Satisfying Our Cravings - 4 Sgt

I wrote the following story for someone special in my life AKA Military Man AKA SGT.  I hope you enjoy reading it along with him. 


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 The following story was written for entertainment purposes only. It is a fictional work (or is it?) derived from the mind of the writer and in no way should be taken as a factual account of any past or planned event. Anyone mentioned in this story is done so in a fictional fashion. Any names used are purely coincidental and does not mean that the characters have any life outside the writer’s imagination. 

The following story may contain graphic sex and/or extreme violence and is NOT suitable for anyone under 18 and may not be suitable for some adults.  I strongly advise you to only read what you are personally comfortable with. I will not feel personally responsible for any discomfort you feel after reading my post since I have given you ample warning to its content. Once again the following post is meant to be read by extremely mature audiences capable of making consensual decisions. If this is not you please stop reading immediately.




If you are still reading this post I assume you are consenting to reading my adult topic story.  Enjoy and feel free to comment.



I hear him walk into the house, pull his key out of the door and close it behind him. The house was dark, which was unusual. Typically when I knew he was coming by I would be making dinner and the smells of delicious food filled the air. Today I was instead in the bedroom, listening to music and waiting for him. I was craving something but it wasn’t food.

"Jaycee!" he called out to me but I didn’t answer. I was too wrapped up in the rhythm of the music.  Hearing him come in, I stood up off the huge antique Italian bed. I had been waiting for him and this was my moment. Soon I hear his footsteps on the hardwoods coming down the hall. Shakira played softly and peach scented candles were lit and placed throughout my bedroom, softly illuminating the whole room which had been draped with soft, dark curtains and fabric. I heard the doorknob turning and I posed. Standing tall, one leg cocked slightly out, my hands on my hips. I threw my hair back and smiled softly.

"Baby? Are you feeling okay... Oh my God!" he said, but his distress quickly turned into surprise as his eyes examined my body. I was wearing black stockings with Mary Jane heels with a short black and red plaid skirt and a thin, tight button-up white shirt. The shirt pulled tight against my breasts and was unbuttoned low enough to expose my lacy white bra and the tops of my breasts. I had put my long blond hair in pig tails and was sucking on my favorite Charm’s Sour Apple “Blow Pop” and hoping this would give him a clue about what I had planned for dinner.  Around my neck I wore my usual necklace, a thin black braided leather chain, from which he had placed his dog tags.  Normally they were hidden under my normal clothing but hung just at the top of my cleavage. My nipples hardened feeling the cold metal rubbing freely against my skin as I moved. 

He was stunned into speechlessness and merely stood at the end of the bed staring at me. I placed the lollipop on the bedside table and walked slowly to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He was 6'2 and broad, around 230 pounds of military muscle. His chest and arms were large and solid so he had to bend over slightly to accommodate me. "Welcome home daddy," I whispered before slowly sucking on his bottom lip. His eyes closed and he exhaled roughly in a contented sigh.  "I missed you." I whispered in his ear.  

Growling, he tilted my chin up with his hand and captured my mouth in his, plunging his tongue deep into my mouth as he found my tongue and begun sucking on it seductively. My arms tightened around his neck as one of his hands came up to clasp the back of my head while the other wrapped around my waist, squeezing me close.  I loved being in his arms, feeling safe and loved.  I sighed softly into his mouth and he responded by swirling his tongue around mine before sucking on my lip. He turned me swiftly and pulled me back against him, lowering his head to suck on my neck. His big hands came up to cup my large breasts, squeezing gently and searching out my hard nipples through the lace cloth of my bra.

I gasped and pressed my *** determinedly into him, feeling the bulge already beginning in his pants. He was alternating from one side of my neck to the other as his fingers found my nipples through my shirt and tugged and pinched them. One of his hands slipped inside both my shirt and bra, squeezing my naked breast roughly before pinching my nipple between his thumb and fingers. His other hand snaked down my body, down my thighs before coming back up under my skirt.

