My First Experience

How I got started in CFNM was back in high school about 20 years ago. It was 1997 and I was dating this girl who was a year older. I was 16 and in-shape from playing contact sports. I worked out often and didn’t have much body hair, so there was some muscle definition. Remember, I was 16 so that was easy to do back then.

My girlfriend and I were making out in my mom’s car near some field that had little or no traffic at night. It didn’t take long for her to go outside the car . Southern California summer nights are very nice with no wind and some left over heat from the day. As we’re standing against the car making out, she lifted off MY shirt and began feeling my body. Her hands slid their way down to my pants where she struggled to unbutton the 501 Levi’s. Recall they are button-fly with 5 buttons. As she unbuttoned my pants I tried to lift her shirt to feel her nipples but she stopped me. She said to “..wait”. I expected her to reach into my pants to get a feel but she didn’t. She knelt down and untied my Vans, removed them and the socks. When she came back up she began pulling my pants down. I made a slight attempt to keep them up but didn’t give it much effort because I expected to keep my boxers on. When the pants were off I leaned in to hug and kiss her because I was feeling exposed/uncomfortable out there on the roadside. I also had some pre-*** making my boxers wet and that was also embarrassing for me. She gently pushed me back and touched my body, arms and slid down to my legs.

As she was feeling my legs she rubbed my **** outside the underwear. Boxers have an easy opening in front so the head of my **** started showing. She lightly pinched the head of my **** and rubbed some pre-*** between her fore finger and thumb. I’m not comfortable being exposed outside because I still don’t know if anyone is around or can see from a distance. Without knowing what happened, she quickly pulled down my boxers to my ankles. Out of embarrassment, I quickly bent over to grab my boxers and pull them up. She held them down there and told me “….please, please keep them down for now. I want to see you naked. It turns me on”. I chuckled and tried to pull them up again. She said “please”. I let go and slowly stood up. I stood there embarrassed about my **** because I’ve never been naked in front of a girl before. I wasn’t a virgin at that point but I’ve never shown my **** for full viewing. I put my hand over my **** to provide a shield but she moved it away and put both my hands at my side. She lifted up each foot and removed my boxers. She stood up and just looked at my naked body and semi-hard ****. She walked around me touching my neck, feeling my shoulders, arms and two-handed squeezed my ***.

She asked me to turn around so I faced her. She reached for my **** and pulled it a few times, which made it hard. I was excited and nervous all at the same time….with a hard-on. I was now facing the field which made me more nervous because I didn’t have the car to hide me. She took my hand and walked me out toward the field. I was nervous because I’m clearly out in the open with no clothes on. Every time I resisted she said “please”. Somehow I gave in to the “please” comments. When I was about 20 feet away she said she didn’t want to take me out too far in case we have to run back to the car. That didn’t help my nervousness. She looked around nervously and then squatted in front of me. She put her mouth on my **** and started sucking. She was new to sucking **** at that age so I oddly bent my knees a bit to get lower for her. So there I am, naked in the field, standing with a weird pose and about to ***. It didn’t take long for me to tell her I’m about to ***. She pulled her mouth away and let go with her hand. I’m starting to *** with no hands or mouth on my ****, so I grabbed it with my hand and stroked it. We all know you need more contact when you reach the point of no return. Rather than ruining an ******, I jacking it in front of her, I just went with it. So now I’m naked in a field, standing weird and jacking off in front of a girl. My heart is pumping and I’m almost scared at this point. All a first for me. She had stood up and was just staring at my **** and hand. Her mouth was open and she didn’t say a word. When I let go, my **** was moving up and down from the pulses from *******. After my **** went to a semi-hard on, she took my hand and walked me back to the car. She said “let’s go…” I thought I did something wrong. We never talked about it but I can say it wasn’t the last time we did that. It became her “thing”.

36-40, M
Feb 10, 2010