Calling In Sick...

It is just a little bit after 8 am, and you have just left for work, you think that I have to head into work in about an hour. Little did you know, that I had already called in sick, because I wanted a day to myself, I needed a day just for me, so I would be able to just relax. I am in the shower just as you are leaving, once I know you are gone. I get out of the shower, and make my way into the bed room.


With the chance to come up to finally please myself, and not have to worry about anything else, I get my new vibrator, and climb back into bed. Knowing that today was going to be the best day that I have had in a long time.


So I get my new vibrator and climb into bed, knowing that I am about to have some much needed fun, that I have been lacking for quiet some time. I had the boys off to school, I called in sick, and my husbands was at work for the day, thinking that I would be heading in right now. Little did he know, the only thing heading anywhere, would be my vibrator heading deep in my wet shaven *****.


Climbing into bed, with my head relaxing on my pillow, i took off my robe that I had put on when I climbed out of the shower, and leaned back on my bed. Laying there, thinking about , Melissa my co-worker. I wanted more than anything to have her luscious lips down by my *****, licking me, and eating me out. Sliding her tongue deep in my, licking up all my juices.


Before I go any further let me tell you all a little bit about me, and all the good things I fantasize about. I am a 28 year old mother, to two beautiful boys. I am married to a very good looking man. I myself come in about five foot two, and weight about a hundred and twenty five. Which I believe is good for a woman of my age and height. I have been a bisexual since I was about sixteen.


Now Melissa  is my co-worker. I have been working with her for the past three years, and we have become very good friends. Melissa  is about five eight, and weighs I'll say about a hundred and forty something. She is very beautiful. She has the most amazing curves that any one could dream of having. I have always wanted to share a sexual experience with her, but never wanted to ruin the friend thing. where was I...ahh yes, So I get out of my robe, climb into bed, and get out my vibrator. As I lay there, thinking about Melissa  and her curvicious body, I start to think about all the wonderful things that I would Love to do to her, and with her. Thinking about her, as I play gently with my ****, making it harder. It feels so good, I slowly slide one of my fingers slide into my *****, as I start to get very wet.


I reach for my vibrator and slowly start teasing my ***** with it. I feel myself getting really hot and like I am going to explode. I need this relief, all the sexual frustration has been getting to me lately that I would not know what I would do, if I didn't *** soon.


Laying there I guess I was moaning pretty loud for I didn't hear the door bell ring, and I didn't hear anyone walk through the front door, because next think I know, Melissa  it looking at me, laying there on my bed, with my vibrator in my *****, with juices squirting out.


Looking at her, seeing her watch me, as I see her nipples getting harder through her shirt, I know she was getting turned on by seeing me. I couldn't stop myself, I knew if I stopped now, It would be a while for me again. I didn't care if she saw me, in fact, it was turning me on more!


I see Melissa  standing there, looking at me, as I am playing with my *****, I see her hand slide down her pants, seeing her rub her ***** through her pants, I knew she loved what she was seeing. I finally put my head back, and try and work myself up to *** again, I know she will Love to see me ***.


She walks closer to me, while unbuttoning her pants, and blouse, and climbs onto the bed, and puts her face into my *****, she removes my vibrator, and replaces it with her warn tongue. She feel so amazing. She is a pro at licking my *****, like she has done so many times in my dreams. I know that she was enjoying this as much as I was.


As I get closer to reaching my peak, I put my hands on her head, and bob her head back and forth, having her **** me with her tongue. As her tongue was going deeper and deeper into my *****, I start pinching on my nipples making them nice and hard. I feel myself get closer to ***, and she orders me to *** in her mouth. I don't object, and I *** Deep down Melissa mouth, as she swallows every last drop of my ***, not wasting any of it.


Melissa  than looks at me, and kisses my lips and I could taste some of my own ***, and it is the most delicious taste I have ever tasted before. Melissa  and I than share the rest of the day in bed together, taking turns pleasuring each other.

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Mar 7, 2010