I heard him groan as he leaned his head against mine briefly when his hand found that I not only had worn his favorite thigh highs and garter belt, but that I also wasn’t wearing panties, just like he preferred. His fingers rubbed across the bare skin of my ***** gently, caressing the smoothness like it was his most precious possession.  I moved my hips, pressing my mound into his hand, encouraging him. Ever the tease though, he just slipped his hand down to cup my whole *****. I moaned and writhed slowly against him, pressing closer against his hard ****. After several moments of delicious torture his finger slipped into me, pushing deeply. I gasped and pressed down on his hand. I was already wet and he slid smoothly into me. Pumping his finger slowly in and out of me a few times he withdrew it, sliding up my slit as he searched out my hard ****. His finger circled it, teasing me further. I turned my head up and looked at him with pleading eyes. Before his lips descended and captured mine again I whispered, "Please, please baby...please **** me."

As his tongue moved around mine he began sucking it. Using two fingers he squeezed my **** gently between them and began to rub in small concentrated circles. I moaned deeply into his mouth and reached my arms up behind me to wrap around his neck.

He held me close and the warmth of his body enveloped me as he played with me. His fingers moved over my wetness and I began to breathe harder and pump against his hand. He knew exactly how to touch me, his fingers fast and talented, rubbing my **** and occasionally dipping down into the depths of me to rub my wetness higher causing me to moan out his name over and over.  I wanted to feel him inside me as I came.

I was breathless and insistent by this time, wanting to ***. I could feel it was close, building deep within my thighs at the core if my bellybutton and moving down to the center of my *****.

"Oh **** yes baby. Please, please daddy. Rub me. Make me *** for you," I begged him.

He squeezed me tighter as his fingers took over my ****. I began to whimper and moan, moving my hips in perfect rhythm with his fingers. It was coming, I could feel myself about to explode and I began to breathe fast and tattered breathes in and out rapidly.

"That's it baby. *** for daddy. *** all over my fingers," he said breathlessly into my ear. His whispered words sent a trembling through me and I could not control it any longer.  " Yes! Oh God yes baby! I'm going to ***. Please oh **** please baby!" I screamed in my passion, hoping there would be no quiz because my only focus was my ******.

He moaned and did as I asked, rubbing faster and faster. My ***** began to throb and I was thrown over the edge as the explosion ripped through my entire body.  I screamed out in its wake but he moved his head down and plunged his tongue into my open mouth. My knees collapsed, but he held me up by the waist, still rubbing my **** fast and hard through the explosion.  His fingers suddenly dipped down and were shoved deep inside my *****, trying to milk his fingers as I again moaned into his mouth.  He plunged deep into me as the explosion turned to smaller after quakes.  His fingers finally slid out of me and I stood on shaky legs and turned in his arms. He smiled down at me before bringing his hand up to his mouth. I looked up at him and he rolled his eyes and sighed, lowering his hand to my mouth instead. I grinned wickedly before opening my lips and allowing his fingers inside of my mouth. I sucked my juices from his fingers as he moaned softly and closed his eyes, letting me taste myself. Having cleaned his fingers completely of my juices I let them slide out of my mouth.  "Ok you are greedy baby, now share, and don’t make me spank you" he said, before lowering his mouth and kissing me deeply. His tongue rolled around mine, tasting my *** from it. I put my hands around the back of his head as his arms slid around my waist and kissed him back.

I slipped my lips from his and began to undo his uniform shirt. He had been at work all day and I could smell his usual masculine scent on his collar. This caused my mind to flash back to earlier this morning when I had removed his uniform shirt from the clothes hamper and worn it around the house all day as I was cleaning. The scents making me feel close to him in his absence.  He smiled and leaned against the wall as my hands worked the buttons. The last button opened and I pressed against his chest, loving the feel of his hard body against mine. My tongue slipped out and circled slowly around one of his nipples, watching it pucker. I slowly licked and kissed my way down his chest and across his stomach to his pants. I knelt down and grinned up at him. He groaned as I undid his belt and pulled at the button to his pants.  "All these clothes," I giggled under my breath when I encountered yet another barrier under his pants. Sliding his boxers down with his pants, he stepped out of them and slid his shirt off of his shoulders, leaving him naked and it was a glorious sight.  His **** was hard and glistening with pre-*** already. It was perfect for me, erect, thick, and delicious. I had been in love with his **** since the first time he had shown it to me and I worshipped it every opportunity that he gave me since.

