Dirty Girl....

Coming home from Work, after Working a Busy day, I was Shocked to see no one Home, I was Going to Take Advantage of having the house to myself, Even more, having the bed room to myself, with no one due to be home for at least an hour, I knew this would be a perfect time to try out the new vibrator that I had bought at Spencer earlier in the week. As soon as I walked into my room, I took off my sweat shirt, unhooked my bra, and slid off my jeans and panties that I had been wearing, which were already wet. I had been thinking about my Angel on my way home from school, wondering when it was that I was going to see him again.


I climb into bed, and reach in my night stand for my new vibrator. I have been waiting for a day for this to come and I was so happy it was finally here. It had been about a week since Brian and I had sex, and I was needing to relieve myself. Laying on my back, with my feet on the mattress, I slowly slide the vibrator into my *****, turning the vibrator on. Slowly I put the vibrator in and out of my *****, slowly moaning, thinking about if Brian was here, he would Have His Huge **** Deep in my *****, ******* me harder than I could ever imagine.


Picking up the speed as I **** myself with my vibrator, getting closer and closer to *******, I hear someone, I open my eyes, and I see my Handsome Angel standing there, looking at me **** myself with a vibrator.


I don't stop, I am so close to ******* that I would not be able to stop if I was ordered to, I see Brian standing there, with his hard **** peeking out of his pants, making a nice tent, I know he Loves this, I don't ever want to stop, I keep ******* myself harder and harder, moaning so load.


Finally Brian can't stand it anymore, and he strips out of his clothes, takes the vibrator from me, and shoves his hard ****, deep in my *****, telling me to *** all over his ****, as he ***** me harder and harder, making me scream!


"*** on me you ******* *****, you are my dirty little Angel  *****" Brian screams, and I moan over and over, and finally I *** all over him, my *** gushing, and squirting out of my *****! I felt like I have never *** before in my life.


Finally I feel his *** load explode deep in my *****, his *** is so warm. Mmm, it feels so good. He than collapses on me, whispering in my ear that he Loves me, and wraps his arms around me, and we cuddle as we fall asleep

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NICE!!!<br />
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But you may need to edit....He is Brian the whole time until DAVID strips out of his clothes......