Allison's Tale Part 9

Mike put up no resistance. He merely began to do as she wished, but unbuttoning the two buttoned buttons in his shirt.


"Ah role reversal, that's a commendable method," he said. "Here toss me the camera so I can capture that determined look on your face."


"Ha, ha," she giggled, "not so fast. It's my turn to take the shots. Now keep stripping, mister."


Mike, conceding defeat, pulled the polo shirt up and off his torso. Ally felt herself swoon over his good looking hard body. His abs were tight, and his chest look strong. Her nipples turned hard again all of a sudden.


"Nice, baby, " she cooed imitating the motivational patter of glamour photographer. "Now give it to me, give me your sexiness, you hot hunk you. Oh yeah, that's it, mamma loves it."


She then moved in close to him. With the cameras in her right hand, she reached around his head with her left. Pulling him close she captured his left ear lobe between her lips. Then she stuck out her tongue into his ear, finishing off by licking a trail half way down his neck.


"Undo your pants, " she whispered in to his ear.


The camera clicked away as he removed the last of his clothes. It was so exciting to her to photograph him getting and being naked, that she was surprised at how horny it made her. The longer she focused on his naked body the more she wanted him.


And of course what was really exciting was that **** of his. When he peeled his pants down, freeing it took her breath away. She sucked in a sudden breath of air to keep from passing out. Apparently that kiss of hers to his ear had spurred his manhood to full erection. And so when free his fleshy column raved around like pine tree in the wind. A big fat pine tree.


"Oh yeah, you've go the goods," she enthused. "You're making my mouth water with that monster of yours. That's it, yeah, the camera loves you. Oh a **** like that, make more than my mouth water."


She moved in close and took some tight shots of his maleness. She filled the view finder with his swollen peach colored rod, and the ball sack hanging from its base. The veins just under the surface along its length were deep purple and she swore she saw them pulsing. The head of his **** had also taken on a deeper hue of purple from the blood that was trapped inside making him turgid.


She ran her hand across his chest, mimicking how he had done the same to her, being sure to stroke his little man nipples. She giggled when this make his **** jump. She thought about how much she was going to enjoy looking at these pictures days and weeks later, remember how hot she was when she took them.


Next, she let her free hand run the length of his body, making him moan some more. She traced along his ribs, and then his obliques, and then to his twitching  manhood. He must have been dying for it to be touched because he let out a sigh of relief when her fingers made contact.


It felt hot to her touch, and when she squeezed it, it felt like stone. Her fingers wrapped around it and it felt good in her grasp, solid and heavy... like a small club.  Touching it made her imagine how it would feel inside her. The feel of it made places deep inside her womb contract with pleasure. All of a sudden all her mind could think of was how good that hunk of meat would feel buried inside her. But, paradoxically at the same time the satiny softness of its skin made her want to kiss it. Too bad she thought, there wasn't any way to suck it and ride it at the same time…


Oh well, she decided she would just have to do one thing at a time. But first, before doing either, she snapped off a couple of pictures of that very male **** being held in her very feminine hand. What an erotic juxtaposition of made and female.


That gave her an idea. She leaned in and planted a kiss on his shaft with her freshly reapplied lipstick. Perfect, a perfect lip print was left just like she thought it would be. Snap, snap… Mike's **** with her branding.


"Now, scoot back on to the center of the bed."


"Yes, ma'am," he replied with a happy grin. "Take all the pictures you want."


"Oh I'm done taking pictures… you know what I mean?"

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Mar 26, 2009