I flicked my tongue out to lick up the drop of pre-*** and he moaned again.  I could see the cold chills forming over his skin and I giggled silently because I knew this was my effect on him.  I smiled to myself, remembering his teasing from earlier. Not touching him with my hands, I slowly swirled my tongue gently around the head of his **** before running circles down his shaft. He gasped and leaned his head back.  Bending down, I slid my tongue out to lick his balls. Flattening my tongue against them, I slowly dragged it across both of them, watching them tighten slightly from my concentrated efforts.  He sighed again and I raised my head to slip just the head of his **** into my balmy moist mouth. Pressing my lips right under his head, I licked and swirled my tongue all across the hard surface of him, tasting his pre-***. I made sure he was extremely wet with saliva and his own pre-*** before taking my mouth off of him and replacing it with my hand. I gripped first just the head of his ****, squeezing him gently. His hips thrust forward slightly and he moaned and growled softly. Still holding firmly, I slid my hand down him, taking the lubricant from his head with it. Down the length of his **** I stroked till my hand wrapped around the base of it. Again I squeezed gently before coming back up.  Slowly I began to stroke him, my hand moving expertly in circles as I went up and down him. Faster and faster I jacked him off, occasionally leaning down to suck the head of his **** back into my mouth to lubricate it.  His hips were moving with my hand and he was moaning lightly. It wasn't long before he was begging me. I loved when he begged me because I knew I was in control then. "Oh please baby. Jaycee please, suck it. Please suck my ****."

His words sent an electric impulse deep within my thighs and straight down to my ****. I immediately sucked his hard length into my mouth, imitating what I had done with my hand. My tongue continuously swirled around his head and down his shaft as my mouth went up and down him. I sucked him for a few moments before bringing my hand back up also, stroking him with my hand and my mouth. My warm hand gripped tightly around him and my lips sucked him in and out of my wet, balmy mouth.

Soon he was panting and moaning softly. He raised his hands to my hair, gripping both of my pigtails. Using them to guide me, pushing me down and pulling me off of his ****. Faster and faster I sucked and stroked him. The sound of his moaning made my juices flow like a river from deep within my thighs. I could feel my **** throbbing again and could feel my wetness seeping from within my thighs and down my legs.

I reached between my thighs and began to rub my ****, moaning around his **** as I did. He looked down to see my fingers flying between my legs and began to **** my mouth, his **** going deep into my throat. My tongue flicked around him and my mouth and my hand were one hot wet tunnel he was sliding in and out of. "Oh! Yes baby! Oh yes Jaycee. Suck it!" His growled words turned me on even further and I took my hand out from between my legs to reach up and cup his balls, rolling and squeezing gently. He moaned deeply and suddenly grabbed the back of my head ******* his **** in and out of my mouth rapidly several times before shoving it deep in my throat and freezing. I could feel his balls tense as his **** began shooting *** deep into my throat. I moaned around his **** and swallowed as he continued to ***, shuddering and gripping my head tightly against him. Finally he dropped his hand from my head. I slid my mouth slowly off of his **** as he continued to jerk. Looking up into his eyes I smiled wickedly before very obviously swallowing again. He laughed softly.  "My ***, your ***. You don't even care, do you?  You are a naughty baby.”   I giggled at him before flicking my tongue out as if I was going to capture his **** again.  Instead he pulled me up off the floor he hugged me close, looking down at me. "You are so bad, do you know that?" "Yes, a lady in public and your own private ****.  You know you love it daddy!" I replied.

