Writing, Perspective, and Heavy Petting

One rule of writing is to write what you know...the same in oral storytelling.

However there is some room for imagination, and well...make believe.

I can in a sense put myself in the place of someone and come up with a narrative for that person that can make my reader or listener believe I have experience in that arena...even if I haven't.

Just because I can write from the vantage of a murdering and unbalanced person, does not mean I have a murderer within me dying to get out...forgive the pun... It also does not mean that I have mental issues that allow me to be so convincing as a psychopath.

It is the same when I write about sexual characters or orally tell erotica to another.

I can spin a tale of lust from the position of a heterosexual, bisexual, or even a lesbian woman even though my sexual history has been only with men.

The closest I have ever had as a sexual encounter with a woman was 2 lap dances, and that was extremely limited, by the constraints of the club...and the fact I was nervous as hell.  At least I opened myself up to that experience, and perhaps that is why I can be convincing in my tales of girl on girl action.

No matter where or how we gain our creative energies the ultimate objective is to have our listeners or readers "Be there...in the story" and take them to the places our words wish them to go.

Erotica can be a form of foreplay as much as heavy petting ....after all the brain is the largest sexual organ in the body and it needs petting too.


Seanachai Seanachai
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I agree 100%<br />
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you are so correct. goal is to paint a picture with words.<br />
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and can be therapeautic to play in the yards of our mind