Allison's Tale Part 8

Mike was impressed when Allison ushered him into the bedroom. The room was spectacular, the epitome of sumptuousness. In the center a huge king size bed, bedecked with fat pillows. There was almost a whole wall of windows that must have been overlooking the garden and pool in the backyard. On the floor a very thick carpet, perfect for walking barefoot on. In the corner there was even a fireplace. The walls were painted a pale yellow, and bordered by floral print. A room so sensual, it was an affront to think of it going unused for sex. Unbeknownst to either Mike or Allison, they were both thinking that that problem would soon be remedied.


Allison, who had thrown on a robe to make her way through the house, flopped herself onto the bed, to wait and watch as Mike (his pants back on), went to work setting up his remote control cameras. As she watched, she mentally undressed Mike, taking great pleasure in mind. Absentmindedly she let her hands play along her outstretched body, stroking a breast here, or an inner thigh there. She was feeling so excited and uninhibited, that she scarcely noticed when her furry **** was exposed, or a *** would be uncovered. But Mike noticed, and her nonchalant playing with herself was getting him quite turned on.


But then, she did something that was very enticing. She kicked off her heels, and then proceeded to peel off her stockings. First one and then the other, doing so with excruciating sensuality. Mike had a hard time keeping busy with the setup, wanting instead to just stare at the show Ally put on. And she knew what effect she had on him, because every time her eyes met his, she gave him a wink.


"O.K. you heavenly thing you," Mike finally announced, "it's time to start taking pictures again."


"How do you want me?" Allison asked, deliberately playing with the double entendre.


"Let's just start right where you are… doing exactly what you've been doing." Mike answered ignoring her come on. Of course in his mind he was dying to give her what she was asking for.


Allison nodded with an, "O.K."


She began posing. Now she needed no guidance. She just played for the camera, and Mike. Sly smiles, pouts, big grin, knowing looks, smoldering sensuality, perky cuteness; she ran the gamut. The robe did not last long, Allison had gotten so relaxed that she now did better when completely naked. So off went the robe, and she just frolicked on the bed in her total glory.


Who knows how many shots were taken before she just stopped.


"Oh, Mike… this is hard," she explained. "I think we need you to do your little tricks again.


"Tricks?" Mike asked.


"Yeah, you know, like kissing my neck and ears. Sucking on a nipple. Rubbing my *****."


"Oh those tricks. Those are tricks, those are methods… proven methods."


"I don't care what you call them, sweety, I just think it would help if you did some of them."


Mike thought about it for a second, but said, "I don't know if they work more than once a session."


"Ohhhh," she said, "I guess I understand. I just want to do more, but I need some help."


"Well what do you think might help you?"


"I've got an idea… I think we need to trade roles."


"Huh? How is that going to…."


She didn't wait for him to finish his question, but leaped off the bed right at him. She snatched up the camera and spun Mike around. She pushed him back towards the bed and exclaimed, "Start getting undressed." 


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Mar 25, 2009