"I'll show you what I love," he whispered before grabbing me and tossing me on the bed. Before I could react he had pushed me back and was ripping my shirt open. Buttons went flying and I gasped.  He literally ripped my bra off my body next and my breasts were free, nipples hard in the coldness in the room.  (Yes, that’s it, the room was cold and I wasn’t freaking turned on lol)  He began sucking and biting them. I moaned grabbing his head and pulling him closer to me.  He brought his knee up and spread my legs. His hands were in my *****, playing with me. Rubbing my **** and squeezing it between his fingers. I began panting and begging him to **** me.  “Please daddy, **** me hard!”

"No, my how control has shifted. I will **** you when I am ready.” He said angrily. Please **** me. I said breathlessly. "Not yet." He said in his forceful tone. I groaned in protest and then he was gone. I opened my eyes and looked down to see him smiling at me from between my legs. He pushed my skirt up and instantly his tongue was on me, licking softly up the length of my slit. I moaned his name softly and he laughed into my *****. Then his tongue was on my ****, licking slowly but hard. I spread my legs wide, allowing him full access to my throbbing *****. I began rubbing and pinching my own nipples as his mouth moved over me and his tongue plunged deep inside me. He was talented with that tongue causing me to moan repeatedly. He knew exactly how I loved it, his tongue moving over me roughly. He licked up and down on my ****, toying with me. He brought one finger up to push into my *****, playing with me, pulling it in and out, shallow and fast.

I tried to spread my legs even further and he grabbed me under the thighs, pushing my legs up and wide. His tongue was lapping at me, pushing me further and further toward a cosmic explosion. I was breathless and whining softly, wanting to ***. I reached down with one hand, the other still on my breast, grabbing his head. "Oh please daddy lick me," I begged him. “I thought you wanted me to **** you.” He replied playfully.   He went back to work licking me faster and harder, his tongue pushing deep into my **** and working up and down. Occasionally making circles around it, he knew exactly how I loved him to lick my *****. I was moaning his name over and over and throwing my head back and forth as his tongue worked me over. Soon my breathing grew fast and ragged and I grabbed his head with both of my hands. His soft wet tongue was moving passionately over my **** and my juices exploded intensely as I screamed and tried to squeeze my legs around his head but he knew me all too well and was prepared. He had my thighs in his big masculine hands and wouldn't let me close them. He continued to lick me and it was too much!  He wouldn't stop and he wouldn't let me pull away. I began screaming, tugging viciously at my nipples and begging him to **** me.

When I didn't think I could stand it any longer and tears were in my eyes, he was on top of me, his mouth on mine. He plunged his tongue, thick with ***, into me and I sucked my juices off of it.  My arms went around his neck pulling him deeper into me and I wrapped my legs around his back, crossing my heels and arching my wet, hot ***** against his massive ****.  “**** me," I whispered breathlessly, pulling my mouth slightly away from his. "Oh please **** me Daddy," I breathed into his mouth, looking deep into his eyes. He groaned against my lips and shifted, pushing his **** against my throbbing interior, slowly sinking into me and then stopped, sighing deeply and resting his forehead against mine. Needing him in me, I squeezed with my stocking legs, forcing his hips into me. He groaned but let his hard length sink the rest of the way into my tight, wet balmy *****.  My ***** clenched tightly around his massive ****. Pulling almost completely out of me he raised himself on his arms above me. Looking down at me, he kissed me passionately as he slammed deeply into me! I screamed out and arched against him. He began working his **** in and out of me slow but deep, pulling nearly out of me before slamming into me deeply again. My ***** was throbbing around him and I began to squeeze his ****, clenching my muscles so that I contracted around him. He groaned and began to **** me faster, pulling out and ramming back in quickly. I flung my legs wide and braced my heels on the bed, using them as leverage as I thrust my hips back at him. He slammed into me roughly for several minutes as I began breathlessly moaning.  "Yes Daddy. **** me! **** me hard!"

