location."


She threw her arms in front of herself and took his hand. Then she came to her feet as Mike pulled her up. In one smooth move she pressed herself in to him. Her arms went around his neck and she pressed her boobs into his chest and her pubic mound against his naked loins.


"What do you have in mind?" she asked, and then before he could answer she pressed her lips to his. The taste and feel of his ***** was very much still on her lips, but Mike didn't mind. On the contrary he found it to be extremely erotic, for it was a tangible reminder of the intimacy they had just shared. They stood there kissing each other open mouthed and full of passion for who knows how many minutes. Until…


…at last he broke the kiss and said, "I think we should move to the bedroom."


She kissed him some more before saying, "Just what I was thinking."

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Mar 24, 2009