Life Drawing

When I was in college, I needed to make some money. What college kid doesn’t? Being a nudist, I figured I may as well pose for the art classes as a nude model. It was great fun, and I met some interesting artsy types.

Well, all these years later, I was telling my friends about it over dinner and fine wine. Yeah, we had a bit too much to drink so I let out that tidbit about myself.  Turned out to be fortunate as the friends I was dining with, informed me they model for private classes too.  They offered to hook me up with some jobs if I wanted. It has been a number of years and pounds since I have done this, so I respectfully declined.

Several months later, I had forgotten about this conversation until Sandy, my buddy’s wife, called and reminded me of our conversation. Sandy and Jim had scheduled to do a modeling session for a group of people, but Jim was sent out of town suddenly and could not make it.

“Les, I tried to cancel, but could not find anyone to take our place. Jim suggested I call you.”

“Gee Sandy. You sure this is OK with Jim?  I mean, it has been a long time since I have done it, and you and I have never really seen each other, you know.”

“Les, don’t be silly. It is just posing for people. No big deal. Besides, I do not have any parts different than any other women.”

It was a date. Over the course of the next week, I kept thinking about this upcoming event, remembering some of the poses I had done in the past. Sandy had emailed me that she would pick me up from work and we could head down together, that way we would not need to make another trip downtown.

It was nice. A small 50’s bungalow which was surrounded by lush gardens, sheets hung over the front living room windows and I could see focused lighting inside. Must be the place. Sandy guided me in, introduced me to our hostess. She called herself Spring. She was what I called an earth mother type. Long flowing clothes which matched her long flowing hair. She hugged us both and offered us some wine which Sandy quickly accepted.

People slowly filtered in and set up in the front living room. Oils, charcoal, the smells brought back memories. People milled about, and I was introduced to everyone. Spring came bounding back with two more glasses of wine for us. She directed us to use the bathrooms and said it was time to start. She turned on some soothing music, turned down many of the lights, but turned up the spot light in the center of the easels. Sandy grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bathroom. She shut the door behind us and pulled up her dress as she sat down on the toilet. Before I realized, Sandy was fully naked and peeing right there with me in the room.

“Don’t look so shocked Les. Besides, we have peed in the woods together, and we need to get ready to go out.  Now get ready fella.”

I turned with my back to Sandy and pulled my shirt out of my pants. Sandy and I have done a lot together, always with Jim there. We even had a late night skinny dip in the waterfall, but it was dark.  Now, I was about to get naked with her and pose for these people. I finished undressing and used the bathroom.

Sandy stood, hands on her hips. “Wow Les, you look so much better naked than you do clothed.”  She grabbed my arm and we went out to set up, center stage.

Spring asked if we were warm enough and suggested we do a few short poses. She went behind her easel and began drawing as we went thru our six or so five minute poses. It was fun. Some poses, I had my hand on Sandy, others we were back to back. People studied us and worked diligently on their drawing pads.

“OK, Sandy. We loved that pose you and Jim did last time, and we all want you to do this one for us tonight. Is that OK with you?” Spring said as she bounded up to us, paper in hand. On the page was a couple, sitting Indian style in front of each other. Legs entwined around each other. Their hands on their knees as they stared at each other.  “It is a Kama Sutra pose. What do you think?”

“OH, that looks GREAT! What do you say Les, can you hold this pose?”

“I can give it a try, but do not be upset if I salute you” I laughed, trying to add levity to the moment.

Sandy grabbed my arm and we sat down, pillows under us. Sandy wrapped her legs around me. I could not help but watch as her shaved womanly charms opened infront of me. The distinct aroma tickling my nose. I wrapped my legs around her, very aware as my balls and **** fell to the pillow, settling in for a long pose. We sat, breathed deeply, and stared at each other, only touching at our legs and waist. I was afraid it would begin to be awkward, but it was comforting. We relaxed into our pose and the artists began to draw frantically.

I glanced around the room and could not help but notice Spring. She had dropped her dress, and she stood painting, her Rubinesque figure as nude as ours. She looked happy as she painted, her body wiggling as she moved with her brush strokes. Then I looked around at the others. Everyone in various stages of undress. I was at ease knowing we were not the only ones so comfortable.  I turned back to Sandy, staring into her eyes, smiling at how nice and sensual this was.

I stared into Sandy’s eyes, lost in the moment until I felt something wet on the tip of my ****. As we sat there, I began to grow, slowly, barely perceptible. I was growing and had hit the wet and now dripping folds of Sandy’s moistening sex. I blushed and moved slightly so I was not touching her that way. As I did, I sprung straight up. My hard **** there on display for all to see.

“Les, are you comfortable?” asked Spring. “We can take a break if you need.”

“No, I am good. Give me a minute and I will be fine.”

“Babe, we do not care about your glorious wood sticking up, you just suddenly looked uncomfortable and I wanted to be sure you were OK.”

“I am good. You Sandy?”

She grinned and winked. She moved her hand, pushing my now engorged **** back down between her legs and pulling tightly upwards against her slick womanhood.

As we settled back into our pose, I could feel Sandy slowly move her hips, and tighten her pelvic muscles. She slowly pulled my growing **** into her, sliding the tip of my head into herself, pleasing herself as she made my head dance across her **** and into her slick lips.

She stared deeply into my eyes, licking her lips, and turning red as she slowly pleasured herself on me. I too got lost in the moment, enjoying the subtle feel of her as she quietly, privately ****** me. I felt the heat radiate off her body, and her juices slide down my shaft and down my shaved balls. Her breathing quickened and she let out a long pursed lipped breath. As she did so, I felt my balls tighten, spasming as I came only head deep in her sopping wet *****.

“I think I need a break in a few minutes, how about you Les?” Sandy asked, breathing deeply as she recovered from her ******.

I looked around the room. People were still in various stages of undress. One man was hard as he focused on us as he drew. Spring had a hand on her breast, rolling her nipple as she continued to paint with the other hand. Some seemingly unaware of what had just transpired right before their very eyes.

The pillow below us was now soaked with fluid from both of us. Our bodies sweaty and pleased. I leaned forward and kissed Sandy on the lips. “I am ready any time you are”

We separated slowly, and went to the bathroom to clean up. It was a fun evening, with a repeat of our open sexual experience when we resumed our pose. As people left, not everyone got dressed, walking out the door fully nude, art supplies under their arms. We got hugs from all, and requests to return.

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