Suddenly he was off of me, standing up, and pulling me off the bed like a ragdoll in his strong, masculine hands, carrying me across the room. Bracing me on my feet he turned me quickly to face the mirror which is attached to the huge mahogany vanity in my bedroom. He pulled me to him, cupping both of my breasts in his hands, squeezing them and teasing me. His mouth was on my neck and I put my hand behind me to grab his ****, squeezing him back and stroking his shaft. He growled into my ear and bent me over roughly, pushing my skirt up. I propped my hands on the countertop and spread my legs. I could feel him behind me, pressing himself against me. Soon I could feel the head of his **** pressing against my *****, sinking slowly into me. I moaned loudly wondering how long we would have before the neighbors call the police on us again. Grabbing my hips he began to thrust into me, deep and fast. I could hear our skin slapping against each other as my juices caused a suctioning sound, and his balls slapped against my wet *****.

I was attempting to hold myself up against his powerful thrusts, giving him a solid core to thrust deeply into as his **** penetrated me deeper with each thrust.  He was completely filling me.  He slipped his hands down my thighs, feeling the stockings there; he sighed and placed his hand back on my hip, using the leverage to **** me hard and fast. I was moaning and winded. He had worn me out. Looking over my shoulder I could see him looking down, watching his **** slide in and out. He ****** me intensely for several minutes before I pushed back hard against him, moaning loudly and breathing fast. His moaning in my ear made me shake and I suddenly stood up and lifted myself off of him. Turning around quickly, I placed a hand on his broad chest and grabbed his other hand in mine. I pulled him down onto the floor and made him lie on his back. I climbed on top of him, straddling him in my skirt and heels. I lowered myself slowly onto his ****, teasing him. I let him slide just a few inches into me before lifting back off of him. Letting my ***** suck him in again, I sank until half his **** was buried inside my wetness. Then I moved up and down quickly, ******* just the top of him. He groaned and grabbed my hips, roughly shoving me down on him, impaling me on his ****. As it rammed up into me I screamed out loudly. I pushed his hands off my hips and pressed them to his sides, brought my knees up to either side of me, kneeling once again over him, sliding my ***** up and down his hard ****. I placed my hands on his chest and leaned forward, ******* him fast and hard. 

His hand went up to tangle in my hair, pulling my head back and he started ******* me, slamming his **** into me. I let him **** me for a few minutes before I untangled myself from his hands and knelt on my knees on either side of him again. Placing my hands again on his chest, I began to bounce up and down on him. His **** slid wildly in and out of my ***** fast and deep. I was grinding myself down on him and he began to moan and breathe faster. I leaned back causing his **** to rub against the front of my *****. I bounced on him faster and faster, both of us nearing explosion. I was breathing roughly and moaning. I leaned over, and he grabbed me, pulling me closer. I laid my head against his neck, licking and sucking on it briefly as I moved up and down across his body. I gripped his throbbing **** with my ***** and squeezed as I moved on him.  He grabbed my *** and was moving with me, ******* me as I ****** him. He had his knees bent and was slamming into me as hard as I was slamming down on him.  "Oh **** yes. **** me, baby!" I growled into his ear. "Slam your ******* **** in me. I'm going to ***!"  He groaned deeply and ****** me even harder, his **** slamming roughly into me. Both of us ******* each other in a frenzy, hard ***** and hot clenching ***** sliding wetly against each other.
Both of our breathing sped up and became ragged and I began to scream as he grabbed my head and groaned into my hair. I slammed down on him one last time and he gripped my hips tightly, holding me in place as both of us exploded together. My ***** was contracting tightly, milking his **** as his *** penetrated me deeply. Both of us jerked and pressed our bodies tightly together. My ***** continued to milk his **** as I felt his **** relax inside me.  We both fell limp against the other, breathless and sweaty. After a few moments he shifted so that he could kiss my deeply and tenderly. I moaned and snuggled closer to him as our *** dripped out of me.  “You do know you are sleeping in that wet spot tonight.” I said playfully.  "Oh baby you are so bad." he replied as he began to tickle me playfully.  I giggled in delight because I knew that although I was exhausted there was much more to come that evening. All was right in our world and I was there with the man I loved more than any other in this world.  I sighed and rolled myself up inside the blankets to keep him from tickling my bare skin.  It was all part of the game and I knew he would eventually get what he wanted and so would I in turn.



