Your Pleasures Await...

I've discovered I like writing graphically erotic stories. Not just generally, but a specific story.

I write in first person, real time (My fingertips glide along tongue reaches greedily toward your....your eyes are closed, your head and back arched. A supressed moan escapes through your cleanched teeth, my partial reward for work in progress...).  I write as though we're there, our five senses suffering sensation overload.

Even better when you share the work with me, a team effort if you will. I write what I am doing, you respond with HOW you feel and what you do to me, and so on. Do you want your pulse to race? Your hands to tremble so that they slip on the keyboard?

I like writing this way because, having never been a woman myself, I know only some of the things to do, some of the touches you crave;  I know the feelings as they're told to me, but not as they happened to me.

Do it. Jump in with me. Mate your imagination with mine; what will we make?

Just one more step...


For the guys that happen to find my musings, I'm only looking for women, but enjoy the read.  No hard feelings (pun intended)

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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

i like what you write<br />
have tried it before <br />
gave up because the language began to get vulgar for my liking<br />
<br />
if you can understand the thin line that between vulgarity and sensuality <br />
yep i am game