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Thanks Mytime. I missed your comment and I am sorry for being rude and not replying. I am glad you are enjoying. <br />
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Joshua, Funny you should ask that question as I just was opening my mail and I got two "rejections" and one "we would love to see more of your writing" so soon maybe. I write in my free time because it makes me feel good. This story is a shared fantasy I have with a fellow Ep member and we have talked about it so much that I dream about it. I have more stories here as well, some real and some fictional.

Can't believe how well written a story that is! Great intro , great bridges, main, and ending! Do you have any books out, or are you planning on it? Would love to add your work to my collection that I've just started on. Once again great work

Loved reading this...perfect send off as I am in bed, about to go to sleep.....well almost:)

I have never thought of my life as a fairy tale so thanks. Maybe I am luckier than I ever imagined. Thank you for pointing that out.

LOL you are sweet.

HA!!! You are holding me to the shelves. If I said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me? I think that would be nice. <br />
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We did pinky swear, and I never back out on an agreement.

LOL you are too sweet. I am holding you to the bookshelves no matter how much you flatter me lol.

This is why you are the fungirlmmmmmmj!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for your comments Mark. ((hugs))

LOL or the attraction of birds to you azz. Could you imagine laying in the sun with shiny jewels reflecting?

FROM THE Makers of Penazzle it's BUTTAZZLE. Impress your friends and scare your neighbors.<br />
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:) I told you we have fun in this circle hehe. I guess the azz ones are called buttazzling.

Panazzle..... disco Balls... OMG I am laughing so hard... too many mental images.. ahhhhhhhhh

Thanks girl. LMAO on the disco balls comment.

LOL now I am thinking for a man they will call it a penazzle lol<br />
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I would have to starve before waxing an azz.

LMAO... Can you imagine having to be the artist that places those? LOL

LMAO could you imagine finding that on the end of you man's penis in the dark? I don't know about yours but I would get a fight if I came after my man's penis with a glue gun. Crap now I am giggling again.

LMAO. me neither. I love my erotica.

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I think that virus is EroticScroll.Hac LOL But I sooo am NOT going to run the virus scan. it can stay right where it is... Gonna check out some other stories. :D

Thanks. he he I guess you have a computer virus that forces you to read erotica all day lol. I have lots of it posted. I am glad you at least enjoyed it since I put you through it lol.

I meant to stop scrolling, My mouse wheel got stuck..... it scrolled and scrolled.. it had a mind of it's own....... I'm scared for life and it's all your fault * SOBS rocking in the corner* ... I LOVE the Disclaimer!!!! <br />
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SERIOUSLY Though:<br />
Very well written Story. Such attention to detail. You really pull the reader in. Awesome Job!!

Awww thanks polly.

Thanks Dex.... Hugs!!!

Hey mmm! It is already hot enough down here in the southern hemisphere! I think you are at least partly to blame for global warming.<br />
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You gals are so much better at writing (I mistyped it as 'writhing') erotica. Thank You for a most err stimulating story.

LOL Nic<br />
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Awesome Mother.

hehe! I think we all are Nic, I am glad you took time out to read it though. Get back to work. I would hate that ship to sink bc you were reading my story.

A challenge! You make it sound easy. Could be you're a natural.<br />
<br />
Press interview: "Do you write from personal experience?" "Do your friends personal experiences play a part in your writing?" <br />
<br />
You could be famous. Right up there with 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' and all them.

Awwww Josie. You are too sweet. I love to write erotica because it is such a challenge. I am glad you liked it.

Titles wrong I think.<br />
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Should read Fungirlmmm Is EROTICA.<br />
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Doen't that say it for you and others!

I am glad you enjoyed it Rog.

LOL I am glad you enjoyed it sir. I am glad that I can still hold your attention.

lmao... I am glad you enjoyed it. I am all hot for my interview later as I was finishing it up lol.